Best CRMs Program of 2020

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Best CRMs Program of 2020

CRM (Customer relationship management) is a technology that manages the relationship between a business and its interaction with its customers. By improving the relationship with the customers, a business can hope to face profitability. CRMs program can help you to manage the data of your customer and potential customers. The past history of a customer will help design better future interactions that can create a better image of the business.

We are presenting some of the best CRM systems below, have a look and see if you would want any of these to improve your customer relationship for better profitability.

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Best CRMs Program of 2020

10. SugarCRM

SugarCRM - CRMs Program

SugarCRM will need at least 10 people from a single team to use it so if you’re running a startup; this might not be a good idea for you. With this system, learn to map your customer’s journeys so you can approach them properly. You can use the GPS integration to navigate to client’s locations. Real-time push notifications can come in handy to keep track of client updates.

You can choose from the various available plans depending on your business needs but it would be advisable to try the free trial version first before committing to anything.


9. Freshsales

Freshsales - CRMs Program

This is a popular CRMs program. Freshsales is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use CRM system that is mostly focused on increasing your sales productivity. You can have a number of tools including softphone with email integration and workflow automation. It also has integrated marketing and communication programs to add along with lead scoring.

With an advanced plan, you can have bulk emails with two-way sync, multiple sales pipelines, lead assignments, advanced reports and custom roles. Even though it comes with a lot of features, Freshsales has a pretty simple user-interface so the employees won’t require much training.


8. Nimble

Nimble - CRMs Program

With Nimble, you can work with your G-Suite or Office 365 to get a wholesome experience. The system lets you update your contacts and access company insights easily so you can quickly locate the required contact information. Send out group emails to your contacts to engage your preferred audience on a greater scale.

The contacts feature is rich with other widgets like task lists, calendars, deals, and so on. You can manage deals from within the workflow as well as gather your social media connections. Nimble ensures quality data security and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.


7. Nutshell


Nutshell is cloud-based software that uses an AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. It’s compatible with most mobile devices, iOS, and Android. You can easily import and export all your contacts to get started with contact management. You can automatically sync your contacts, create a centralized database, use the built-in scanner to scan business cards and record new information and so on.

Nutshell is most capable of handling the facets of a CRM and keep organized records of the contacts. The customer support of Nutshell is commendable since they offer phone, email, and live chat support 24/7.


6. HubSpot


HubSpot offers one of the best set of features in the free version. You have enough tools to run your business better and improve in places where you need to. If you’re new in trying out the CRM system for your business, HubSpot might be perfect for you since you can easily see how it all works without spending a dime.

Even if your business is small right now, it doesn’t mean it will always stay that way. Any business, big or small, has the potential for growth. So you can have a CRM that is flexible and can handle an increased amount of customer interactions. HubSpot can be the answer.


5. Insightly


Insightly is one of the modern CRM systems available in the market that can help your business gain more profitability by creating and managing a better relationship with your customers. You can maintain strong relationships with both old and new customers. Insightly can be integrated with a wide range of third party programs (Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

You can monitor the performance of your sales team, track the pitches and figure out areas where you need to focus more. You also get access to built-in tutorials that will provide you a more hands-on experience on how to work with the software.


4. PipeDrive


PipeDrive is a CRM system that focuses mostly on the sales part of a business. You can control the sales process and ensure maximum output from your sales department. The statistics tool in the CRM can show you graphs and charts to present a proper analysis so you can see how effective the previous sales pitches have been. You can keep track of your activities and create customized task lists. You’ll get reminders if you miss any of the activities and notified when a new activity has been added.


3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the best systems for small and medium businesses of all kinds. It focuses on integrated sales, social media, marketing reports, service providing, etc. You can store information about 10,000 contacts which can be accessed from anywhere once you connect it to your preferred cloud service.

To enrich your marketing ideas, Agile has tools for building websites, email templates and customized forms. With the help of social media monitoring, you can plan a successful marketing campaign.


2. Salesforce


With over a million users worldwide, Salesforce is one of the most famous CRM systems available. It covers all sections in the business including sales, marketing, service providing, accounting and so on. It’s cloud-based so you can work faster and connect with your employees easily. Salesforce supports multiple languages and currency so you can conduct international dealings pretty easily.

It also offers 24/7 customer support via phone and emails. With the Contact Management feature, you can track your customers’ history and social media mentions to monitor how they feel so you can determine which areas to focus on.


1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is ideal for any small and medium business with a wide range of functionality. It is a pretty old name in the business world. It has operations in almost all the sections of a business, ranging from planner apps to accounting tools. Zoho even has its own cloud service which can help manage your CRM system better.

The user interface is clean and simple, so you can easily set the system and get to work immediately without an extensive training program. Zoho can collect and monitor your customer data from various sources including social media, live chats, calls, and emails.


A CRM system can improve the relationship between your business and customers while finding out areas you need to work more on. Overall, a CRM system can make your business run smoother and incur more profits.

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