How to Advertise Your Business Website for Free

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In this day and age, everything runs on the internet. So, if you have a business, it is most likely to have a presence on the internet. The stronger the presence is on this virtual network, the greater the chances of your business has of outperforming its competitors.

The recipe for online prowess is a tough one; one that requires a lot of skills and monetary resources. However, just as it is with everything in life, if there is a will, there is a way. By carefully implementing the strategies mentioned in our article, you can easily direct consumers to your website for free.

But first, let’s face it; SEO or the processes involved in optimizing online directories are methods that everyone follows. So, rather than mentioning the obvious ones, we have included some unique and interesting tips and strategies in this guide just for you! Remember, following the strategies won’t give you guaranteed online traffic. But if you stick to these strategies relentlessly, you can definitely start seeing results soon enough.

How to Advertise Your Business Website for Free

Let’s look at some of the ways through which you can Advertise Your Business Website for free:

1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Advertise Your Business Website

Create a list of emails collected from a consumer survey or directly through your website, and email these respective clients because these are the web users who are more likely to be interested in your website. Try to provide them with fresh content that will align with their preferences regularly. Let us show you exactly how this works-

A client might have submitted his email to stay updated on the latest prices on cars. Your duty is to tailor targeted emails towards the client on a weekly or daily basis, By regularly updating them with the content that they want, that is, the car prices, you can easily generate web visitors who will regularly check up on your website through follow-up emails.

2. Giveaways

Giveaways - Advertise Your Business Website

What do people like the most? The chance of winning free stuff!

It is fundamental human nature to be attracted to gifts. By offering gifts like a smartphone or discounts on your products, you can easily attract your target market towards your website.

The amount of traffic generated through giveaways is immense, and you can also gather the email information of your target market through this strategy, as they have to sign up for the giveaway via their emails. Thus, it is only a win-win situation. Besides, not only do you get to attract new potential customers to your business website but the giveaway can also act as a proxy for your email marketing as you gather up emails.

3. YouTube

YouTube -Advertise Your Business Website

YouTube has become a virtual information hub for all the things a person might need. It would be foolish not to use YouTube as a gateway to Advertise Your Business Website. Build a channel that caters to the topic your website is about.

The videos will automatically attract people who are interested in the subject. Then you can use it to guide viewers to your website in case they are interested to learn more. Try to keep your content on both the platforms synchronous; this will help interested people to switch between the two platforms easily.

4. Blogging


Websites need to avoid resorting to stale content and stay updated with fresh content continuously. One of the easy ways to do this is blogging. Blogging about topics related to your business will attract the target consumers who want to learn more about the topics or are just curious.

It will ultimately boost the organic traffic of your website. Blogs also allow readers to share the content. If they like it, they might share it with their friends and family and enable you to garner increased traffic for your website.

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5. Quora and Reddit

Quora and Reddit - Advertise Your Business Website

Both of these platforms act as incredible tools to siphon out your target consumers quite easily. By searching about the topics relevant to your website on these platforms, you can easily access a database of people who interested in the topic and so, are more likely to be interested in your website.

To get them to visit your website, you need to answer questions on Quora and post content on Reddit that grabs their attention. Once you accomplish that, try to move them to your website with “Learn More” links that redirect hem to your website. However, be careful about abiding by the guidelines on these platforms; grab the readers’ attention in an informative way rather than spamming them with useless content.

6. Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram - Advertise Your Business Website

Almost everyone on the internet visits these sites from time to time. Your job is to catch their attention through interactive and pleasing audiovisual content. Build a following on your Facebook and Instagram pages through regular updates that act as a source of entertainment and information both.

Once you gain a substantial following, try to move them over to your website on a regular basis. This can be done by providing short snippets of the website content on the Facebook and Instagram pages. The interested consumers will be intrigued to tap on the link to learn more and so, they will be redirected to your website. All in all, ensure that you can create an organic flow of information that ultimately generates traffic on all of your platforms.

7. Do Collaborative Content

Do Collaborative Content

This is often an overlooked mechanism that can drive traffic to a website. Try to look for content creators who share the same interests as you do. Invite them over for an interview or a podcast, host a session on your website, or transcribe the whole interview there.

Request them to share the interview on their platforms. This can result in the exposure of their viewers to your content for the first time. This strategy can easily create a new following for your website if your content is well suited to their taste.

Generating traffic for your business website can be a strenuous task, especially when you can’t afford to spend money on advertising. Hopefully, the strategies outlined of Advertise Your Business Website here will allow you to cater your website to a bigger demographic. But always remember to keep your content fresh and give the utmost importance to the preferences of your target demographic!

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kacnika mom
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kacnika mom
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kacnika mom
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