Best Job Search Sites

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Best Job Search Sites

Recruitment of human resources has become more calculated on where they would call for job openings to attract the best applicants. Today it is particularly challenging due to higher unemployment levels. Perhaps the perfect job search site for every organization may not be your favorite employment board. So the question is where the recruiters publish their job openings to attract potential employees? Below are the best websites that are most commonly used.

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Best Job Search Sites


Indeed - Job Search Sites

It is so famous that all you need to do is enter your keywords in the work heading and your website position. Then you will get results immediately from thousands of different job pages of the business.

Moreover, if you like, you can also build an Indeed profile to allow employers to come to you. You are allowed to create work reminders to be alerted as new job vacancies are posted. Besides, you can compare and contrast jobs based on certain factors such as pay scale.


CareerBuilder - Job Search Sites

For over 20 years, CareerBuilder has been there and provides tailored search results. It makes your job search fast, through notifying you about the new opportunities based on your keywords in your uploaded resume. It can make you competitive by giving you career recommendations with a summary of other applicants. CareerBuilder receives job postings from companies directly.

Besides, it makes partnerships with local TV news outlets to feature job vacancies



LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for networking. This website LinkedIn is all about a great deal of online learning, and on bonus, job search too!

Enter your keywords for searching for a job and choose an area. You can sort the data by the time or by experience level. A remarkable feature allows you to filter your job search by companies that have your network connections.

Approximately 50% of LinkedIn positions give the opportunity to easily apply, and the details can be sent in just a few clicks, without requiring a cover letter! The types of jobs you put on likes on LinkedIn are organized as your choice.


Glassdoor - Job Search Sites

Glassdoor is mainly known for its private business ratings. It is important to assess the company before you start applying. But you should remember, when you look at the reviews of the organization profiles, it is also possible that it could be compiled by the organization itself. If the reviews are given by the company then it will never portray it badly. Hence, the possibility of that can make the job seekers decide better.



SimplyHired has excellent search functions. It lets you save your different searches and allows checking back every week and running your personalized searches easily.

You can limit your choice of an organization through- environmentally friendly business culture to diversity-friendly businesses and so on.


LinkUp - Job Search Sites

If you are looking for easy use then LinkUp is a good pick for you. Its usage has been checked and revised to ensure that you do not waste any time applying for jobs already filled.

It gathers and tracks millions of work advertisements globally, analyses data and offers informative and usable information on the job market.

It also provides useful data with guides, metrics, and indexes.



Want to get an entry-level job? Snagajob could then be your top choice! It specializes in non-salaried jobs. Snag offers optimal results when you create a profile. Without creating an account also you can simply browse positions. It is especially for those who have a busy schedule, like college-going students. Thus, it has convenient functions for those with a busy schedule that allow you to measure the time of travel easily by car, public transport or on foot.

On the downside, it takes more time to build your Snag profile than other job search sites. For example, it is strongly recommended that you include references on your profile but this can be difficult if you lack work experience.



Monster provides millions of job posts and career advice in over

40 countries. It is one of the oldest and also the best-known. It offers a wide range of resources and services, including basic work assessments, free feedback and detailed profiles of different organizations.

The best part of Monster is that it not only provides you with free advice but also has a helpful resume-writing service to help you get a career you want, although that would not be the best way to make your resume.

On the downside, it has a lot of bad reviews on having too many spams and redundant company advertisements.

Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter - Job Search Sites

ZipRecruiter has newly released a tool called GET RECRUITED that promises companies are going to find you. To get that service, you have to register your name and email address. ZipRecruiter is rather new than other job search sites hence it provides lesser job listings than already established job search sites like- Monster, SimplyHired and Indeed.

The Muse

The Muse - Job Search Sites

The Muse was established in 2011 and each month it receives over three million visits. It seeks to enhance the ties between employers and employees, even before the agreement is signed. Muse was made keeping the millennial at the center as they dream big and also has the asked skills.

It has the goal to give “an authentic look at organization culture, positioning and beliefs” to job seekers with images and even interviews of the employees. Detailed knowledge of the organization is posted.

Job search sites are really good to remove information asymmetry. However, you should not rely exclusively on them since the “recommended applicants” involved are preferred more than others who merely apply online to make up for the final interview process. It is always better to keep in touch directly by investing time upon getting to know the employees in the organization you have interest in. Besides, be open to meeting new people and also be in touch with former colleagues. On the contrary job search sites and social media are always good for studying the organization’s requirements and expectations.

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