How to Start a Taco Stand?

Did someone say tacos? Sign us up! From breakfast through to dinner, we could have them all day every day.

Seriously, who needs an occasion to have tacos? Best of all, there are so many combinations so there’s something for everybody. To some, they’re comfort food; while to others, it’s something to bond over. Either way, you could never go wrong with wrapped and filled tortillas!

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How to Start a Taco Stand?

What a Great Idea!

Food businesses always tend to take off. No matter what sparked your interest to pursue this, it could turn into a real deal. So you’re definitely stepping ahead with the right idea. Plus, you’re our favorite entrepreneur for wanting to start selling tacos! Or better yet, for giving a taco stand because they’re the better shot.

How so? They’re not permanent so you can place yourself anywhere you wish to without facing most restrictions. You can give your community a taste of real Mexican food by starting out a tiny taco place. Since taco stands can be mobile, we suggest getting a wheeled cart or something, you can roll around in your favorite parts of the town.

Looking for an in-depth insight? Stick around to find out the requirements and tips on starting out.

What is Your USP?

The unique selling point or the USP of your business will depend on a lot of factors. But what it basically does is summarize the reason why someone should choose you over your competitor or some other snack instead of tortillas.

The USP helps differentiate your brand and comes handy when setting out messages through various channels during promotions.

Determine Your Niche


Streetfood carts are a people thing. It is supposed to make a potential customer passing by think that their hunger prayers are answered. A regular food stall assures their mind that you’re reliable. So your first task is to identify which is your target group of customers.

Sure, there’s a recipe in the book for everyone. But it’s important to keep the people in your region in mind. Which age class, what professions do your target group belong to? Predict what kind of people will come in for one taco and leave favoring it as a staple comfort food.

Learn the Recipes

Okay, first thing’s first – you have to get the recipes right. Before deciding on a solid menu, you have to know your ingredients. Knowing which elements combine well together is a given. If your food tastes delicious, customers will always swarm. The size of your taco stall or truck doesn’t matter!

Assuming that you’re going to handle this on your own; if not in incorporation, getting the recipes right matters. So if you need to take up classes, go ahead and sign up. Start out by awakening your taste and olfactory senses.

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Decide on a Name

After identifying your target group and knowing your favorite recipes, you need a name! It’s easy to surf up in which names exist, especially in your locality. Choose something that reflects Mexican culture, or at least as much as aligned possible to tacos.

A creative, unique name that looks great on a signboard from the distance is always a winner. Don’t forget that it should resonate with your customers. Namely, it has to be able to strike up hunger among people. Let it be love at first sight even before your visitors get a taste of the deliciousness!

Create a Fantastic Menu

We could’ve mentioned this right after you’ve become an expert at the tortilla stuffing. But we think the best menu formulates after you finalize on a business name.

This is because you can customize the names with resonance to your stall name. While customers ponder on what to order, they’ll love the personal touch to each name. Whether you want the essence of every dish name to be hilarious, seriously cultural, romantic, or localized will depend on your USP.

Couple of Tips on Creating the Perfect Taco Stand Menu

Find Suitable Space

Location matters the most, hands down. Primarily you should know which part of the neighborhood will love tacos at any time of the day. Select two prime locations for crowds if you’re planning on facilitating a wheeled cart.

We admit that it takes a bit of time to get used to the location switch-ups. But this has a huge and rather organic impact on gaining more customers. As a result, people will be looking forward to seeing you around at specific times. Do you know what that means? You get a loyal customer base!

Set the Budget

Starting from the capital, the initial costs and operational costs – there is a lot to write down. There’s no living in denial that you might have to go all-in or get a loan. Managing a business becomes much better on many levels if you participate in incorporation like an LLC.

However you may establish your business entity, make sure to find out all the cost areas. Where will the major portion of your investment go and how much should you incorporate in promotions – these are absolute questions you need to find answers to.

Get Your Permits for Taco Stand

It’s a business so surf up, ask around and make visits to government offices in your area. Some mandatory steps are to register your business name, getting licenses so to buy supplies whenever you need and getting health permits. The papers and the response time vary from place to place. Always remember to look at the bigger picture and be patient in these crucial matters.

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In the end, it’s important to remember that planning every step of the way is key. There is no alternative to getting licenses so afterward when you’re ready to operate, don’t shy away from getting the word out!

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