Best Outsourcing Websites

Best Outsourcing Websites

Here’s a list of some of the best outsourcing and freelance websites to help you succeed in your upcoming days.


Upwork started over a decade ago. It is a worldwide freelancing platform where businessmen and freelancers connect and work associatively. It provides tools to accelerate your venture effectively. They have over 2 million professional freelancers who work on over thousands of jobs posted every day.

Upwork provides with trusted freelancers and businessman. Some of their famous clients include Dropbox, NASDAQ, Airbnb, Microsoft etc. They provide better matching criteria than most other freelancing platforms. Because, they have a long amazing talented network of freelancers, faster shortlisting based on the criteria and easy way of tracking their work.

Payment is very secured in Upwork. They have Upwork Payment Protection. Which ensures the payment after the completion of a task. And they also have a variety of payment methods, which includes Direct Deposit/ACH, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Local Funds Transfer (LFT), etc. Upwork gives one the freedom and flexibility to control when, where, and how to work. Each project includes an online workspace shared by the freelancer and their client.

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Getting started with Fiverr is quite easy. If you are a freelancer, all you have to do is Sign up- set up your Gig and offer the work that you want to do to the audience. You get a notification when you are hired and use the platform to communicate with the client. After the work is done, you get paid instantly. Job offers start at as low as 5$ ascending to a value to over 10,000$ depending on what the client has to offer.

Fiverr offers an accelerated and widely known platform, so the chances of getting hired by a client is becomes easy if you are contingent upon presenting quality work. Fiverr also provides a flexible environment. They have over 200 categories from which you can choose to work depending on your knowledge and experience. Few notable points are;


Freelancer is among the oldest freelance marketplaces. The task is simple here. For a businessman, you can either put up a job as a contest and let others compete on it and you get to choose the one that suits you best. Or you can also post the work and let others bid on the post and choose the freelancer on your choice.

As for the freelancers, the work is pretty simple. You bid on a job and get hired. Or you can take part in a contest and submit your proposals according to description, you get paid when your work is selected in the contest. Freelancer also acts as a directory of freelancer professionals and lets you view their portfolio and contact them without even posting any project.

Freelancer has over 1350 categories of jobs to work on. Some pro’s that feature on Freelancer are they have a number of qualified and cheap freelancers, works with different payment systems and has a reliable tech support.


Guru is a great platform for freelancers, they have targeted professionals rather than entry-level freelancers. It offers a lot of feature and ensures top-quality freelancers. What makes Guru different from other sites is that, they don’t follow other freelance websites that run contests or incorporate experience points-based rating systems.

Entry-level for freelancers is simple; search for jobs that match your skills and services. They have four payment terms that you can choose from. You can also manage multiple jobs at a time by adding other team members to collaborate.

Drawback is the billing system is very complicated, monthly and transaction fees are really high for employers. And there is no live tech support.


Toptal is a freelance website that gives a word of honor to different companies about hiring the top 3% of global freelancers. The main goal of Toptal is to hand over employers with top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and many more. They have lived up to their names until now.

Toptal evolved from the idea of “Top Talents” and they are constantly bringing the best onboard from all around the world. They have a rigorous screening process to hire freelancers, which takes around 2-5 weeks. Even though the screening process is indisputable, freelancers who have excellent knowledge and skills can go through it pretty without a hitch.

Toptal has some of the world’s largest clients which provide a long-term client-freelancer relationship. Like all other marketplaces, Toptal also has a straight forward pricing system. That is based on hourly employment, part-time or full time for about a fixed price. As the freelancers are almost entirely well qualified, things like slow communication and bad team member automatically gets expunged.

The site is well equipped with modern technologies along with its easy interface. They also have a Trial System. There is a time limit within which an employer can either choose to collaborate with the worker or reassign their task to someone else if the client is not satisfied. And this time limit is designated for every new freelancer joining the website. All these features make Toptal a choice for most of the freelancers to work on this marketplace.

In conclusion, choosing the right outsourcing website is in your hand depending on your work type. It will make your work easier and your business will thrive without a lot of hard work from your end.

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