Best Consulting Books in 2020

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consulting books.

If you are wondering from where to learn the best, then wonder no further because we’ll quench your curiosity right away. And the answer to your wonder is the book. Yes! Books are the best medium for learning ins and outs of any possible subject. Regardless of what you are interested in becoming in the future, the very first thing you will be advised to do is read books related to that focus. Likewise, people who are aiming to become a consultant in the future, are also advised to read consulting books in the first place.

When you read a book, you can gain innumerable knowledge and information in a short period. Accordingly, in the process of becoming a consultant, it is recognized that reading consultancy books are the best way to improve the skills of counseling.

The trouble is when you are down to select books regarding consultancy, you are going to find more than 20,000 consultancy books are available in the market. So, which one to choose will surely leave you in a dilemma. To help you out, we have put together some of the best consulting books here in this article. So, without any further referring, let’s have a look at them.

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Best Consulting Books

1. The Trusted Advisor 

The Trusted Advisor - Consulting Book

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The Trusted Advisor is one of the top-rated consulting books written by David H. Maister, Robert M. Galford, and Charles H. Green. This book will enlighten you about the knack of gaining your respected client’s trust. As well, it will teach you how to nurture healthy relationships with your clients and deal with challenging personalities.

This book is acknowledged to be one of the best books for counseling careers. You can get this amazing book spending only $12. If you want to master your counseling skills, then this book is highly suggested for you.

2. The Pyramid Principle – Consulting Book

The Pyramid Principle - Consulting Books

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The Pyramid Principle is a consultancy book that outlining the importance and ways of writing like a consultant. Barbara Minto deliberately unfolds the significance of the written communication and how you can express your state of mind with pen and paper.

This book is a must-read for skilling up your counseling expertise. This book will cost you around $50. This may seem a bit pricey, but regardless of that, you get more from this book than what you spend.

3. Flawless Consulting

Flawless Consulting

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Flawless Consulting by Peter Block is a highly recommended book for aspiring consultants. In counseling, you need to be very involved with your clients and gain their trust so that they truly believe in what you say.

Trusting you will easily persuade them to follow the direction you have given them. And you can learn vividly about the ways and tactics of winning your clients’ trust in this book. This book also comes at $50.

4. The Back of the Napkin – Consulting Book

The Back of the Napkin - Consulting Books

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The Back of the Napkin is a wonderful twenty-first Century essential book that you can’t avoid if you aim to be a consultant in the future. In order to catch the attention of the current generation of people, you will realize that visual guidance is working more effectively than verbal instruction.

Throughout this book, this topic is adequately explained how visual presentation can work effectively and ensure better communication. By spending just $10 you can learn how to solve complex problems and provide effective counsel with images, and graphics.

5. Case in Point – Consulting Book

Case In Point

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Case in Point by Marc P. Cosentino is an instructive book about case studies. In counseling, listening to your client’s case and swiftly perceive the issue is a major trait. This book will walk you through the measures to sharpen up your ability to perceive complex cases right away.

This book will also shine your analyzing and prudence power which will lead you to become an expert at counseling. Unquestionably, this incredible book is one of the best consulting books.

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6. Case Interview Secrets – Consulting Book

Case Interview Secrets - Consulting Books

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Case Interview Secrets is another didactic book about case studies by Victor Cheng. Victor Cheung is a case interviewer who previously worked at McKinsey. He wrote this book with rich advice by showering his own interviewing experiences.

This book will teach you, the manner you need to hold as a consultant and provide you with numerous hacks of consultancy. This book is sure to add value to your counseling endeavor. It will cost you only $34.95.

7. Linchpin – Consulting Book


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As a consultant, if you are still struggling to pick your niche, Linchpin in there for you to solve your dilemma. Linchpin by Seth Godin is one of the best consulting books of all time. This superb book will lead you to find your expertise and help you to hone it up to become a great consultant further.

This is a miraculous book for every individual who is planning to become a consultant in life. This book is another must-read for enthusiasts who want to become a consultant later. By spending only $13, you can get this life-changing book for your own.

8. The McKinsey Way – Consulting Book

The McKinsey Way

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The book McKinsey Way will lead you to explore the inside of a real consultancy firm. McKinsey is a well-reputed consultancy firm across the world. Ethan Rasiel, a former associate of McKinsey wrote this book stating his own experience. He brings forth the practical environment of McKinsey for the learners.

He also opines about the ways of being successful as a consultant. By reading this book you’ll get to learn the process of conducting effective interviews, the research methods, and how to handle complex cases. To get the insight of the real McKinsey world, buy this book spending only $16.

In conclusion, we have provided the best out of the finest consulting books herein this article. To become a great consultant in your life, these books will help you immensely. Try to collect and read each book to best tune up your consultancy skills.

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