What are Careers in Demand 

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The world around us is changing rapidly, and along with these changes, business is becoming more focused on technology and innovation. With the business sector becoming competitive, the career landscape is also changing, and it is changing across the globe.

With the demographic and technological shift, new job opportunities are surfacing, and the current jobs are requiring more skillset to join. Besides these, some jobs will become obsolete. While some jobs will become obsolete, some jobs will have an increase in growth due to the social and economic aspects.

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Careers that Are in Demand

For anyone looking for a job, knowing what jobs are in demand in the current year is crucial. By knowing what careers are in demand in 2020, one can prepare themselves for the jobs.

Today, we present you some of the careers that are in most demand in 2020

Ai Specialist

Ai Specialist- Careers in Demand

Once a fantasy, now a reality; that can be said about AI. AI is becoming more popular as the day goes by. In fact, we are already experiencing the benefits of AI. Moreover, the AI industry has been seeing a 74% average annual growth rate since 2015. This is why AI Specialist will be one of the most in-demand jobs in 2020.

So, what do you have to do as an AI Specialist? An AI Specialist’s primary task is to design artificial intelligence and other intuitive programs that are cable of thinking and preforming human-centric activities. There are two divisions is the AI Specialist job sector. One sector deal with the cognitive simulation, while the other deals with Applied AI.

Cognitive simulation deals with hypotheses that are used to understand the human mind and its activities. On the other hand, Applied AI deals with designing smart computers capable of performing various applications. Some of these include voice and fingerprint recognition.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist - Careers in Demand

In a world where information is critical and AI is evolving, mastery of data is the task of Data Scientists. A Data Scientists’s job is to extract the most value they can from data. Another reason for this job having much demand is that everyone uses data in their daily task. From individuals to large corporations, everyone relies on data.

A Data Scientist gathers data from multiple sources, including market, business, and customers. After gathering the data, their task is to analyze it and then coming with an interpretation. The interpretation is used to find out new trends and patterns. Moreover, businesses use these data to understand their performance, build performance tools, design AI, and boost return on investment.

Businesses also use these data to understand the customer satisfaction level and perform marketing based on these data.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Just like AI, robotics is no longer a thing of the past. Robotics Engineers operate in the field of robotics, designing, testing, and building robots. They make robots that can operate efficiently, safely, and maintaining them. Furthermore, they target to make these robots more accessible by businesses; that’s why they also have to consider the financial side.

Moreover, robotics is already being used in different industries. Some hotels are using robots to greet their guests, while some restaurants are using them to take the customer’s orders. Besides these, robotics is used in various industries. These industries include manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, textile, nuclear, and much more.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Statistics will always have a role in every walk of life. And to make those statistical data understandable is the job of Data Analysts. Data Analysts collect data, process those data, statistically analyze those, and present to use in a way that we can understand and take action on.

Through the statistical analysis of the Data Analyst, we can understand both the quality and the accuracy of data and use those to data to come up with a way to implement those data. Through the implementation of those data, we can develop more efficient and optimized data analysis, collection strategies. Data Analyst has a special spot in the business world, as businesses use the data they processed to make decisions.

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Full-Stack Engineers

Full-Stack Engineers - Careers in Demand

Full Stack Engineers are the people who perform computer programming as well as web development. These people are skilled with the front-end, which deals with the user experience and the back end, which deal with the sever side of coding.

Full Stack Engineers develop and design web architectures, servers, also databases to maintain a functional website, both on the computer and mobile platforms. They also perform bug test and fix design flaws, and make the overall experience much better for the users.

Cyber-Security Specialist

Cyber-Security Specialist - Careers in Demand

When it comes to network or system security, Cyber-Security Specialists are the people for the job. Cyber-Security Specialist is tasked with taking care of the overall security system of any business. However, their task is not limited to just that.

Cyber-Security Specialist regularly monitors the system, looking for any unusual activity. In case they find any, they take counteractive measures and report the incident. Besides these, they are also tasked with finding weak spots in hardware and software, managing and tracking any cyber-attack, and building firewalls for networks and other things.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer - Careers in Demand

Cloud computing means the storage and access of data and other programs through the internet, instead of doing it locally, on your computer. And those who make doing these possible are Cloud Engineers. Cloud Engineers usually work in the IT department, and they are the professional who is responsible for managing all the technical side of cloud computing. Cloud Engineers’ primary duty includes designing, planning, monitoring, and managing of the cloud computing infrastructure of a company.

They are also tasked with improving the firm’s cloud computing infrastructure but analyzing it and offering solutions while keeping the financial side of things in mind. And if necessary, Cloud Engineers will suggest moving a part of the function to a different cloud system.

In conclusion, all of these are careers in demand that require mental stimulation as well as engagement more than ever. The jobs on this list are already in-demand, and the demand keeps on growing.

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