Best Social Media Marketing Apps

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Social Media Marketing Apps

Sometimes we humans depend on technology for easy-going life and in this article. I thought to share a few software applications that you can use to manage your social media marketing more strategically and promote their business in this competitive social world.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are planning about a startup business let it be on product selling or being a videographer, traveler then social media marketing can easily be taken into reconsideration. It’s time-consuming and you don’t always have enough time to sit down and write what you are going to tweet or post on any other social media. However, I have got a solution for you after quite a few researches on how you can manage your content by using the handiest and trustworthy social media marketing application for free.

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Best Social Media Marketing Apps

Organize Feed With ‘Playnoly’

Organize Feed With ‘Playnoly’ - Social Media Marketing Apps

One of the most simple, clean and easy to use application for your social media marketing. It was thoughtfully created from a designer’s and editor’s point of view. It is a visual planner for the Instagram users where they can visualize and organize their content before posting on Instagram. This lets you think and make schedules of your content beforehand.

It also allows you to keep your content as a draft and post them directly to Instagram. Playnoly also offers you valid insights into your audiences. It lets you decide which type of content grabs the attention of your customers or clients the most. It also helps in keeping a draft of captions for your stories so that you can post them later without wasting time on recreating them.

Creative Editing Using ‘Snapseed’

Snapseed - Social Media Marketing Apps

Building up your marketing strategy over social media can be challenging. Such as posting captivating photos can take you to learn and edit them using different software. But this becomes a hindrance in the way for a marketer working alone. Snapseed is to the rescue in that case. This application is a handy and easy to operate tool for editing your images giving it an enticing look for the clients and customers in your business.

To boost up your marketing, always remember the photos that look more professional are the ones to grab your customers’ attention. Snapseed also has a feature called ‘Healing’ which helps you to hide or erase trivial and indistinct stuff in your photo.

Grow Your Presence With ‘TubeBuddy’

Grow Your Presence With ‘TubeBuddy’ - Social Media Marketing Apps

If you are planning to grow your presence on YouTube, then you absolutely, need to use the TubeBuddy. It perfectly performs as your backup marketing tool. You can go to ‘’ to get a free Google Chrome extension. There’s also a premium version of TubeBuddy that has other bells and whistles for your business marketing and growing promotional presence through YouTube.

What’s amazing about TubeBuddy is that it gives you everything from deep analytics and insights YouTube doesn’t offer you. You can also have various checklists that TubeBuddy puts in front of you. This will ensure that before you upload a video you have key elements like a custom thumbnail, title keywords.

And the most important thing that might help your channel to grow on YouTube through subscribers, as well as viewers, is that it shows you where your videos rank on certain keywords.

Create Enticing Videos Using ‘Quik’

Have you ever looked into your expression while watching intriguing and engaging videos! I guess if you even ask other people, they might reply to you just like Facebook company’s EMEA vice president that videos tend to attract viewers the most over photos as content. Now don’t be afraid of not having video editing skills because you have ‘QUIK’. The handiest app where you need not master the video making to produce solid regular content for your business marketing.

Using Quik you can easily produce smooth video content with built-in transitions, music, and other effects. All you need to do is select the clips from your phone gallery and let ‘Quik’ do the rest for you. Until you use this application, there’s no word to describe how beautiful and engaging video it creates by stitching all your selected clips. It reduces the tedious task of adding transitions by joining all the clips or synchronizing music on your own. Snapseed is indeed one of the near-in-hand applications to promote your social media marketing.



You can access the application by downloading the mobile app or by going to ‘’. It can be your perfect choice for creating a podcast. Now you may ask yourself what would you want to use a podcast for! The reply is straightforward, it’s Voice Marketing! Many studies show that Voice marketing is the next frontier in digital and social media marketing. Because we face this constantly on-the-go. Such as on airplanes or trains or in an Uber, we don’t always have the bandwidth to consume a video on YouTube. And sometimes we just want to chill out and listen to a podcast.

There are multiple uses of Podcasts regardless of what industry you are in. But Anchor is an absolute package with resources for you to get your podcast started and get distribution to iTunes and Spotify.



Quora is one of the best social media marketing apps. It is an outstanding floor for discussion with the insightful people within the web. Here, users from around the world put millions of questions about various topics, so that the community can reply to those questions as much scholarly as they can. By responding to others’ questions related to your industry, can help to boost your inner thought leadership and use those topics as a basis for spin-off content.

To sum up things, those apps can help you to have control over social media marketing in 2020. Understand the tools then take advantage of the required apps for your business. Put them into action and escalate the growth of your social media marketing.

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