Create A Facebook Business Page

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Create A Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the largest and most influential social media platform in the world, boasting almost 2.5 billion active users. Over the years, Facebook has become more than just a medium of sharing intimate moments with friends. 140 million people around the globe use Facebook Business Page for business purposes and connect with a massive audience.

Your business is physically set to launch. But now you want your business to have a virtual presence as well. This is where Facebook comes in. Creating a Facebook business page isn’t difficult if you have all the necessary resources. So, let’s look into some simple steps in developing your Facebook business page.

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Create A Facebook Business Page

Sign Up for Facebook Business Page

Sign Up - Create A Facebook Business Page

Go to You have to select whether the type of your page will be business, brand, community, public figure, etc. Since you’re making a page for business reasons, select business or brand. Then, click the Get Started button for that option.

Next enter all the necessary business information which involves the page name, team members’ names, contact numbers, business hours, et cetera. For category, you have to type a word or two describing your business and Facebook will suggest some options.

Next, you’ll be asked to provide the address and phone number. This information can be made private and public at will but the geographical location will be permanent.

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Add Pictures

Add Pictures - Create A Facebook Business Page

The profile picture and cover picture are very important to craft a good initial impression. Hence, it has to be chosen carefully so that they are compatible with your business. Since you’ve started as a new small business, you can give a nicely-shot image of your signature product as the profile picture and cover photo.

Over time, when the brand expands, you can use your logo as the profile picture. The most important thing is for the potential customer to immediately recognize your page. After you choose a good photo, click Upload Profile Picture. For cover photos, click Upload a Cover Photo. You may also check How to Start a Small Business Wholesale Supplier?

Create Username

Create Username

On Facebook, your username is how you tell people to find you. It can be a maximum of 50 characters but that doesn’t mean the name of your business can be 50 characters long. The username has to have some variation as well as ease of typing and remembering for the ease of potential customers.

Click the “Create Page Username” dialog, type your username and then click “Create Username” when you’re finished. A box will spring up showing you the links which can prove to be worthy connections for your business. Then click the “You’re all set!” dialog box.

Add Business Details

Add Business Details Create A Facebook Business Page

To start adding important business details, click Edit Page Info in the top menu. The level of information shared as at your will but the more information you add, the more convenient it is for the customer.

The Description is a short description that appears in search results. It should be within 255 characters, which is just a few small sentences. You don’t have to elaborate on the details of your company here. Next, you’ll see the category you entered in the 1st step. But now, you can put additional changes.

Some other information you can add other than contact number and location are the Impressum of your business, price ranges, and privacy policy link. Finally, click Save Changes.


There is a section of your page where you can describe your business more elaborately. This is where you can give a description of what your business offers in detail and compelling reasons why potential customers should interact with your business. There should be a headline and a relevant photo. Click Publish after you’re done. To access it, click See more. Click About, and then click Our Story.

Create The First Post

Create The First Post

To lure the audience into seeing your products, you have to make and post some attractive content for the page. Besides creating original posts, you can share relevant posts from other industry leaders. The post should be specific- Live, Event, Offer, etc. These will come up in the create box at the top of your page. The content posted should be such that it gives value to the customers and compels them to stick with your business.

Publish The Page And Invite An Audience

Your Facebook business page now has it’s content ready and it is robust enough to make potential customers feel comfortable interacting with you. So now, it’s time to hit the green “Publish Page” button and announce your visibility to the world.

Once you have published the page, you need to lure some audience for your page. Start by inviting your Facebook friends to like your page. You can also use other platforms for promotion such as your business’ website, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can add “follow us” logos on your promotional props and email signature and ask customers to review and leave a recommendation on your page after you’ve served them as well.

Some ways to multiply the amount of audience are as follows.

  • Making the page easy to find
  • Developing a smart marketing strategy
  • Continuously evolve the creativity of the page through high-quality and relevant content
  • Engaging consistently at the correct time
  • Hosting contests and giveaways
  • Engaging with other brands and communities
  • Benefiting from the Facebook algorithm
  • Running advertisements for further expansion
  • Learning from Facebook Insights

Finally, now that you know how you can give your business a presence in the social media mammoth called Facebook, what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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kacnika mom
3 min read

kacnika mom
3 min read

kacnika mom
3 min read

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