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CEO Of the Biggest Search Engine Sundar Pichai

CEO Of the Biggest Search Engine Sundar Pichai

CEO Of the Biggest Search Engine Sundar Pichai

Many new and early-aged entrepreneurs try to follow Sundar Pichai for his unique decision-taking trait, well manner, and his honest tactic to keep himself away from the politics that occur now and then in the office. By staying away from this unnecessary drama helped him to keep a steady focus to grow a bright career as well as to build himself as a person of influence. On a talk show, Pichai told that we can be boasting with innovative thinking at any given time of life. For this, we need to keep ourselves to stay focused.

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Every entrepreneur should think in the most natural way and work accordingly to discover their next big successful action. Pichai said in a show that there are many entrepreneurs who have ambitions that are driven by their desire, but still they fail to achieve their goal. He explained that if these ambitions and dreams can’t be put into a sincere effort. Then all his desires shall hardly make any changes in his life.

As you already know who Sundar Pichai is, let’s talk about some facts about him that you may not know about

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This is how Sundar Pichai became the CEO of the world’s biggest IT and tech company. His dedication, hard work has taken him into this place today. Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s announcement of stepping down made him the new CEO of Alphabet and they both handed over Google to Pichai believing that one leadership is better than their both leadership. He is known to start his day with a wall street journal and a cup of coffee. He was once the highest-rated CEO in the glass door, getting a rate of 96% approvals.

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