Best Personal Finance Apps

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Personal Finance Apps

Personal finance apps can help you to keep track of your daily earnings and expenses. With the help of these apps, it has become much easier for people to monitor their monetary activities. A personal finance app is like a personal financial manager for an individual. It can also be referred to as a guide of sorts since this kind of app can guide you in taking your financial decisions.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best personal finance apps out there. It will help you in getting an idea of the functions and benefits of these apps, which will help you in choosing one for yourself.

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Best Personal Finance Apps

10. Mint


Mint is one of the most well-known apps in the market for personal financing. This is created by Intuit, which is an American software company that works on developing programs and applications related to finance. With Mint, you can easily keep track of your expenses and work out a budget that suits you.

After you are done connecting your accounts to the app, it takes over your budgeting for you. Mint uses your account information to categorize your expenses to create a budget. The credit score option in this app shows you a breakdown of factors that contributes to your credit score to guide you in improving those factors to stay on top of your credit scores.

This app can also send you e-mails to remind you of your upcoming bills or payments. You can use the app both from your phone and by logging into your Mint account from your computer.

9. Mobills


This app has interactive charts so that you can analyze your financial records to adjust your spending as required. The charts are pretty handy as a visual presentation of data makes it easier to remember the important points. Once you link your bank account and credit card information with Mobills, it will put all your financial data into one place. The app helps you to stay within your budget by presenting your expenses in categories, so you can easily detect where to make changes to reach the budget.

You can keep track of your due bills and payments with the help of Mobills. All things considered, if you’re still unsure about this app, check out the free version for a while and then upgrade to premium only and if it satisfies your preferences.

8. Wally


If you want your personal finance to be organized and be able to track your expenses like a pro, try the Wally app for free. It is a very easy app to use along with a tempting feature of putting photos of your receipts instead of manually adding the numbers. It saves you a lot of time and energy. If you wish to track your monetary records in a hassle-free way, this is the app for you.

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7. Quicken


One of the best personal finance apps in the world is Quicken. It has been in business for over three decades with about 20 million members worldwide. The members can use a credit card issued by Quicken to track their overall financial habits. You can easily track your previous and pending payments and track your investments with the help of this app, and it will store all your data into one place. Even though you’ll need to spend money to use the app, Quicken offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to not use it.

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6. EveryDollar


With EveryDollar, you can connect all your accounts and keep track of your financial requirements in one place. The app follows a zero-based budget approach which ensures that every single dollar has a purpose in your budget. Also, you can contact a finance management expert through the app if you need help with your budgeting and managing your financial priorities.

You can break down your spending according to multiple segments to keep your budget on track. You also have the option of using the app from both a phone and a computer, whichever is more convenient for you.


5. Wallet


Wallet is an app to help you gain insight into your financial management. It supports different currencies, so you can handle your international operations as well. The app can automatically sync your bank information once you’ve linked it. You can manually put your entries, label your transactions for your convenience and keep track of your budget with visual representations.

You can try the free version to see if it suits your choice and then upgrade to premium for more features.

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4. You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is an app that is dedicated to making you stick to a budget that is as realistic as it can be. YNAB creates your budget based on your actual income and shows you how to stay on track to follow that budget. It also has an option for you to take online classes with instructors to help you learn anything you need about budget and management.

You can try the free version for 34 days and then decide whether to pay for a monthly or yearly plan or not.

3. MoneyStrands


This app helps you to track all your spending habits once you link your bank accounts and information with it. You will be shown where every single penny is going through different graphs and charts. It has a calendar feature that tracks .the dates of your most earnings and spending. You can build a budget of your choice and set personal goals to achieve and stay within the budget. The app is free to use and is linked with over 500 financial institutions.

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2. Prism


Most financial app users need an app to help them keep track of their due bills and payments. Prism is just the app for you as it can automatically track all your bills and send you reminders to avoid late payments. You can pay your bills with the app by scheduling your payments to be made prior to the due dates. Prism is one of the best apps for bill management.

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1. Clarity Money

Clarity Money

After you’ve added all your accounts in the app, it shows you all your information in a pie chart which helps you to analyze your financial activities. It will help you by showing areas where you need to cut your expenses in order to stay within your budget. The app suggests to you how you can improve your financial state.

If you have a lot of subscriptions, Clarity Money highlights the ones you use the least so you can decide whether to cancel them to cut back your expenses. You can set your goals associated with your budget and the app will help you in achieving them.

To conclude, you can use the apps for free for a short time to figure out which is the best suited for you. A good personal finance app can ensure you achieve your savings goals and build better financial health for yourself.

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