10 Best Part-Time Businesses

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Part-Time Businesses

Looking for a side hustle for some additional income? You can consider starting a part-time business. Part-time businesses are a great opportunity especially if you are looking to test the water a bit. Starting a part-time business does not require a hefty investment. These businesses have lower risks with a greater return.

Even if you’re full-time job keeps you busy, your part-time business will not require that much of your time. Nurture your business when you have time to spare. Here are our 10 Best Part-Time business ideas that you try to implement.

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10 Best Part-Time Businesses

1. Event Organizers

Event Organizers - Part-Time Businesses

There is a lot of demand for good event organizers. This is a great part-time business as most events are held on weekends. So, if you have a full-time job, you do not need to give time during workdays. Also, these events bloom pretty quickly through word of mouth.

2. Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog - Part-Time Businesses

Are you a food lover or a traveler? Do you have a knack for writing? Then you can consider starting a blog. A blog can be focusing on any niches you feel comfortable with. If you have a habit of buying new gadgets, then you can start a review blog where you can review the devices and gadgets you buy. These are one of the hottest blog niches available on the internet.

Starting a tech review blog site is just one niche; you can start blogs on anything that you are comfortable with. For example, if you like to travel, you can start a travel blog where you provide a review, advice on various places that you visit. Consider starting a blog website if you are looking to build a part-time business. Blogs can be based on any topic that you are comfortable sharing. The blog website does not require much investment as you only need to buy the domain for your site.

3. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer in this day and age is huge. It does not require much time but can be a life-changing decision. If you are someone who has unique insights that will attract people’s attention, then you can become a social media influencer.

You need to create a profile on any of the social media platforms. Most of us have already signed up on the popular social media platforms. To build your profile, you need to gain followers. To gain followers, you need a post and interact with your given account regularly.

4. Photography

Photography -Part-Time Businesses

If you have a gift for taking good pictures, then you can start a photography business. You can set up photo-shoots with clients during the weekends and build up your portfolio. Becoming a part-time photographer is a great example of a part-time business especially if you are passionate about it.

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5. Freelancing


Freelancing is a great option to offer your skills to a whole other market of buyers. There are a lot of good freelance websites that will help you market the skills you have and help get you, clients. If you are working on their regularly, there is a chance that you can start earning more money than your full-time job. As a freelancer, you will be able to work from the comfort of your home.

6. Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast - Part-Time Businesses

Podcasts are on the rise. If you are a good communicator, you can start a podcast on a topic that you like to talk on. When starting a podcast, your initial goal should be to appeal to your demographic. By appealing to your demographic, you need to appeal to listeners who believe and have the same opinion as you.

If you can find a niche and build a following then it won’t take long for your podcast to take off. So, if you believe you have what it takes to start a podcast than start right away.

7. Writer


If you are good at writing, then you can write content as a freelance writer. These content include product review articles, technical writing, eBooks, etc. There are freelancing sites which you can open an account on. Those sites connect clients with freelancers. Open a content writer profile in one of those sites and start applying for jobs.

8. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker - Part-Time Businesses

If you know people who would like to buy a house or sell one, then you can help sell them or buy them. For every successful deal, you get a percentage from the sale. The higher the sale, the more profit you make. Becoming a real estate broker needs little to no investment. All you need is a real estate license to start brokering real state legally.

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9. Airbnb


If you have empty rooms in your house you can rent them on Airbnb. This will help you make some extra cash without even working. There is a great option if you are someone who already has a full-time job. You do not need to put extra work hours. All you need to do is maintain the quality of your rooms, keep them nice and clean and you will have people renting your rooms in no time.

10. Investing

Investing -Part-Time Businesses

You can start investing in a business that you can think to have potential. Investing does not have to be a huge amount. There are a lot of potential startups that are looking for funding. All you need is an eye to pick out the diamond. If your investment is successful it will help you get some hefty return.

The idea of part-time businesses can be a little challenging. But once you commit to the process it gets easier and much more fun. We hope the list of 10 best part-time businesses successfully ignited the entrepreneurial hunger in you.

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kacnika mom
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