How to Properly Write a Mission Statement

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How to Properly Write a Mission Statement

When we go shopping, most of the time, we stick to a brand and buy their products over the alternatives available in the market. Sometimes we go to the same café all the time, without considering the other options. Even when it comes to recommendations, we recommend others the brand we frequently buy from or the brands we are loyal to.

Have you ever wondered why we do that? It is because the brands we buy from offers supreme value than the other products available on the market. The products of our favorite brands add value to our life. Due to this added value, we keep going back to those brands and recommend them to our friends.

Furthermore, it is not just the product itself, but renowned brands put in all their efforts to create a product with which we will connect both physically and mentally. Those two factors, along with the logical application of the product, create an outstanding customer and employee value. The brands value this experience just as much as their customers do.

This not only helps the brand to attract and retain loyal customers but also loyal employees. This experience, in the end, increases the brand’s profitability and builds a fantastic platform for the brand promoters. Achieving such a connection is not as easy as it seems.

Companies that want to achieve such relationships with their employees and customers need to work hard years after year while solely focusing on their core values. Being true to its core values helps the company attracts and retains more loyal customers.

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How to Properly Write a Mission Statement

What is it and what does it signify?

Mission Statement


To stay focused on its core values, the company needs a mission statement. The company’s mission statement refers to an account that the company uses to explain its reason for being in a precise and concise term. For most companies, you will find their mission statement to be a single sentence or a small paragraph.

The mission statement has two purposes. One of them is to keep the employees focused on what really matters, and the second purpose is to motivate employees to find innovative solutions to existing problems and advance towards a more productive achievement of the company’s primary target. Before we entirely understand what a mission statement is, we first must understand what a company’s vision statement is.

A vision statement refers to the company’s intention in achieving their goal. The vision statement speaks to the customers about where the company wants to go after fulfilling its purposes.

A mission statement can be considered as the actionable part of the vision statement. Besides describing the business’s purpose, sometimes, these statements reveal an overview of the business, its objectives, and its function. Additionally, the mission statement speaks more than the objective and functionality to the customers. The mission statement also refers to the organization’s culture, values, and agenda. Besides customers, mission statements also speak to the stakeholders.

Stakeholders include the organization’s employees, shareholders, and everyone related to the entire operation of the business, like distributors and suppliers. Through these statements, the customers and the stakeholders understand what’s the purpose of the company, why it does what it does, and how it does it. These statements also help to attract potential investors. Potential investors will align the company’s task with their mission statement to find out if the company is being true to its statement.

How to Write a Mission Statement Properly

 Statement Properly


When planning writing a mission statement, the company needs to keep in mind that the mission statement will change according to its new goals. Therefore, the mission statement needs to have the flexibility to give room for future endeavors. The mission statement should include the company’s offering towards its customers and employees; also, it’s offering for its owners.

Aside from these, you can also add two more layers by saying what your company offers to the community and what it offers to the world. This is your chance to tell the world what you can offer, what values you hold close, what your culture, ethics, and norm is. This will help you focus on what is essential.

Don’t write a mission statement just because you have to or you read somewhere that it is important to write one. Make sure to think this through and write a statement that is meaningful and resonates with the core values of your business.

To write a mission statement correctly, first, you must imagine why someone will purchase your product. This will help you understand what need or want your product satisfies and how it sets it apart from the competition. You don’t have to write this as your mission statement, but it helps to focus on the mission statement. Be sure to keep it as concrete as you can. The second step is to say what the business offers to your customers.

This is a very crucial part of your mission statement. This will help you understand the good you’re willing to do for your customers. When writing is part, be sure to make it meaningful and include the unique features of your business. Then you need to state what your plan to offer your employees. A good business treats its employees in a right manner. You will state the qualities of your business towards employees.

Next, you need to state what you’re offering to the owners of the business. You will find a few companies with mission statements that say what the owner is provided, as most statements are written revolving customers. But it is a great piece to include in your mission statement.

After you’re done with jotting down what you’re offering to your customers, employees, and owners, you need to cut down any excess words. Revise your statement as much as you need and follow the business K.I.S.S. K.I.S.S stands to keep it short and straightforward. Polish what you’ve written, and with a consumer-centric mission statement, you’re good to go.

In conclusion, people will primarily observe your mission statement, and based on that, and they will understand what you’re offering. That is why it is vital to come up with a solid mission statement.

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kacnika mom
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