Best Job Search Apps of 2020

In this dynamic and competitive world, finding a job is not easy, especially one you would love to do. People often have to settle for doing something they don’t like because of the paychecks and the lack of opportunities elsewhere. To make sure you can have a full chance of trying out your luck in the job market, leave no stone unturned. Send as many resumes as possible and attend every interview that you can. We put together a list of a few job searching apps so you can use them to find your dream job if you haven’t already.

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Best Job Search Apps of 2020

10. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is probably one of the best job search apps in the world with its convenient searching tools. You can find both part-time and full-time jobs available in your area. You can use certain keywords to look for your desired jobs. By registering to Simply Hired, you can enjoy some extra features like finding the recent searches at the homepage along with an option to save those searches for future reference. You can also set up alerts to receive for any quick responses or new job offers.

Simply Hired

9. Good&Co.

With this app, you can not only search for jobs of your choices but you can directly apply for them through the app as well. It’s free to use and comes with a unique algorithm that can decipher your personality traits to help you find jobs of your caliber. You can take the quizzes in Good&Co. and it will design an advanced job finder tool to help you find your hidden talents and style of work. The more quizzes you’ll take, the more customized the tool will be at finding you the perfect job.


8. JobAware

Like the name, the app keeps you aware of all the job opportunities in your area. You can search by putting in keywords and locations. Then you can categorize the jobs by priority (dream jobs, part-time jobs, second jobs, etc.). You can also divide them based on the various stages of a job searching process (researched, applied, interview scheduled, etc.). It’s a great choice for as well who are looking for not just part-time jobs but also internship programs.


7. Snag

With Snag, the process will be conducted from both sides as your potential employer will get an idea about who they’re hiring. You can import your social media or Google profiles to get the personal information filled in and look for local jobs of your preference. Take a personality quiz so the app can show your personality traits to show your employers.

You can find jobs by using keywords, fields (construction, marketing, food service, automobile, etc.), time (part-time, summer jobs, seasonal, etc.) and also the map function that can show you the company’s location. Once you find a job you like, you can apply with a single click.


6. Monster

Monster job search app can remind you of dating apps like Tinder (if you’ve used one). You swipe right for a job you’d like to apply for and swipe left if you want to pass. You’ll get an alert when the job you’ve applied for will have accepted your application and the employer would like to take your interview. You need to upload your resume beforehand so the app can send it out as soon as you swipe right. You can easily find both full-time and part-time jobs.


5. Glassdoor

With Glassdoor, you can directly apply for jobs of your choice straight from your smartphone. You can get access to millions of job listings along with reviews of the workplace from both current and former employees. It will help you gain a better insight into the environment you wish to step into.

You can also get an idea about what to expect from that particular company once you go for an interview. You can set up your preferences and the app will send you a push notification as soon as a new position is available that matches your criteria.


4. ZipRecruiter

To speed up your searching process, this job search app lets you search for more than 100 jobs at a time. You can search for jobs based on locations or include keywords to filter them better. Once you have the app, set up your resume so you can apply for a job you like with one click.

The app will send relevant job openings directly to your inbox based on your personalized search criteria. You can either apply for them immediately or save your preferred jobs to the Saved Jobs list to look over later.


3. Indeed

Indeed supports more than 28 languages and is available in over 60 countries to search for jobs. You can look for not just full-time or part-time jobs but freelancing opportunities as well. Get access to millions of job opportunities with Indeed and set reminders to apply for jobs you liked.

You can send out a resume through the app along with a personal message to your employer if you want. The app will alert you of every new job opportunities that will be added since your last search so you’ll have a higher chance of finding your dream job.


2. LinkedIn

About 77% of the employers rely on LinkedIn to look for their potential job candidates. It’s an all-in-one job-search app that has been around for quite some time, gaining the users’ trust and loyalty. The app is perfect for finding jobs as well as hiring new employees. You also have the option of interacting with people and share work-related information. Set up your profile first and set up search alerts so you can be notified about recent job postings. For more advanced features, sign up for the Premium plan.


1. CareerBuilder

With the CareerBuilder Job Search app, you can use AR (augmented reality) to search for jobs that are available in your area. You can use the map view from the app to look for new job opportunities and narrow down your search by putting in filters like the salary, job type, working hours, etc.

You can take a picture of your resume to send it to your preferred job listings or you can use the built-in resume builder tool to make a resume from scratch. You will get alerts informing you when your resume has been viewed and by whom.


Finding a dream job can be quite hard and oftentimes, might seem impossible. But that doesn’t mean one should give up searching. Every experience counts and you never know what your next job might have in store for you. So choose one of the job search apps from above and don’t stop looking until you’re satisfied with a job you stumble upon.

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