How to Start a Board Game Cafe!

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How to Start a Board Game Cafe

Themed cafes have been around for quite some time now. But the board game cafe has caught the trend train! Bringing a family and friends’ game night into a fun cafe brings more joy to the plate. Who even knew that board game cafes would be big someday?

The Rise of Board Game Cafes

So who were the pioneers that coined the idea? Turning a cafe into board game themed is quite millennial-driven! You might not have known that board games have been around for centuries. Think, as archaic as the BCS! Yet, its production in the industry has gained lucidity only in the prime of the 21st century.

Why is it Trendy?

The Rise of Board Game Cafes

In case you’re wondering, board game cafes are making big money. One might laugh at the idea of them being more popular than a cartoon themed cafe. If you think about a spacious place with tables of people enjoying drinks and having the best time with their friends – it makes a fantastic cafe! Moreover, it’s for the age group.

So how can you get started? If you’re enthusiastic about opening one and taking your business to the next level, this is the guide for you!

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Things to Remember

Before taking on the board game cafe business, there are a couple of quintessential you should consider doing. Everyone talks about the planning and dealing with paperwork to legalize everything. In addition to that, we wanted to assemble a guide that will give beginners reliable insight.

Business, Not Product

Business, Not Product

It’s true that to start a business, you must procure passion for what you want to work with. But, your passion must lie for the business and not for the product. You can be an avid game lover, even an expert but how do you build this passion into a business?

Before starting a board game cafe, make sure to ask yourself a few things.

  • Am I doing this for the long term?
  • Is it a side hustle?

Are You Ready for the Time?

Are You Ready for the Time? - board game cafe

Time is a huge factor before starting a board game cafe. Once you dive down into business, your life will revolve around your cafe. Starting from the paperwork, scheduling employees, maintaining the interior, and deliveries to taking care of customers – will be part of your daily routine.

Start the Smart Way!

Start the Smart Way!

Do you know what would be smart? You should give a trial run before going in all big with a board game cafe. Besides gathering research, having a word with successful cafe owners, you should garner some first-hand insight. Few would advise this but it has proven valuable for many cafe starters.

You can rent someone else’s cafe premises and host game nights. Keep an eye out for a small space that you can manage daily in an allocated time. Game nights can be an after-hours session, where you can make a small cut from selling food and beverages.

Doing this for quite some time will give you an idea about what hooks customers and how to keep people coming in. Trial runs also teach you how much effort and time you need to invest.



Two of your biggest investments are board games and space.

While assembling a collection, keep your target market in mind. A collection of the common games, the trendiest in the top chart, and two-player games will keep customers coming.

When it comes to the interior, there should be a dedicated stack of games collection. Depending on the space of your place, you should lay out a few large tables and more two-seaters.

What’s on the Menu?

What’s on the Menu? - board game cafe

Finger Foods It’s better to keep away greasy fingers from board games. The fewer fries, the longer your assets live. Replace sloppy food such as pasta with brain foods such as nuts. Serve finger foods in small plates and sauces in lipped bowls to avoid a mess.

BeveragesIt goes without saying that beverages are a must on the menu. Not all board game cafes have to have food. You can serve the popular and reasonable beer everyone loves in your town besides soda and water. In that case, your target audience will narrow down a little bit. Even if so, your cafe will be jam-packed.

Pro Tip: Serve all drinks with coasters!

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Your Biggest Asset

What most people don’t realize is that staffs are your most valuable asset. They are the face of the business. They should be known about board games, patients with customers, and amicable to be around. Customers will only keep coming if your staff is competent, so hire carefully.

Practicalities of Starting a Business:

Practicalities of Starting a Business: - board game cafe

  • Form a legal entity and register for taxes.
  • If you apply for an EIN, employer identification number, it will enable you to create a business bank account, have credit cards as personal asset protection. You can apply for an EIN through a registered government website.
  • You must set up a business accounting system. This will make tax filing easier and keep record of all invoices.
  • After obtaining all the necessary licenses and permits, you should purchase business insurance. This will help in covering the worker’s compensation insurance for your employees.

Branding and Advertising

Branding and Advertising - board game cafe

Define your Brand With the rising numbers of board game cafes, you must be mindful of creating a unique selling point, USP. To create a USP, you have to consider what you’re fulfilling for your customers.

Advertising Getting across all the important social media platforms will drive in more customers. Before you start a board game cafe, you can create an online presence for your business. You can create hype, push out content that will keep visitors engaged, and develop a follower base.

To sum up, we wanted to create a beginner-friendly guideline that will give you more than just a starter pack. Everything we mentioned continues to work for cafe owners of this era. We hope you start a board game cafe that will sustain for years!

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kacnika mom
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