Business Name Ideas

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Business Name Ideas

Starting your own venture can sometimes become a game of nerves. As stressful it is to reach the point where you are set to launch your business, it can also be difficult to find the perfect name for the business. A name might just be all that is stopping you from making a good old profit. This article aims to assist you in the process of finding the right name for your business that can uphold its brand identity.

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Learning about some awesome facts about how big companies came up with their names can provide you with some creative insight. If you hear these stories, you will probably be able to incorporate these creative thoughts and come up with a name that will be just as quirky. So, here are some of the business name ideas that may help:

Business Name Ideas

Pick A Name That Describes Your Product

Pick A Name That Describes Your Product

Pick something that describes your products. If you can come up with something fun and can associate it with a product of your company, that should be a perfect way to go. This is how BlackBerry did it.

BlackBerry: When the people at BlackBerry were given the task of coming up with a name for their new email device, they gave out a slight detail. According to them, the device keys felt similar to some fruits. Fruits like a blackberry, perhaps. So the group went with the name of this fruit and it became one of the top players in the industry.

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Use Words That Are Not Native – Business Name Ideas

Use Words That Are Not Native

You might cater only to the people of a certain country, but that does not mean you cannot name your business with non-native words. Sometimes, inspiration will come from words of other languages. If you use words from languages not native to you, your name might come out exciting. Take Pixar as an example.

Pixar: After the father of Apple bought the company, he decided to change the name. And do you know from where he drew inspiration? From the Spanish word Pixar, which literally translates to “To Make Pictures.”

Verizon: Another example of this type of naming is the renowned telecom company, Verizon. They came up with the name by combining two Latin words. The words Veritas and Horizon were used in the making of this name. Veritas literally translates into “truth”.

Sony: This tech giant came into being by using a similar method of naming a company. Since they started their business with the tape recorders, they decided to go with something relevant. The Latin word for sound is Sonus, which technically became Sony.

Use Shortened Forms

You can turn a large group of words into a small word. You might want to use an acronym, made up of the initials of the group of words. Also, you can go for shortening the words to make them sound funny and interesting. This is how Skype did things. IBM also used this technique.

Skype: You will be surprised to know as to how the name ‘Skype’ came into being. When the company first came out with the video calling app, they were called ‘Skype’ is the short form of “Sky peer to peer”. It was again renamed to Skype by the use of the shortening method.

IBM: This is an acronym that elaborates into “International Business Machine”. This was a sly joke to the former employer of the founder of IBM. His employer was ‘National Cash Register’. See the uncanniness?

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Use Maps Or The Typical Geography

Use Maps Or The Typical Geography

If you are still struggling, open up your maps app. Take a quick look around the locations around you and shortlist some words you would prefer. Then choose the best one among them.

Adobe: When it comes to tech companies, Adobe is known by many. The software they produce is used worldwide by everyone. Adobe was named after a small water body called the ‘Adobe Creek’ and you will be surprised to know its location. It ran behind the founder’s house!

Amazon: Another example of naming the company with clever geographical names is Amazon. This is pretty self-explanatory as there are not many who do not know the Amazon Rain Forest.

Mash A Few Words Up – Business Name Ideas

Mash A Few Words Up

Many companies used mashed-up words for their names. Using mash-ups have been a quite common and fun way to name a company. Look at Microsoft for instance. Qualcomm is also a big tech company that used this system.

Microsoft: Allen and Gates first made the name Micro-Soft as the combination of the two words Microprocessor, and Software. These defined the companies quite well. Later on, they removed the hyphen and we now know the company as Microsoft.

Qualcomm: This processor developing giants also uses the same method. Qualcomm is practically the merger of the words “Quality Communications”.

Myths And Legends Are The Way To Go

If you take a peek at the mythologies of ancient Rome or Greek, you will see many words and names of gods and goddesses that you may like. Greek words always carry an aesthetic vibe with them. So, using these words will automatically generate some positive feedback.

Xerox: This company which has a value proposition so well established that people often misuse the term photocopying with Xerox came up with their name from a Greek word.

Canon: Canon came up with their name from the word Kwanon. This is the literal translation of the name of the Buddhist God of mercy.

Go With Your Own Name!

Business Name Ideas

Still confused? Just take a deep breath and sign your business up with your own name! Sometimes it’s better to go with your own name if you just cannot find inspiration elsewhere. Many companies have used the names of their founders and gone on to become quite successful. Take Adidas as an example.

Adidas: Adidas is one of the leading sports companies in the world that manufactures almost every gear you need for playing any game. The name came from the nickname of the founder Adolf Adi Dassler.

To conclude, there are plenty of ways you can come up with a name for your business. This article should help you with the brainstorming process and decide on a name in no time!

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