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SEM tools

Search engine marketing is a technique applied in order to increase traffic for a website by means of increased visibility. This can be obtained by ranking high in search results or through paid ads.

As you are very well aware that the internet is a crowded space where pulling attention to your product or service is getting harder with each day. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make sure you are using the best strategies for marketing.

While starting a search engine marketing campaign is a great idea, managing it can also get complicated at times. You need a proper tool to show you the direction!

Thus, this article enlists some of the best SEM tools available.

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Best SEM Tools

Google Trends

Google Trends - Best SEM Tools

Let Google data tell you stories! This tool can be used to find out the popularity of a specific keyword and the results can be filtered by region, time, and language. You want your content to be trending, rather than falling behind with less desirable words. So, only use keywords that are trending!

Moreover, if you can identify regions where the demand for your service or product is high, you can utilize this information to invest time and money behind specific groups only.


SpyFu - Best SEM Tools

You must keep your competitors on the radar. They can greatly influence your marketing strategy with theirs. With this tool, you can merely search for a competitor and view their whole marketing history, up to the last 13 years to be specific.

You get to have an idea of the sort of ads they have purchased, the ad variations, and organic ranks.

It lets you download PPC keywords that worked well for other businesses. The AdWords advisor does all the analysis for you and recommends keywords that you should be using. Additionally, viewing every ad test run by your competitors could give you useful knowledge regarding what works and what does not. There are many such features! You could use all these resources to shape your own marketing campaign!


SEMrush - Best SEM Tools

Claiming to be the world’s no.1 marketing tool, SEMrush is versatile and powerful.

It brings you an all-inclusive suite for your marketing campaign which includes SEO, advertising, social media, content, competitive research, and reporting & management related features. Evidently, you can manage a lot with this single tool and can produce awesome marketing results!

This award-winning tool should be a must on your list. It comes with a free trial of 7 days!


Keywordtool.Io - Best SEM Tools

Keyword.Io is one of the best SEM tools. It is an extremely useful tool for generating keywords. In the free version, this instrument can bring about numerous (750+) long and relevant keywords for any given topic with the use of Google Autocomplete. To achieve long keywords, it adds different numbers and letters to your search term and puts it into the Google search box, ultimately extracting suggestions. It takes not more than a second! You could also choose a specific domain and language based on which keyword suggestions will be given.

The paid version gives you a greater number of results along with other handy features.

Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs

Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs - Best SEM Tools

You can consider this to be one of the most complete marketing tools out there!

You can get thousands of keyword ideas from its keyword explorer which runs on a large database of 7 million+ keywords. The data is also updated every month! This explorer is super versatile because the keywords it produces are not limited to a specific country. In addition, it gathers clickstream data from ten distinct search engines that include Amazon, YouTube, Baidu, etc. It very cleverly takes the fact into account that a lot of people search outside Google too. Apart from that, it also calculates a KD score (Keyword Difficulty score) which is an estimate of how hard will it be for your keyword to rank considering popular pages at present.

Another important feature is the “Clicks metric”. It predicts the number of clicks your keyword might get, rather than the number of searches. This is a more realistic approach from their end! And of course, there are more components too.

Keyword Planner by Google Ads

Keyword Planner by Google Ads

This keyword planner brought to you by Google seems like a good idea because it’s mostly Google where you are trying to be visible! This tool comes with three main features which are Keyword Research, Bid Estimation, and Campaign Planner. Through keyword research, you can identify keywords that are often looked up by people. Plus, the resulting report usually contains data covering a long period of time which helps you to understand changes that took place over time.

Secondly, the tool will suggest bid estimates for every keyword so that you can set your marketing budget with ease.

Finally, you get to save your chosen keywords into your advertising-plan. This can be useful for sharing the idea with your peers or for future reference. You can launch your marketing campaign from within this tool once everything gets finalized!



Something worth noting about online marketing is the presence of fraudulent activities. You cannot expect all clicks to be authentic and converting. Wasteful clicks such as bot clicks and competitor clicks can deform your conversion rates and hinder quality leads from reaching you. Also, it’s not nice to be paying for clicks that are not even coming from real humans! ClickGUARD ensures that this doesn’t happen to you. Maximize your profits with this tool!

Crazy Egg Website Optimization

Crazy Egg Website Optimization

Did it ever occur to you that your website might need some refinement? Crazy egg provides snapshots, recording tools and heatmaps through which you can analyze the journey of a customer roaming on your website. How is that helpful? It makes you aware of the points where potential customers are getting stuck or puzzled. You can make changes accordingly so that people get to have a good time on your website!

Lastly, these were some of the SEM tools that search engine marketers should try and use at least once! Increase your brand awareness and reach potentials, customers, in a breeze!

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