How Much Money Do Youtubers Make?

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How Much Money Do Youtubers Make

We all have a favorite YouTube star that we follow religiously. You probably also already know that your favorite YouTubers make a ton of money. Because they could not possibly be churning out so many videos for their millions of subscribers if they also had to work a day job to support themselves.

It is true that some hobbyists have mildly popular YouTube channels where they post home videos when they can. YouTube makes it easy to upload videos but it is not as easy to make money off it as YouTube stars might lead us to think. You can hardly make living posting videos on YouTube alone. Only a handful of YouTubers have made millions of dollars.

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How Much Money Do Youtubers Make

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make

The most highly paid YouTuber is actually an eight-year-old child by the name of Ryan Kaji who reviews toys along with his family every day. He has a net worth of 22 million dollars. He is closely followed by the American Youtubers, Jake Paul and Dude Perfect.

Jake Paul is an Internet personality known for his controversial videos in which he plays various pranks. Dude Perfect is a sports entertainment group with videos consisting of sports stunts. It seems that a sense of humor is quite important if you want to get rich through YouTube.

The Intimate Platform

The Intimate Platform

YouTube has become successful because millennials see it as the most “intimate” platform. The video-sharing platform topped the list of intimate brands because it delivers a personalized experience. YouTube curates content for you based on what you have seen or liked before.

YouTubers can form emotional connections with its viewers. They build trust over time and, eventually, foster loyalty by developing a sense of kinship with you through their actions and words. This has been called the “YouTube voice”. The intimacy between YouTube celebrities and their fans might seem baffling to an outsider, but it is a source of genuine connection for content viewers even if they may not be for content generators.

The term “parasocial interaction” has been coined to describe the kind of interaction that causes audience members to think of media personalities as their friends when they see them on TV or watch their YouTube videos, despite having limited interactions with them. This is because YouTube stars are really good at making it seem like they are casually sharing intimate information about their private lives with viewers.

However, obsessive fans can also put YouTubers at risk. Parasocial interaction can negatively influence the lives of YouTubers, as was the case of Marina Joyce. Now that TV is being replaced by YouTube as the primary source of news and entertainment. YouTube stars have suddenly become more influential than traditional celebrities. Gamers, celebrity gossipers, lifestyle bloggers and product reviewers set trends now.

YouTube content creator is especially adored by teenagers, whom they can influence greatly. They often have enough influence to shape the opinions and worldview of teenagers. Teenagers think of YouTube stars as more authentic, approachable and communicative because, unlike traditional celebrities, YouTube stars can create friendly and funny personalities with just the right amount of weird. Moreover, they reply to their followers in the comment section regularly.

The light interactions fans have with YouTubers can be easier than forming genuine connections with their demographic cohort as social media leaves teenagers feeling increasingly isolated, a phenomenon that has been called the ‘contradiction of connection”.

The emotional intensity of this connection is only felt by fans, not the celebrities they love. But it is not humanly possible for anyone to invest in real relationships with so many people. So, it is unfair to expect YouTube stars to do so. Especially because their high annual incomes make them even more removed from the daily realities of their worshipping fans.

The Qualities of Rich YouTube Stars

The Qualities of Rich YouTube Stars

If you want to be a prominent YouTube star, you have to lead an extraordinary life yourself but create relatable content for your fans. This particular combination is hard to achieve. You have to upload entertaining videos daily, ensuring that your subscriber count increases every day.

You have to be a brand and need to market yourself aggressively. Also, you need to have an engaging personality that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. Which means being very confident and having the ability to influence young people.

One of the reasons why YouTube stars are so popular is because they appear much more ordinary than traditional celebrities with their glamorous untouchable lives do. Another psychological reason that YouTube culture resonates with teenagers is that older generations are not interested in it. They feel that all of this creative content is being created for them only and that makes them feel, rightly, special.

YouTube stars also separate fans from “non-fans”. The distinction between YouTubers and traditional celebrities is becoming increasingly blurred as they enter mainstream media. Which may not be a great strategy for them in the long run. It does not sound that easy to be a successful YouTube star when one realizes that hundreds of hours of video content have to be uploaded by these celebrities before they rise to stardom. Only after which they can make a decent amount of money.

Let’s Get Technical

Let’s Get Technical

We are going to be talking about the various methods through which YouTubers earn money. YouTubers can monetize their videos by joining the YouTube Partner Program if they have 4000 watch hours in a year and 1000 subscribers. The number of views they get and the number of advertisements they allow determine the amount they are paid. They get paid through views and through advertisements served on their page, that how Youtubers make money.

A YouTube channel only receives about $18 per 1000 ad views. Affiliate marketing is another moneymaker. Online retailer pay YouTube stars for sales generated from referrals of their product or service. If you have an incredible follower count, brands may offer you YouTube sponsorships. This is where they pay you to deliver important brand news on their behalfs such as a product launch or a new branch.

All of the above depends on the total number of views, but YouTube sponsorships typically pay more than affiliate marketing. For YouTubers with fewer subscribers, if you have loyal fans, you can use Patreon to get your fans to subscribe to extras, which could be more video content or even just bloopers.

Some YouTubers just ask for fan donations. Other than Google Adsense, merchandise sales are another way to gain money from being a YouTube personality. American makeup artist Jeffree Star has definitely made use of this strategy to earn a lot by selling cosmetic products.

In conclusion, as you can see, on average YouTubers do not earn much money. You simply have to have millions of followers to earn a living from YouTube.

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