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e-Books for Business

Electronic book, popularly known as an e-Book, is a digitalized version of a printed book or in some cases, does not originate from any physical book in the first place. Like any typical book, an e-Book can contain both text and images. It can be read off easily from the screens of electronic devices. Basically, with the existence of e-books, you need not worry about carrying heavy books anymore! Plus, they are much easier to acquire.

In this article, we have listed down some truly great e-books, designed specifically for business people. And even better, each one on this list comes free of cost!

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur, please continue reading.

Best free e-Books for Business

10. 279 Days to Overnight Success

279 Days to Overnight Success

Author: Chris Guillebeau

In 279 Days to Overnight Success (Published in 2009), Chris Guillebeau gives some really amusing and solid advice on how to start the business of your dreams. He emphasizes being able to live a great life, despite working less.

He shares his journey on becoming a full-time writer in less than a year, rectifying mistakes, and beating the odds. Also, He claims that anyone can fulfill their objectives in the same amount of time.

9. The Zero Hour WorkWeek 

The Zero Hour WorkWeek 

Author: Jonathan Mead

In the Zero Hour WorkWeek (Published in 2011), Jonathan Mead shares a story of 7 people including himself, who are now living the life they have always dreamt of. He focuses on the concept of doing what you love, and making work feel like work no more! The author encourages you to break the stereotypical 9-5 working style and to rather follow your own rules. The “Zero” in the title implies that the amount of work feels like nothing when it’s something you really enjoy doing. This is one of the best e-books for business that consists of only 60 pages, so why not go for a quick read?

8. 50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

  50 Startup Founders Reveal Why Their Startups Failed

Author: Thomas Oppong

We have all heard of the saying “Failure is the pillar of success”, haven’t we? But honestly, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to digest failure. Most people change their route owing to failures.

We can, of course, make mistakes and learn in the process, but isn’t it better to observe others, take lessons, and avoid any major mistake at all? This should be the driving force for you to read this e-Book! Go through this one and take note of the things you should keep away from. (Published in 2019)

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7. Mastering Creativity

Mastering Creativity

Author: James Clear

It is not uncommon to be bounded by mental blocks. Without any doubt, it can be the most frustrating phase for an aspiring person. This is especially relatable for writers, musicians, or artists.

The key point of this e-Book is to not give up. It teaches you how to overcome the obstacles that come your way, to bounce back stronger. It does so by making you understand how creativity functions allowing you to master it.

So, don’t let your temporary mental blocks be the cause behind your career destruction. Educate yourself to beat it instead. Unveil the greatest ideas that are possibly locked inside somewhere!

6. The New Rules of Viral Marketing

The New Rules of Viral Marketing 

Author: David Meerman Scott

As we all can see and understand, online marketing is now the trend. Thus, it is time to break free from all the traditional marketing tactics, as you know they won’t work anymore. Modern problems need a modern solution and this e-Book does exactly that. Learn how to make your mark across the internet with just a few clicks! (Published in 2007)

5. 7 Secrets for Growing Your Own Frugal Business


7 Secrets for Growing Your Own Frugal Business 

Author: JeanWilson Murray

It is much better to work smarter than to work harder. Also, setting up a trade fresh can be expensive, which is exactly why you need this e-Book working as your guide to reserve funds.

Read this one to make effective use of your time and money!

4. How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back

How to Start a Business You Love & That Loves You Back 

Author: Michele Pariza Wacek

A positive mindset is a vital thing to have when doing business. It not only promotes well-being but also exerts influence on the business. Try to keep your enthusiasm alive throughout the journey. If you are facing trouble doing that, this e-Book can be your best motivator!

It’s all about sliding over the unpleasant things and placing your focus on the good things. Positive thoughts are sure to bring you positive results. (Published in 2016)

3. The Lucky Brand

The Lucky Brand

Author: David Brier

Your brand is the link between you and your customers. So, what’s the purpose behind brand marketing? It is meant to advertise your products and services in a manner that highlights your brand and increases its value.

Naturally, you have thousands of competitors around. How do you outperform them all? Not easy. Therefore, this e-Book presents to you 10 golden rules for brand marketing, that will help you to outshine all others.

Consider clever strategies with the goal of standing out in the crowd, pulling a greater number of customers to your market. (Published in 2010)

2. Your First Business: A Starters Guide 

Your First Business: A Starters Guide book

Author: Darren Wilkins

If you are a beginner, this e-Book will do a great job in preparing you for the next big thing. You can learn how to construct your very first business plan and make strategies for upcoming projects. It will also provide you with tips and tricks which will help you to come up with more appealing logos and titles, etc.

1. 4 Steps to a Happy Startup

4 Steps to a Happy Startup

Author: The Happy Startup School

4 Steps to a Happy Startup – “The path from passion to profits” encourages you to start with a well-defined business purpose, to understand the importance of attracting dedicated employees and loyal customers. The most important thing is to have the right amount of passion and love for your own business.

Finally, these were some of the most amazing e-Books for business that you must explore! Try to take away the important lessons and grow better as an entrepreneur.

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