Best Sites for Unbiased Feedback on Your Business Idea

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sites for unbiased feedback

Popping up new business ideas into the mind is a common phenomenon for every business enthusiast. Each time a new business idea comes into your mind, you naturally get enthusiastic about it. Especially, when your family and friends unconditionally support and appreciate your plan.

Although in reality, not all business ideas turn out to be successful. According to American Business According to American Business Administration statistics, about 50% of small businesses in the United States could not extend their existence for more than 5 years.

Hereby, you cannot just rely on the positive support of your family and friends when you are taking on business decisions. A couple of best sites are rundown here along with this article. Reach them out to catch up with neutral and unbiased feedback on your business idea. These sites are the best reliable sites for unbiased feedback for your business idea.

Best Sites for Unbiased Feedback on Your Business Idea

1. and Clarity and Clarity

To begin our recommendation list of best sites for unbiased feedback on your business idea, we suggest the site and Clarity first. and clarity are two separate sections of this site. serves as a platform for startup launching and helps out new business owners to find funds, customers, press, and consultants.

The section Clarity serves as a marketplace that unites entrepreneurs with topmost business consultants and trade experts. It comes with a question and answer amenities, where you can ask particular questions. And you will get an immediate response to your queries by verified business experts across the world. About 30,000 certified business experts around the world are connected to this site. They dedicatedly support the forthcoming entrepreneurs and give neutral and unbiased feedback on their business ideas.

Furthermore, these business experts also ardently lend a helping hand to the budding entrepreneurs regarding almost all the respects of business. They impart them on how to conduct effective market research, how to acquire business skills, how to adapt business strategies, and how to lead your business to make it a successful one.

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2. Reddit


Reddit is another best site for unbiased feedback on your business idea. This online site hosts business concerning discussions about almost every aspect related to business. It embodies several sections for distinct business-related topics. When you are here to get honest feedback on your business idea, you need to proceed to the ‘Entrepreneur’ sections.

You can easily update stories or discussion topics phrase your business idea there. Soon you will start receiving honest unbiased feedback about your idea. Reddit allows voting on stories, which brings most voted topics to the front of the site and the others will drown in the below.

So, when you are posting on Reddit, try to letter your story regarding your business idea as fascinating as possible. This will allow you to capture the attention of most members of Reddit and get votes to lead your post to the top of the site. Eventually, this will help you get the most possible feedback and advice about your business idea.

3. PickFu


Next, we would recommend you to reach out the site PickFu. It is a very helpful online site for getting unbiased feedback on business endeavors. Once you register to this site, you can easily post about your queries and get insightful and unbiased public opinion very promptly.

However, PickFu is not a free site, it will charge you $1 for every response you get on your post. Those respondents are selected by the PickFu and they get a fixed waged. It assures that there is no place for vague respondents on this site. You can rely on this site for unbiased and instructive feedback on your business idea.

As an entrepreneur, you may feel hesitant to use this site, but we can assure you that you will, in fact, receive more than what you need to provide. But if you are already in a financial shortage you should avoid this site.

4. GrowthHackers


In the list of best sites for unbiased feedback, GrowthHackers is another prominent name. It is basically a community that sets an arrangement to collaborate with business expertise across the world. The main focus of this community is to educate and enlighten about the do’s and don’ts of startups, fundamental marketing tactics, business running processes, and sustainable development.

In this platform, you will get the most valid feedback on your business idea along with insightful advice. Collaboration with this site will definitely add some wings to your business idea that are sure to make your business more productive and profitable. If you are willing to be an entrepreneur in forth and need direction for progress, we highly recommend you visit this site.

To sum this article up, before you start your endeavor to turn your business idea into a real business, you should seek out other’s feedback. Your near ones may not fathom the consequences of your idea or might respond to you being biased. To solve this problem out, some online sites are there for serving unbiased feedbacks. The best 5 sites for unbiased feedbacks are surmised here for your convenience. Hope this helps you.

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