Components of Marketing Environment

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Marketing Environment

Marketing activities in an office are like the quality of fuel you are using for your car. These activities are being affected by many internal and external factors. Maybe some of the factors are under the control of the business, but most of them are far away from how the business needs to control. Every business needs to adapt these factors and need to stay warned so that these factors can’t put a great impact on the business. A marketing environment is being grouped by all these external and internal factors and all the businesses are operated through it.

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Components of Marketing Environment

Let’s Talk about the Marketing Environment

Let’s Talk about the Marketing Environment

Marketing Environment is a factor that affects the company’s relationship establishing ability by combining the external and internal factors. It is a large force that almost affects every single factor within a company.

Now that you know that the marketing environment has almost everything to do with external and internal factors, let’s talk about the things that made a company’s internal factor. Internal factors are company-specific that includes,

  • The workers who work in the production line of a company. In a service firm, the people who tend to create services are also considered workers.
  • Machines that are used for the production of a company, especially in big industries like cars or medicine.
  • Owners are also an internal factor because they are the one who runs the company from inside
  • Materials are used in machines, so there is no scope of keeping it outside the internal factor.

Now when we go for the external environment, there we find two kinds of segments and different materials than cover it up. As its call external, it consists of the things that are needed to produce and distribute all the promotional offerings. The two Segments and their factors are,


The macro-environment sees the whole economy as a total arena instead of focusing on a particular sector. There are 6 types of macro environment, demographic, economic, technological, social-cultural environment, physical, political-legal environment. This environment sees the GDP (Gross domestic product), employment, or the fiscal policy of a country.


The microenvironment is those factors that act to influence the performance of the company. If a movie has good actors, it will get more hit, in a similar way the actors such as the suppliers, Shareholders, media, and customers all are the actors of a company. All these factors make this microenvironment a strong field of the company.

All the marketing people always try to predict what’s coming in the near future and for this what kind of changes shall take place in the businesses. This is all done by the marketing environment around us. These factors tell them what kind of opportunity a business shall take and what the threads a business shall face.

So what kind of components does Marketing Environment have?

So you have already got a basic idea of Marketing environments and its internal and external factors. But is this all? Of course not. The marketing environment is a vast thing that can go on and on. So we gathered up the most important components that made the marketing environment to operate every business with all the force and factor. Let’s discuss them more openly.

Internal Environment:

Internal Environment: 

We have already discussed and given a brief hint about it in the previous part. Now let’s dive into deep. You know the factors that affect marketing operations consist of some of the most important factors. These factors usually grouped by five M’s of every business. These are,

  • Money
  • Men
  • Materials
  • Machinery
  • Markets

As you know these factors are in control of the marketer, so they can change any balance of these factors with the change of the external environment. This environment basically portrays the marketing department, the sales department, the human resource unit and the manufacturing unit.

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External Environment:

External Environment:

We discussed the two types of this environment in the previous part, The Macro and the Microenvironment. In these cases, the market has almost no control over anything. The Micro Environment is a part of the external environment, which is also called the task environment as suppliers, Market Intermediaries, partners, competitors made these environments. All these factors conduct a high effect on this environment because sometimes even the government has less control over these matters.

The Marco environment other the other hand plays with a much broader environment. It doesn’t affect the company directly, such as GDP, GNP or infatuation has no direct effect on business, but it will affect the economy and hence the business will be affected.

Let’s get into a quick question, what kind of effect will be occurred to businesses due to COVID- 19 pandemic?

COVID- 19 or Coronavirus is an unavoidable situation. For this, the whole world stopped and all the trades are postponed. This falls under the external macro-environment. It will affect the Physical environment and hence the economic environment will be affected.

So how marketing environment is important?

  • The marketing environment is essential for planning a business. A marketer should be aware of every situation and scenario to make his future predictions if he wants success.
  • To understand what customers want, the market environment is very important because it reduces the gap between the marketer and the customer.
  • Understand current and potential competitors, the market environment is necessary, because, in ev0ery different environment, players have to fight using different strategies.
  • To understand every new trend and work accordingly, the market environment is useful. It gives a lot of insights to the marketers and helps to create a foolproof plan for the company.

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We can say that every business, whether it’s big or small or has a different approach to society, everything depends on the marketing environment. The marketing environment is the process by which a company creates its image in the market. If any company doesn’t analyze properly and does not take any of the environmental components seriously, that company might suffer in the long run.

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kacnika mom
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