Hot Leadership Topics in 2020

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The 20-20 vision says that the future is being shaped now. In every era, there comes a change. The type of change that is so transformative, it completely turns our lives one-eighty degrees! Change is a form of revolution that either has a fast blow or a low impact on our lives. Regardless of the pace, change is inevitable.

Since our lives revolve around transformations, it is imperative to be up-to-date on what’s new and what’s trending. Whatever is trendy, is what brings success to organizations and changes the course of the globe. Read below for Hot Leadership Topics in 2020.

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Hot Leadership Topics

Today we’re looking at the hottest topics of 2020 that leaders should know about. These are what will continue to create a global interconnectedness in the age of disruption.

The Rise of AI

The Rise of AI - Hot Leadership Topics

Let’s start with something that has been teased overages, sensationalized, and introduced to our daily lives – Artificial Intelligence. Although it has been introduced in movies, and widely talked about, it has gained popularity roughly in the past 5 years.

If you look around, AI is practically everywhere. They don’t just serve small purposes. Rather they are intelligently designed to handle customer services over digital platforms for businesses. They’re incorporated in mobile applications all the time. Starting from collecting data, analyzing, coming with different solutions for business to even assessing and hiring human employees – they mark expertise.

It is a matter of a short time when AI completely turns into a tool of personalization. And very soon, they will assign leadership roles to take active decisions. Let’s face it, they’re super intelligent when it comes to processing more data and providing accuracy. On the other hand, the similarities between human and AI behavior will become hard in general to distinguish.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics - Hot Leadership Topics

Another promising hot topic is data. 2020 will be thoroughly data-driven. First of all, AI is heavily dependent on data processing so this is a support for them. These two combined make the dynamic duo you can’t beat. In fact, these two will rule much of the coming many years.

Coming back to data analytics, and why it’s trendy – businesses will start taking much more informed decisions. From here on, every step of the way may as well be calculated based on accurate information. You could say data analytics is a powerful tool, and a career path in this direction would come tumbling after in trend list.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living - Hot Leadership Topics

Scientists have talked about how it is high time that we change our habits to save the planet. Everyone can contribute from their own individual and collective ability. As an individual, a person can choose to cut down plastics, go vegan and purchase cruelty-free products.

In the age of internet, everything is at the grasp of our hands. All we need to do is surf up on living sustainably in our daily fashion choices and in what we eat. Apart from that businesses can easily opt for eco-friendly operations. Manufacturing products with fewer carbon footprints and toxic emissions is something many brands have caught upon.

This way they can evaluate the long term impacts they’re leaving on earth every day. Making conscious choices isn’t that hard. All you need to do is be more kind to the earth and find ways to preserve it.

Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience

When organizations are looking to hire employees, they prioritize their past experiences and current skills. Most companies would rather hire competent employees. This is to avoid investing time, energy and money on training and coaching new ones.

A lot of these organizations keep a lookout for the background companies of their potential candidates. If the previous company has a good reputation, the chances of employing them increases. There is a power dynamic at play here.

At the same time, which almost goes hand in hand with experience, is the importance of skillsets. People are constantly learning and acquiring new skills. This could be directly related to their area of expertise or something extra. In 2020, experience and skills are what make human employees better and potential competition to AI.

And the battle of who is superior to the other is ongoing.

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Diversity in Business

Diversity in Business

2020 will be about inclusivity! Hear us out for a couple of seconds here. We’re specifically focusing on diversity in business. The more it introducing in a workforce, the more innovative products or services may implement. The fight for inclusivity and fairer employee hiring policies will be heard, fingers crossed.

First of all, more organizations and brands should be on board with this. Not only do they become globally accepted and appreciated, but transnational businesses evolve. By employing people of diverse races, religions, sexual orientations, companies have a scope to improve their reputation.

Advocates of such a movement would move ahead with more power. Businesses that incorporate diversity can get diverse ideas, learn more about cultures and create a scope for intercultural communication. This would help understand, normalize and bring into light those matters and necessities that could birth innovative services and products.

Continuous Education

Continuous Education - Hot Leadership Topics

The thing about continuous education as a leadership topic is that learning news things will not go out of style. From individuals to big corporations, as time goes by, they will only evolve and take up any opportunity for a learning curve. The goal here is to stay updated and trendy. Because the more updated you are, the more relevant you stay in the market. Self-teaching and innovative methods of pursuing education have a higher priority.

The important takeaway here is that no matter what topic makes it to the leaderboard this year, the trend is fast. It wouldn’t take even a couple of months for a topic to turn up over the other. People have more opportunities and information to dig up in less time. We are not only contributors to ongoing businesses but we’re also the mass consumers that have a demand for constant change.

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