Top 10 Best SME Apps of 2020

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SME apps

Businesses are a hassle for the owner as they need to handle a lot of things. The owner needs to manage all the actions in the business and also look after finances, payments, and bills. In such situations, anyone would like to get a helping hand. As the world continues to advance, there are developments of many apps specially designed for business purposes. These are known as SME apps (Small Business apps). To manage and make the business effective these apps come in very convenient and so the owner needs to get the best apps.

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Top 10 SME Apps of 2020

There are many apps to aid in small businesses that are also used by large business firms at times. Here is a list of the top ten SME apps.

10. MailChimp

MailChimp - SME Apps

Details: The app manages lists of emails and customizes them. It helps in communication with customers. It is incorporated with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, etc.

Key Features:

  • Includes drag-and-drop email building
  • Helps to keep in touch with customers
  • Helps in email marketing
  • Increases customer list, and also creates and sends messages to them
  • Helps in making a creative newsletter
  • Makes detailed reports
  • Makes marketing campaigns.


  • Free version not available so needs payment
  • Bugs are found.

9. Triplt

Triplt - SME Apps

Details: The app helps to make travel plans effectively on any device. It also helps to check the conditions of the place to visit. As the person sends the travel email to this app, it organizes and provides with necessary information. It is a useful app for business owners.

Key Features:

  • Gives a master itinerary for tours
  • Avoids travel hiccups
  • Provides time, directions and weather conditions of the airports
  • Helps the user to keep all business trip details organized and in one place
  • Provides maps of places.


  • Requires a frequent reset to start its function.

8. Quickbooks

Quickbooks - SME Apps

Details: This is a useful app for accountants. It takes care of bank balances and other related services. It can connect to other apps to provide details of the financial condition of a business.

Key Features:

  • Shows profit and loss statements
  • Checks for unpaid invoices
  • Makes purchases and payments to employees
  • Boost tax deductions
  • Views receipts of bills
  • Allows customization of receipts and statements.


  • Has some problems with editing invoices.

7. Evernote

Evernote - SME Apps

Details: This app helps in organizing notes. Using this app, the user may make journals, to-do-lists, or any other reminders or information. It can be used in various devices. It is a place to keep all the ideas intact.

Key Features:

  • Helps to sign-in Google
  • Helps to organize ideas
  • Provides travel note-taking
  • Notes can be searched by tags and keywords
  • Allows voice or photo storage.


  • The app freezes at points
  • Have problems in synching notes.

6. Paypal Here

Paypal Here - SME Apps

Details: This app helps in managing payments using a card reader. It provides invoices and checks. The app is free to use and makes payments from individual clients easy.

Key features:

  • Helps to make invoices, checks, and payments from PayPal account
  • Includes payment portal for businesses
  • Helps to make quick payments
  • Eases the use of a PayPal account.


  • Doesn’t make connections with a bank account.

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5. Slack

Slack - SME Apps

Details: This is a great app for business communication. It manages chats and helps to make separate conversations. The free app helps to make efficient conversations with an individual or a group, including media in the business field.

Key Features:

  • Provides options for separate channels
  • Easy filtering of messages
  • Customizes conversations and notifications
  • Allows media communication
  • Unlimited chat options
  • Allows sharing of documents


  • The app has problems with notifications

4. Asana


Details: The app helps to manage tasks and projects. It allows the user to make a place for communication and projects with other people. It can also connect to other apps and services online for efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Includes project management tools
  • Allows conversation with members
  • Helps to share media files or documents
  • Allow notes and reminders
  • Allows organization and updates of projects.


  • It has some problems with emails and notifications
  • It might not be compatible with all devices.

3. Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Details: The app allows video conferences virtually. For businesses, it helps members of a group for meetings. It helps in effective communication and also the transfer of media.

Key Features:

  • Allows voice and video calls for conferences
  • Helps to share media files
  • Maintains security of communications
  • Provides reminders of meetings.


  • It causes troubles in calls
  • It has problems in synching messages and notifications.

2. Square


Details: The app helps in making easy and quick payments with the help of a card reader. It doesn’t require internet connections and has no extra charge for use. It is a great app for small businesses.

Key Features:

  • Allows credit card payments on the go
  • Includes free card reader
  • Helps to make payments using messages or emails
  • Compatible with many devices.


  • Doesn’t have a very easy access option.

1. Freshbook


Details: The app helps in accounting problems of the business. It manages invoices and bills. It incorporates other online services and apps and is compatible with many devices. Also, it is a great app for organizing and managing invoices.

Key features:

  • Allows easy and online payments
  • Records and provides receipts of bills
  • Customizes invoices
  • Makes business reports and balance sheets
  • Allows credit card payments
  • Tracks time and other information about payments.


  • There are problems with loading and synching browsers.

Owners need to look for apps to solve their problems in the business. These apps will help to manage events and save time. The owner will be updated about important information and have all them stored securely. There are business apps for helping in each field of business. As the owner is capable of managing the business properly with the help of SME apps, the productivity of the business increases.

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kacnika mom
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