Best Presentation Tools of 2020

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Presentation Tools

A visual representation can create a better and more effective impact than a verbal one. That’s why you need to know how to make presentation slides that are more eye-catching and can leave a more lasting impression on the viewers. Whether it’s a school project or an office project, a good presentation will help get your point across to whoever will watch. We picked out some presentation tools with different features so you can pick one that you feel will make your presentation look more exceptional.

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Best Presentation Tools of 2020

10. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck - Presentation Tool

Haiku Deck has 3 different paid plans from where you can choose one or just try out the free version with limited features. Use this tool to design your slides with a huge list of fonts, polished layouts, image filters, etc. You’ll also have access to 40+ million stock images based on various subjects that can match almost any subject you can possibly imagine.

You can store your presentations in the cloud to access them from any device from anywhere. Even though the user interface might seem a bit outdated, you can design simple but powerful presentations pretty easily.

Haiku Deck

9. Slidebean


If you want an easy and fast way of arranging your slides, Slidebean might be the perfect tool for you. Formatting slides can be a very tedious task which you won’t have to do with Slidebean. You can just select a theme that you think will match your presentation topic and the formatted slides will be ready. All you need to do is write an outline with headings, pictures and entering details for graphs if you have any. If you want, you can rearrange the elements from the automated slides and edit them to your heart’s content.


8. Prezi

Prezi - Presentation Tool

Create a well-organized presentation with Prezi by having your entire project mapped out in an overall track. When you’re presenting, you can switch slides to advance to the next one and the viewers will get a visual indication about the progress of your presentation. This sort of visualizing method keeps the audience more engaged and helps you to stay focused.

You can add new sections to your main slide and then edit the details into any zoomed part to put in texts, pictures and videos of your choice. Try the free version of Prezi and make your presentations unique as well as visually pleasing.


7. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark - Presentation Tool

With Adobe Spark, you can take your presentation to the next level. Instead of sticking to the traditional clicking through slides way of presenting, you can create animated videos that will run on its own. You can build video stories, web pages, and graphics with Adobe Spark and make your presentation more engaging than others.

Also, you can upload an image of your choice or choose one from the available stock photos and then alter the design of the image with different filters and clipart.

You can add texts and select timers for how long the images will be displayed. Do this to all of your required slides and you’ll have an animated video presentation ready in just a few clicks. You can try the free version of Adobe Spark for a standard presentation but for personalized themes and no watermark, you have to choose one of the paid plans.

Adobe Spark

6. Visme

Visme - Presentation Tool

Make your presentations stunning with Visme and get access to 100+ fonts and millions of free images with which you can make stories of your choice. You can add audio and video media from your storage to make your presentation livelier. You can easily share your presentation online and control who can view it.

Visme will show you who has viewed and finished watching your presentation with its built-in analytics system. You can also keep your presentations in the cloud by connecting to your preferred cloud-based service provider.


5. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is offering a clean and easy way of creating and sharing presentations. The layout is very simple, with the tools placed on the right and the slides on the left. Your working station is right at the center so you have a clear view of what you’re doing and plan the next step.

You can also choose from different themes to make your slides pop and move around the elements as much as you need. You can share your presentation links for anyone to download or you can do a live broadcast along with a live chat to interact with the audience.


4. Canva


With Canva, you can choose from hundreds of different layouts and fonts to give your presentation the look you wish. You also get access to millions of stock photos to match your subject or you can just upload your own pictures and other media files. Use any of the available themes and filters or customize your very own design to make your slides distinct. You can easily share your presentation on social media or set up a Canva account to hold a live presentation.


3. Keynote


The best way to create presentations on your iOS device is the Keynote software from Apple. Amazing templates and typography options are right at your fingertips to make your presentation look unique.

The smooth animations of the slides just add to the already existing professional touch of the software. You can use it from and share your presentations with others or arrange a live stream. Keynote comes free with Apple devices so you won’t have to worry about any purchases.


2. PowerPoint


Probably the go-to tool for most people, when they want to make presentation slides, is the Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use it on any devices, both smartphones and computers. This traditional tool has been dominating the presentation slides-making market for quite some time.

It’s easy to use, has tons of options like image formatting, adding or creating graphs and charts, designing texts, animations, audio files, video files, etc. to make your presentation as personalized as you want. PowerPoint online can be used for free from any device. Even with so many of these new and multi-functional presentation tools. The original presentation might still be the one you’re looking for.


1. Google Slides

Google Slides

Like PowerPoint, another traditional and easy-to-use presentation tool that is beloved by many is the Google Slides. You can run it on any device from any browser, free. You can select a theme and then edit the elements or just customize everything to give the slides your desired look.

By sharing a link of your presentation anyone you want can edit details to your slides, write notes, and anything else you want. You can share feedbacks and pass comments with them. When it comes to collaboration in presentation, Google Slides is undoubtedly the best choice.

Google Slides

When you’re presenting something visually, it holds your signature and can reflect your personality. These presentation tools make it easier to present your thoughts to others in a way that can make them understand you better.

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