Best Productivity Apps for Freelancers

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Apps for Freelancers

Freelancing is rising uprightly over time. People are leaning towards freelancing quitting their traditional 9 to 5 jobs. Over 60 million US citizens currently directly or indirectly contributing to the freelance economy.

Once you start freelancing, you’ll soon realize that it is tough to stay productive when you are working from your own homebound. More or less all freelancer struggles to manage time and task properly. Considering this problem, many productivity applications have been developed based on freelancing to help freelancers.

If you’re one of those freelancers who is having trouble managing time and tasks properly, you’re on the right page! This article is completely dedicated to you to ensure your productivity. Some of the best productivity apps for freelancers are outlined herein to uplift your productivity.

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Best Productivity Apps for Freelancers

1. Asana

Asana - Apps for Freelancers

Asana is one of the most popular apps for freelancers that comes with a project management solution. A lot of freelancers receive abundant orders, it’s impossible to keep track of all these projects without an app. Such a situation can mess your head up, but some amazing project management applications come with the ease of keeping track of your projects and necessary details precisely.

Asana is one of those stress-relieving apps. This remarkable project management app is designed in a way that you can use it for your individual needs as well as for your team management. This means that if you expand your group, you can use this very app to collaborate with your team.

You can set deadlines, reminders, share related files under each task. It also shows the progress of your running projects over time and reminds you how much work is left to complete the project. Furthermore, you can communicate and directly ask questions to a specific team member within this app.

2. Todoist 


Todoist is one of the best freemium applications for freelancers that comes with the benefit of recording your work and reminding you of what to do and when to do. Thus, it ensures that you do not miss any task and meet deadlines on time.

It has an integrated productivity chart that monitors your important work lists and notifies you about your doings. Furthermore, it manages your tasks and projects and informs you what to do next from time to time.

Todoist is the best to-do list applications you can access for free. Again, you can access this app from anywhere and track your productivity at any time. All varieties of devices, like Apple iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and other web browser allow Todoist to function on their operating system. If you are looking for an effective time management app, the features of this amazing Todoist app will surely meet your needs.

3. Trello 

Trello - Apps for Freelancers

Trello is another top popular project management application for freelancers. With a couple of incredible features, Trello is perfect for those who need a simple project management application. Trello lets you manage projects, share files, and collaborate with your team members most handily.

If you are willing to manage and organize tasks without any complications, Trello is the app you need to install. What sets Trello apart is its great use of cards to manage its unique layout and function. It almost emulates a Kanban dashboard, essentially a virtual note board so you add cards about your work requirements and take them away when the task is done.

It helps you keep your tasks streamlined which lets you do your work more effectively. Also, it keeps track of your tasks’ progress along with the deadlines that ensure that you meet deadlines smoothly. It is again free of charge and workable on most of the devices including iOS, Android, and Mac.

4. Evernote


Freelancers are often engaged in creative tasks that involve a combination of unique and new ideas. Therefore, it’s very common for freelancers to keep thinking about their projects all day. Whenever they get a great idea, finding a piece of paper to note it down and keep the paper secure is troublesome.

With the blessing of note-taking apps, you can completely avoid this trouble. Evernote is one of these kind apps which is highly recommended for freelancers as the best productivity app for note-taking. Within this app, you can jot down your task plans, schedules, notes, deadlines, to-do lists, research materials, and your ideas together in one place.

Another feature of Evernote is Web Clipper, which allows you to save data directly to specific files from the Internet. Again, you can access these important notes and documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. Also, Evernote assures that you’ll never lose any noted documents by any means. That way, Evernote can help a freelancer like a friend in need.

5. Dropbox


A secure storage location is an absolute necessity for every freelancer. Whether you are a software developer, graphic designer, photographer, or writer, you must have a huge pile of files to store. Saving files on a computer is not a secure option since files can be erased or destroyed at any time if your computer crashes.

Overcoming this problem, dropbox presents you with the most reliable and secure storage option. This is a cloud-based file keeping application that stores your files, documents, designs, videos, photos, spreadsheets, and so on. Also, forthwith signing up you get 2 GB of storage completely free and you can upgrade pertaining to your needs later.

Furthermore, you can access this amazing cloud-based app on multiple devices including Android, iOS, and desktop. You can also access the files you need at any time from these many devices. This is very important for every freelancer because they do not work from a specific place and specific gadgets. These amenities make this app the best storage-based productivity application for freelancers.

In conclusion, freelancers need to usage some productivity apps to bring the best outcome from them. We have covered some most significant productivity apps for freelancers which are highly reliable for a time, task, and team management.

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