Best Small Business Accounting Software

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When you run a significantly small business, you always look for ways to cut the budget. Accounting software can lessen your workload and reduce the need for manpower. So you can cut costs while keeping your work flowing. By using this kind of software, you can easily enter all your data, organize your company information, and make reports. You also get to learn about many financial aspects of the business that can help you to manage your company better.

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Best Small Business Accounting Software

Let’s take a look at some accounting software with different features and you can pick one to help with running your business.

10. Xero


Xero can help you in sending invoices and keeping track of all your transactions. Connect your business accounts to Xero and let it handle tasks like paying bills, tracking pending orders, managing the inventory, and so on. This app can create all sorts of accounting reports including sales, purchase, inventory, and even other financial statements so you won’t have to stress about creating them yourself. Also, you can add as many users as you need in the app to get your work done as it has an unlimited number of users.

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9. Wave


Wave is more suitable for freelancers who don’t depend on inventories to run their business. So if you run a service-based business, Wave is the app for you. You can keep track of all your incomes and expenses by connecting your bank accounts and the app will create your financial reports for you. Wave is free for the general tasks you might need it to run to manage your business. But those free features don’t include payroll services. You can avail the payroll of self-service for monthly $20 along with an added $4 for every contractor or employee.


8. Zoho Books

Zoho Books

Even though Zoho Books might seem a little less polished than most accounting software, don’t be discouraged from using it because of that. The app can help you with bookkeeping, making invoices, keeping track of your expenses, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and many more features.

You won’t have to spend your time in entering the data as the app can automatically do that for you. Just link your bank information with the app and it will do the rest. To manage a small to medium business, Zoho Books can be your optimum helping hand.

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7. FreeAgent


By connecting FreeAgent with your bank account, it can monitor your incomes and cash flows to see how the business is running. The app will keep track of all your financial aspects and save time so you can focus that on other important tasks. You can try the app for free on a 30-day trial and then decide whether or not it’s worth your money.

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6. GoDaddy Bookkeeping

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

To manage the financial aspects of a small business by a single user, GoDaddy is an excellent choice. It is simple bookkeeping software with the basic features a business needs. You can take care of all your transactions, process payments, review the changes in your finance to find out the spots where you need to focus more. GoDaddy doesn’t use double-entry bookkeeping so if your business might need complex reports like that, this software might not be for you. If you need basic accounting features for your small business, consider using GoDaddy.


5. FreshBooks


Keep track of your business all the time with the FreshBooks app. It’s easy to use and comes with a lot of features like managing incomes, monitoring expenses, create reports and invoices, etc. Your tedious financial management tasks can seem a lot breezier with FreshBooks. In just a few clicks, create invoices that can give high-end professionals a run for their money. With its tracking facility, know when a customer accesses your invoices so your dealings can be a lot easier.

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4. Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud

This software is exceptional in customizing your financial tasks and managing inventory with the help of a computer. For small to medium-sized businesses, Sage will do everything they’d need. From sending invoices to tracking the monetary tasks and calculating your tax, Sage can cut a lot of your accounting management time in half. But payroll service isn’t available with Sage, which might be a tiny drawback. But the company has been in the market for a long time so you can expect quality service and they’re offering several plans for you to choose from.

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3. Sunrise


Handling your business accounts will become a piece of cake with Sunrise. Just connect your bank account with the app and it will manage everything for you, it’s just like having an accountant but you will get the company of this one 24/7.

It will automatically reconcile your bank information to keep track of profit and loss, manage taxes, and other payments. Sunrise can set you for automatic payments and receiving dues by accessing your credit card so you won’t have to worry about going past due dates. If you face any problems, you are more than welcome to seek help from any of the expert bookkeepers available to chat in Sunrise.

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2. Kashoo


A lifesaver for small business owners, Kashoo will track all your expenses and handle your payments once you link your bank account and credit card with the software. It can also create invoices, send them to your customers, and manage financial reports as they are needed. All your reports will be updated automatically as you run your business so you won’t have to manually change the data. With a paid plan, you will get extra features like multiple users, multi-currency conversions, and unlimited clients which can come in very handy if you are planning to expand your business in the future.

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1. QuickBooks


With QuickBooks, you can create customized invoices, keep track of all your transactions, manage all your debit and credit accounts, etc. To manage a small business, QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software out there with advanced management features. Even though QuickBooks offers different plans, you can try the 30-day free trial before giving one of those a go. You get all the mentioned facilities in the basic versions, a paid plan will offer you advanced features like tracking the inventory, full-service payroll, and tracking time.

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Accounting software can make the job of managing a small business a lot easier by saving you a lot of time and money. It’s much more convenient than traditional and manual bookkeeping and you will have a lot more time to focus on things other than making the spreadsheets. Choose the perfect accounting tool for your business so it can help you reach new heights.

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