How to Start a Paintball Arena?

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How to Start a Paintball Arena?

Paintball has become a very popular outdoor game for people of all ages. You can take your friends or colleagues to a nearby arena and see who survives the longest in a paintball battle. Many companies use this recreational sport as a method to increase teamwork and relief stress. But running it as a business requires way more effort than just playing it for fun.

As each day passes more and more people are getting attracted to this activity. If you’re an entrepreneur who dreams big then you can very easily turn this into a profitable business within a short space of time. Comparatively low barriers to market entry and multiple revenue streams make this a lucrative proposition.

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How to Start a Paintball Arena?

Planning Your Business

Planning Your Business

Understanding the target market and coming up with a long term plan is key to any successful business. Before jumping onto the bandwagon you need to lay the foundation. A lot of the time businesses go bankrupt because they didn’t have a properly researched strategy.

Lucky for you we will be going through the fundamentals of starting a paintball arena and save you from the trouble.

  • Understanding the cost and expenses of opening a paintball arena.
  • Creating a researched marketing strategy.
  • Identifying major revenue streams.
  • Going through the legal procedures
  • Defining the brand.

Understanding the cost and expenses of opening a paintball arena.

Understanding the cost and expenses of opening a paintball arena.

Research shows that starting a paintball business requires an initial capital of $30,000. It also depends on the type of paintball arena you want to start. If you want to start an outdoor arena then you will have to pay a monthly rent of approximately $8,000, depending on where you’re setting up shop. Normally a 10,000 to 12,000 feet arena is enough for a start.

Semi-automatic or electro-mechanical paintball guns cost about $60-$120 each. Competition-level guns can cost as much as $2500. These guns need to be filled with compressed Carbon-di-oxide that cost about $50 to $200.  You will also have to factor in the cost of the paint, safety gadgets and other necessary materials.

The ongoing expenditure for a paintball arena includes:

  • Rental fees
  • Paint refills and CO2 tanks
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Salaries
  • The electricity bill

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Creating a Researched Marketing Strategy

Creating a Researched Marketing Strategy - Paintball Arena

Every business requires a strategy that is catered to the target audience. Paintball has the capacity to attract people from all age groups. Often than not, whenever a new paintball arena opens, it becomes the talk of the town. So, if you’re able to use that automatically generated traction to your business’s advantage then you are set for lift-off.

The use of social media marketing can boost your sales and open up different revenue streams. When creating a marketing strategy you should consider:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • How to engage with the local community?

Finding answers to these questions will help you run your business smoothly.

Identifying Major Revenue Streams.

Identifying Major Revenue Streams.

Paintball businesses earn money by charging customers entry fees. A lot of the businesses rent out their equipment and gadgets as well. Another revenue stream has come up in the recent times. Involving local communities by arranging local, state, and national tournaments and offering package deals is a lucrative proposition for both the parties.

Another major revenue stream is equipment manufacturing. If you’re ready to go deep into the paintball universe, you might want to add your mark in the game. This means manufacturing paintball guns, safety equipment and other marketable gadgets. Once you get going, it’s not that tough of a market to crack.

Producing markers can be very expensive, but the protective gear market is quite easy to get into. The key is to cut off the competition in the beginning by giving your customers better prices, rather than selling expensive products.

After figuring out the initial hurdles you’ll have to deal with the issues of marketing. It is very easy to get the word out in the modern world, Facebook ads can be well-targeted and Amazon can play a huge role in selling your products. You can even arrange giveaways and contests. Before you even know it, you’ll start making serious money.

Merchandizing is another viable revenue stream. You can sell t-shirts, caps and so on by advertising your brand on them to attract more customers. Come up with a cool tagline so that the general public can relate to it. A paintball business makes $30,000 and $40,000 per year on an average but you can become profitable even quicker by strategic advertising. You can go to local events and teach local communities a thing or two about the fun parts of a paintball game.

Going Through the Legal Procedures

Going Through the Legal Procedures

Starting a paintball business requires legal procedures so you will need to acquire a license from your local government before actually opening your business. You will have to get additional licenses and permits for firearms. A lot of the things depend on your local laws. So, don’t hesitate to contact your Mayor’s office.

As it’s a full-fledged business you’ll have to pay various state and federal taxes. For more information:

  • Contact the local authority to find out the exact legal details.
  • Get assistance from experts of the industry

Defining the brand

Defining the brand - Paintball Arena

For any business to flourish it needs brand exposure. Your brand is what the public perceives your business as and that can be tricky at times. If you have a strong brand presence then market entry becomes easy plus you can stand out amongst the competitors.

A strong social media presence is fundamental to any business strategy these days. A trendy tagline and hashtag will do wonders for your business. Also, having a website that is easy to access and eye-catching lets your customers learn more about the company. It can attract new customers as well.

You need to strategize before starting your paintball business, the same way you fix your tactics before going into a paintball game. The market is there for you to dive into and with our guidance it won’t take too long for you to become a household name amongst the paintball players.

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