Best Project Management Software Tools

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Project Management Software Tools

A software tool that assists in the automation of various tasks, allocate resources and breakthrough tracks for all phases of any project.

What Is the Need for Project Management Software Tools?

You want to create awesome software but you keep getting stuck losing your track, right? Well, that’s because managing a software project can be a bit threatening when you and your team can’t figure out who’s doing what. Or all are constantly underestimating features or just keep missing deadlines.

Eventually, you all will get swarmed under the sea of distress which would cause a great loss to your company or job-life. After quite a few researches, we have come up with a few software tools that can save your time as well as keep you and your team organized during any project work.

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Axosoft - Project Management Software Tools

Whether you are a project manager who wants a meaningful data or a dev programmer who just want to write great code, Axosoft, a leading Scrum software tool specially built for agile project management, has got your back. It comes with a complete suite of tools like burndown charts on sleek dashboards to track team progress and estimated shipping dates.

It also has a customizable card view workflow that visualizes and manages release sprints or entire backlogs. The card view also has the daily scrum connecting your team so that everyone knows the exact update as well as any issues that come up before them.

  • Axosoft pricing starts with $264/year per user until then it has a free trial.
  • It can be installed on any platform to expect the Android mobile operating system.
  • Training is available in person as well as through Online Live. Even you can learn through different documentation or webinars
  • Customer service available online as well as on business hours
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Best for Scrum project managers and web developers


Favro - Project Management Software Tools

It all starts with building cards. Working with Favro means getting your assets, plans, scripts, and video material all together in one place for everyone to analyze. You can collaborate with your teammates, ask for help, and give feedback to keep track of your work cards live on board. It supports multiple views of those cards on planning with spreadsheet-style, Kanban flows, or setting up with the calendar time view.

Favro offers almost everything from planning budget management to watching client portal to time and expense tracking. And it’s easy to see how your projects are doing no matter in which team you are. Favro eventually converts any organization into an Agile business by nurturing all types of teams to work autonomously.

  • Customer Service available
  • Agnostic to project management style
  • Easy interface with drag and drop feature
  • Pricing starts at $6.80/month, per user with a free trial.
  • It has customizable templates and Gantt charts to keep updates of all your project plan under one place

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Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints

It’s a clutter-free agile project management tool that lets you stay ready for any changes in your project and deliver great products on time. With a fluid interface, it lets you create backlogs for your project. It also breaks them into sprints and works on them iteratively.

  • Customizable scrum board that lets you visualize your work through different stages and stay updated with your team.
  • Forget your scheduling nightmares as the meetings module lets you set up sprint reviews and stand up meetings in a jiffy.
  • You don’t have to slog with manual time logs anymore as the timesheet module will let you track billable and non-billable hours.
  • While dashboard gives a quick overview of all your project metrics report like callosity charts, burndown reports and cumulative flow diagrams let you drill down your project data.

So, get rid of complexity and make way for agility with Zoho Sprints. Pricing starts from $12/month for up to 12 users.



If you are working under any builders’ company or own one of yours then Buildertrend is the #1 Software tool for you. From preparing bids to post-build reviews- buildertrend does it all. Buildertrend lets you create the document and share important information with the employees, vendors, and clients with just one click. This software features every little thing you need in a construction app.

  • Multiple views of your project schedules including Gantt chart
  • Set deadlines and it will automatically send reminders
  • Syncs with Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Shareable to multiple users

Evernote Business

Evernote Business

It’s a software tool for organizing all your tasks in one place. From creating documents to storing information to collaborating on different projects- Evernote Business software is the handiest tool ever. Great teams need space, and Evernote offers space for your design team to collect, organize and share so that their ideas can quickly take off. It provides a space for your sales team to pinpoint the good stuff so that they pitch the latest innovation.

It gives a space for your logistics team to stay on top of everything, so final products get delivered right on time and most of all Evernote gives you a space for any team to work even better together so you can get to your best work. The starting price is $14.99/month for per user.

  • Customizable templates
  • Collaboration tools available with notes, images, videos, links, etc.
  • Available on any platform either the mobile app or web
  • Able to create and edit even being offline and the updated data automatically sync when connected over Wi-fi

Before you get down to the conclusion and take initiative to contrivance an all-important software tool for your company or project management, know that everyone wouldn’t be comfortable with it. As they have been attached to the traditional way of project management for a long time, they need a guide before adapting a new software tool so that they can boost up their confidence in using them. The above project management software tools can help you decide with one fit right according to your project type.

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kacnika mom
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kacnika mom
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