8 Best Receipt Scanners and Trackers

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8 Best Receipt Scanners and Trackers

With the advancement of modern technology, most people prefer online shopping as opposed to the traditional way. Since most of us are involved in this sector, it’s only normal that we feel the need for the tools associated with this. In this case, receipt scanners and trackers are a great help to keep track of all the expenses and save a digital receipt copy for the future. Manually entering the information or taking notes of all the expenditures can be quite hard, but using a receipt scanner and tracker can make the task easier.

There are many receipt scanners and trackers out there. We handpicked 8 of them for you to look at. They have different features and subscription plans attached to them. Take a look and ultimately decide on which one is most suited for you.

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Best Receipt Scanners and Trackers

8. Clear Scanner

Clear Scanner - Receipt Scanners and Trackers

With Clear Scanner, you can capture pictures of your receipts and save them as PDF or JPG format for convenience. It makes attaching them to a report so much easier as well. The app can sync with cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox so you can import and export receipts from there as needed.

With its built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition/Reader), you can easily scan your receipts and the app can detect the texts to import them. Clear Scanner can be the perfect receipt manager for you and help you save paper.

Clear Scanner on Play Store

7. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense - Receipt Scanners and Trackers

Other than being an excellent receipt scanner, Zoho Expense has several cloud-based features as well, including cloud-calendar and mail. With its text recognition software, all your receipts can be instantly scanned and tracked. The app can also detect the texts shown in the receipts to record the information and create your expense forms automatically.

It will save up a lot of your time and make your receipt management tasks so much easier. With the free plan of Zoho Expense, you get 100 free scans for a month. Then you can decide to move onto a plan according to your preference.

Zoho Expense

6. ABUKAI Expenses

ABUKAI Expenses - Receipt Scanners and Trackers

Probably one of the easiest apps to manage, ABUKAI can save your receipts in just two steps. Just click a picture of the receipt and save it to your phone, ABUKAI will process the picture to create your expense report automatically. These reports can be exported in both Excel and PDF format for your convenience. Also, the app can send the expense reports it creates an email of your choosing. Managing receipts has never been easier.

With the free version of ABUKAI, you will be able to send 12 expense reports a year. So if you only need one monthly report, you can use this app for free.

Get ABUKAI Here!

5. Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts - Receipt Scanners and Trackers

Probably the best feature of Smart Receipts is the options you have for customization. After you’ve scanned a receipt, you can convert it into different formats including PDF, Excel, and ZIP which you can easily export. Also, the app has white labeling services which make it easier for you to create customized expense reports of your liking.

Once you connect the app to your cloud storage (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), you can store your receipts and reports there while importing files from there as well. The OCR feature helps the app to detect the texts from the receipts and lets you categorize them to find them later.

Smart Receipts

4. Evernote


Evernote is one of the best receipts trackers and has been in the market for quite some time. It was launched as a note-taking app in the first place, but then evolved into something much more. Evernote can scan your receipts and store them accordingly so you can easily find records of your expenses. But the app cannot create expense reports so that might be a little drawback. Even then, Evernote is a very useful app one can have. It’s free to download and you can choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan afterward if you find this app to your liking.

Get Evernote Here!

3. Shoeboxed


With Shoeboxed, you can directly create your expense reports from the app to send them as necessary without having the need to convert them to PDF or printing them out. Your tax filing is made easier with Shoeboxed. The app can track expenses that are deductible to prepare your tax file and save you a lot of time. All the necessary data from your receipts will be extracted and recorded with the app for future use.

Shoeboxed can also track mileage for reimbursements with the built-in GPS on your smartphone. Once you link the app to your account, you can automatically import your receipts from Gmail or Emails as necessary.

Get Shoeboxed

2. Receipts by Wave (Wave Receipts)

Receipts by Wave (Wave Receipts)

Wave is mainly dedicated to receipt management. It’s very easy to use and lets you store your receipts on the free Wave cloud storage. You can also link your own cloud account if you like.

You can access your receipts through the Wave web version even if you forget your phone. Also, you have the option to add little notes to your receipts if you please. You can save your receipts despite being offline, so don’t stress if you end up in a place without Wi-Fi.

This app comes with one of the best OCR features in all the receipt scanners. You can scan up to 10 receipts at once. So it can cut down a huge chunk of your time.

Receipts by Wave

1. Expensify


Expensify is one of the most widely known receipt trackers in the world. It has more than 5 million users worldwide. With Expensify, you can only keep track of your personal transactions but also collect and submit all your receipts as necessary. You can categorize your receipts for convenience or making reports. With its SmartScan feature, you can just take a picture of your receipt and the app will automatically record the important data.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a manager operating a business or a normal consumer who needs to keep track of their online expenses, Expensify can be the assistant you didn’t know you needed.

Get Expensify Now!

Having a receipts scanner makes the process of digitizing so much easier. Keeping all your expense records in one place can be extremely beneficial whether you’re using it for personal causes or to manage any business expenditures. A receipt scanner and tracker can help you in receipt management as well as tax filing.

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