Best Planner Apps of 2020

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Planner Apps

In this new day and age, smart devices are taking over our lives from every angle. A smartphone is like a mini-computer in our hands that can provide people with all the information one can possibly need. You can also use it to organize your life a little. Many people got into the habit of using a day planner to keep track of their daily activities, meetings, and appointments. Now, instead of carrying a planner everywhere, you can just have one with you all the time. Install one of the planner apps from the list below and start scheduling your meetings and appointments with just a few clicks.

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Best Planner Apps of 2020

10. Cozi

Cozi - Planner Apps

Cozi is the perfect digital replacement for your daily organizer. It’s mostly used for scheduling family meetings and stuff like that. Not just meetings, you can also keep track of your to-do list, make grocery lists, a built-in personal journal, etc. With Cozi, you can set up a private calendar that only people selected by you can get access to.

So if you need to set up a meeting, the ones who are connected to your Cozi calendar will get notified immediately. You can try the free version first and see the app can entice you enough to upgrade to a paid plan.


9. 24me

24me - Planner Apps

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant who can schedule your appointments and meetings in an instant, 24me might just be what you need. It can sync with other apps like Outlook, Google Calendar, and Exchange to organize your tasks. The app will get you notified of your upcoming appointments along with traffic and weather alerts based on the scheduled time.

Not just for appointments, 24me can also be connected with your social media and bank accounts to keep track of your online and financial activities. It can monitor your bills and send you alerts when payments are due.


8. Trello

Trello - Planner Apps

Whether you need to organize your personal daily routine or keep track of your work schedules, Trello can help you out in both scenarios. If you’re working on a group or team projects, you can also add your fellow associates and map out every step. The app has a very simple user interface. You can create virtual boards and put lists, tasks, checklists, etc. and share it with others if you want.

The ones who are connected can share and comment on each other’s lists or boards which can be a major plus point if you’re working on a group project. You can add stuff and comment on the boards even when you’re not connected to the internet. The app can sync everything you do offline as soon as you have an internet connection.


7. TickTick

TickTick - Planner Apps

With TickTick, you can access any of your schedules and task lists from anywhere, even when you’re offline. You can arrange all your tasks in your preferred order, get alerts from the app about your upcoming appointments, and sync all your data on the cloud. It’s very easy to use and makes scheduling breezy.

Set your important appointments with a reminder and always be on time. You can use TickTick from your iOS or Android phone as well as your computer. Just connect to and keep your data synced there to access later.


6. TimeTree

TimeTree - Planner Apps

TimeTree will ask you whenever you set a new calendar that what it’s for. It will ask whether you’re setting it for family programs, outing with friends, or work-related tasks. The different options will allow you to set up calendars with different features. If you need to set up a calendar with friends, you will have the option to chat with each other to discuss your plans.

You can choose more than one calendar and use various color-coding options to visually keep better track. It’s free to sign up with TimeTree so you can try anytime you want.


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5. Evernote


Evernote is one of the most popular management apps out there. With this, you can organize all your tasks and also take notes whenever necessary. You can create your own lists, create categorized data tables, and keep everything in one place so you can easily access them whenever you need it. You can store both your personal and work-related data in any cloud service that is connected to your Evernote account so you can access them from any device. The app will act as your personal assistant and make sure you don’t miss a single appointment.


4. Outlook


If you don’t know already, Microsoft is doing a pretty impressive job in the planner apps with their very own Outlook. With Outlook, you can schedule any event, reach the event location easily, and also subscribe to your favorite show. You can use the email option to send out invites and access your files from your linked devices. Also, you can get access to other Microsoft apps like Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.


3. is an app that can take care of all your tasks, daily reminders, family events, and goals you need to accomplish. You can connect the app with your Apple Calendar to import all your previous scheduled events. With, you can organize your events based on locations and color codes for better visual organizing.

The app will notify you at the start of each day what you have on your schedule and it can also show you the time you’ll need to get to the event location so you can get a head start.

2. ZenDay


Turn your smartphone into your ultimate virtual assistant with ZenDay. All your daily tasks will be shown in a flowchart so you can easily see your tasks one after the other. The app has a unique 3D display which allows the users to focus on their listed tasks like they would with a planner in their hands. You can use color-coding to highlight your tasks as needed based on their priority.

If you end up missing an appointment, the app will automatically reschedule it in any of your empty slots so you can make up for it. You will get an overview after a certain period to see how well you were on following a schedule so you can see where you need to improve.

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1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

The most easily accessible calendar is right there in your hand. All you need is a Google account and you can create as many calendars as you need in a single place. Once you create a calendar, you can connect it to any other apps for convenience. You can easily add people you want in your calendar when you’re doing a group project. You can choose to share your entire calendar or just select a particular event to invite people to.

Google Calendar

Maintaining a schedule can make anyone get their life in order. You get all your work done in time and squeeze out enough time for your family and yourself. It can be exhausting and a bit tricky to keep track of all your activities manually, so a planner app can help you out in this case.

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