7 Ways You Can Earn Money Through Your Blog

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Do you think that you have a specialized skill or expertise in a field that makes you stand out from the rest? Maybe you are an expert on beekeeping, or financial management, or baking cakes! Whatever your niche may be, you will certainly have an audience interested in the same topic as you are. If you are passionate about your niche and have a penchant for writing – blogging can be a vastly fulfilling hobby for you. However, blogging can also be more than just a hobby – with the willingness to put in the time and effort, it can be a great way to earn some money through the blog, both as a full-time job or a source of side-income. Here’s a list of ways you can use your expertise and blogging skills to make a bit more cash on the side.

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7 Ways You Can Earn Money Through Your Blog

1. Advertisement


A great way to earn some money from your blogs is through advertisements. Often called CPC (Cost per Click) ads, this allows you to get a fee set by the advertiser for every click that the user makes. The most notable platform for CPC ads is Google AdSense. Just add a script from Google in your blog, and you’ll be earning money from traffic in no time!

However, you don’t have to rely on other platforms to sell advertisements. You can sell banner ad space on your own website too. This can be advantageous in a number of ways – you don’t have to rely on intermediate organizations, but rather you get to decide the price and category of the advertisements displayed.

2. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs may seem similar to advertisements, but they cover a wider range. In affiliate marketing programs, a company pays you a commission in exchange for your assistance to help sell their products. Some affiliate programs pay per click (PPC) like ads, whereas others pay per sale.

Almost every popular stores such as Amazon and Walmart comes with an affiliate marketing program, and consists of products that you or your audience use all the time. Thus, affiliate marketing programs might just be one of the easiest ways to earn money for your blog.

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3. Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored Blog Posts

Whilst ads and affiliate programs are a great way to generate income, they have their downside as well. Readers can get annoyed by ads, and the use of ad blockers in browsers means that you are likely to lose some of your potential income as well. Instead, many bloggers resort to sponsored posts – which is exactly what the name suggests – a company paying you for your blog. In exchange, you represent and talk about their products in your blog and attempt to boost their sales by advertising their products to your audience.

To get a company to sponsor your blog, it is important to keep your online traffic stats, reader demographics and social media reach records updated and organized. This will give you the information that you need to approach companies for sponsorship and make your blog seem more attractive in their eyes.

4. Writing Product Reviews

Writing Product Reviews

If neither sponsorships nor advertisements are to your liking, but you still want to make money – product reviews can be a good way to go. Reviews gain a lot of traction at present, mostly because people often look for honest and detailed outlines of their potential purchase.

The advantage of writing reviews is that you get to try out a vast variety of products – all for free, and even get paid for it. You can connect to businesses that are related to your niche or skillset, and offer to review their products in exchange for a fee. You can approach them directly, or you can also seek help from websites like PayPerPost which helps you connect with businesses that share similar interests.

5. Selling E-Books

Selling E-Books

The blog you are writing will attract traffic to your website, but as none of the methods above, actually generate money through writing. However, you can sell digital products through your blog such as e-books to generate income. The advantage of writing e-books is that you do not have to put in much of an extra effort – you can even resort to compiling your old blog posts to launch a premium e-book for your audience.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the topic of the e-book aligns with your niche and with your readers’ interest. An eye-catchy book cover and layout, and allowing excerpts from the book to be read as a demo can certainly help catch the attention of your readers and generate sales.

6. Selling Online Courses

Selling Online Courses

Much like e-books, another great way to generate income all by yourself is through online courses in your blog. You already have a niche and have a similarly interested audience who follow your blog. Through proper planning, you can develop a course that helps the general audience to gain knowledge in your area of expertise, and maybe even become experts themselves!

However, for a premium online course to work, would require rigorous planning on your part. You would have to plan your lessons carefully and thoroughly. You would also have to create video content for your audience, as well as provide supporting materials such as slides, exercises, assignments, and assessments for your audiences.

7. Freelance Services

Freelance Services

It is said that those who can’t do, teach. But if you can do, what’s stopping you from using your blog to advertise your own expertise? Through your blog, you can offer freelance services for your audience with your unique skillset. This can be a great way to earn some income as you do not require to invest any time or money to develop your skill. All you have to do is offer your services in your blog, get hired and start earning your keep.

In conclusion, there is a number of ways you can earn money through your blog, and what works for one person may not work for another. The takeaway is that you need to find the sweet spot where your passion and expertise match with your audience’s expectations, and with enough traction, income will start rolling in.

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kacnika mom
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