Business Ideas for Kids

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Business Ideas for Kids

You need very little equipment or training if you have a kid who wants to start a business. It does not mean that kids should start right away. They can instead start practicing jobs with their family and friends. So, here are a few great business ideas for kids:

Business Ideas for Kids 

1. Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Service

Lawn care service ranks high among the top business ideas for kids. A kid can easily learn to work in lawns at home before servicing a customer’s lawn. It is a cost-effective business idea because the neighbors and family members can provide the necessary equipment. The easiest way to start with lawn care service is when a neighbor becomes sick or injured in some way.

When that happens, kids can offer a helping hand to the neighbor and also earn some extra cash. There are lots of people who dislike doing chores such as, cleaning the lawn. It is where kids, especially teenagers can benefit the most.

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2. Car Wash Services

Car Wash Services - Business Ideas for Kids

Car wash and detailing services also ranks top among the great business ideas for kids. Generally, kids can start from the neighborhood so they do not need a vehicle to reach the customer. It is also one of the easier business ideas for kids to learn about.

The supplies for this business are a bucket, soaps, a sponge and towels. A kid can charge as low as $20 and as high as $50 for the complete car wash. The payment depends on how big the car is and its tires and trims.

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3. Building A Website Using The Web Builder

Building A Website Using The Web Builder

Nowadays, it is quite easy to build websites with advancements in technology. It is also easy to search for a web builder that publishes websites without the use of coding. Kids today don’t need to be very tech-savvy to learn the benefits of using a web builder. So, they can easily build simple websites for local small business owners.

Generally, a professional freelancer charges nearly $1,500 for website building purposes. However, kids can charge around $500 to build one as they are not full-timers. Even then, it can be considered as one of the best business ideas for kids.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Creative kids can design the marketing material for a local small business if they have standard design skills. There are many small businesses with a budget deficit so, they cannot hire a full-time graphic designer. This is a good opportunity for kids with basic Photoshop software skills to design those brochures and earn money. Kids can start using Photoshop paying only $9.99 monthly.

It is one of the safer business ideas for kids. They can earn somewhere between $15 and $50 each hour, based on their current skill.

5. Youtube Channel Business

Youtube Channel Business - Business Ideas for Kids

There are very business ideas for kids as simple as monetizing through YouTube videos. It is a very cost-effective process to run a YouTube channel. Kids only need to have a decent smartphone to make content for their YouTube channel. However, the real challenge presents itself in the form of video editing, which is a time-consuming process.

Kids can start earning anywhere between $2 and $5 with every 1,000 views but, there are some obstacles. Usually, a video needs to be edited properly to produce quality content. The editing process can sometimes last for hours. Nowadays, there is software for the editing process with a price ranging from $100-$300.

If kids can purchase this software, then it becomes easier to produce quality videos. So, YouTube will pay the channel owners to show ads before their video starts. Furthermore, if the amount of subscribers increases to thousands and more then, brands offer payment to make sponsored videos.

6. Babysitting


While babysitting doesn’t seem like it should feature as business ideas for kids, it is a common venture to pursue. A babysitter earns on an hourly basis, ranging from $10-$25. The payment depends strongly on the number of children they babysit. Nowadays, there are websites where parents can post about finding babysitters.

Babysitting is not an easy job, which is why there is online training for it. There is a legal technical college that trains teenagers aged 16 or more and gives them Child Care Diplomas.

7. Caregiving

Caregiving - Business Ideas for Kids

If kids find it difficult to babysit children, they can also work as a caregiver for elderly people. The job of a caregiver is to help an elderly person with housekeeping, preparing standard food and transportation. Most importantly, the caregivers fulfill the role of a companion for elderly people.

There is no way to receive professional training to become a caregiver. However, it is important to learn about first aid and CPR. Generally, a caregiver earns somewhere around $10 and $20 on an hourly basis. So, it is one of the more ethical business ideas for kids.

8. Dog-Caring Service

Nowadays, there are numerous households with dogs living in them. There are some activities that dog owners feel they have to do but are less enthusiastic about. Some of the owners have to be away from their pets for the entire day. So, school-goers are going to find it easy.

The kid needs to build a relationship with the dog’s owner. The basis for every form of business is to build rapport. With such business ideas for kids, the route is similar. Kids can earn as much as $50 by night-watching dogs in the neighborhood,

9. Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography - Business Ideas for Kids

Business ideas for kids are quite diverse. With a modern smartphone in hand, it is easy to shoot commercial photographs. What’s more, smartphones have built-in features that make photographs appear more colorful and professional. So, who are the clients for these kids with excellent smartphones?

Well, it is the small business owners who need to decorate their websites and social media. Nowadays, it is expensive for small business owners to hire a professional photographer. So, they can hire kids to do the job and pay them $30-$200 to do a photo shoot. It is yet again one of those cost-effective business ideas for kids.

10. Selling Handmade Items Online

Selling Handmade Items Online - Business Ideas for Kids

Kids love creating handmade items such as jewelry, scarves, wood signs, etc. There are a few websites that specialize in selling handmade products. This form of business takes time to become popular. However, if the products are good then customers will regularly buy them and leave a positive review.

This is a great option to feature in the list of business ideas for kids. The reason is that kids excel at the stuff they are passionate about.

To conclude, there are so many business ideas for kids to get involved in. The examples on this list can help kids become more responsible in the future.

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