Everything You Need to Know about SEO

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Everything You Need to Know about SEO

SEO is the abbreviated form of “Search Engine Optimization”, a practice that when done correctly, increases traffic to your website. There are many ways to drive traffic to a website, but increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic requires organisation search engine results. The keyword here is organic. This means that it is showing up in a search engine’s unpaid results.

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Everything You Need to Know About SEO

Search Engines Engagement

Search Engines Engagement

We all know what search engines are. The most popular right now are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Google is much more widely used than any other search engine. We all use them to search for things all the time. They operate by sending out crawlers that gather information throughout the web. Any kind of content is up for grabs.

Content writers have realized this and optimize their content so that search engines can find them more easily and users will think that they have landed on the valuable information they were searching for. This is what we mean by quality of traffic. When users find the content they are looking for, the user is happy and so are the website owners because their content is more likely to engage the user.

Greater engagement will convert leads to sales, which translates to revenue for your business and hopefully profit. You don’t want just a little quality traffic though you want a lot of the right people finding the right information. This is what we refer to as the quantity of traffic. You need both the quality and quantity of traffic.

One won’t do. We hope you can see how powerful the right traffic can be, and that is a big reason to care about SEO if you are a business owner or if you are a content creator. Now let us dive into how SEO is done.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization Everything You Need to Know about SEO

How do content creators optimize? Over the years, a variety of techniques have been developed to ensure best SEO practices, such as including title tags, meta descriptions, keyword research and a lot of internal links that take you to related content. An SEO friendly website will have an easy to find a domain name.

The website will then proceed to fill itself up with a lot of useful content that is related to the products and services it is offering. Search engine algorithms change frequently and SEO tactics evolve in response to those changes. It is a fast-paced world and in order to remain on top of it, you have to respond quickly and be very adaptable to rapid change.

SEO increases the visibility of your website without you having to pay for it. Content does not have to be directly related to your products and services. Even if it is just loosely related to your business, it is likely to be relevant information that potential customers will appreciate.

In fact, being a comprehensive source of information on a particular subject matter actually makes you a more trusted source of information for netizens over time. Search results constantly change so in order to have your website stay on top of search results, you need to rank highly. Getting a high ranking isn’t easy because search engines have complex algorithms.

You have to constantly churn out high, quality valuable and unique content for crawlers to keep choosing you. For this, keywords are very important. If crawlers find a lot of keywords in your content that matches the searcher’s query, then you are more likely to stay on top of search results. Other ranking factors include the rate of engagement on your website and how user-friendly it is.

Best Practice 1: Keywords are Key!

Best Practice 1: Keywords are Key! - Everything You Need to Know about SEO

If you really want to create SEO friendly content, you have to find keywords. You have to identify the terms people are searching for that you want your website to rank for in search engines. It sounds simple enough but you must keep a few factors in mind.

First of all, the search volume for a particular keyword will determine how big your audience will be. But just because a keyword is searched by a lot of people do not mean it is searched frequently. If a keyword is also searched frequently, it has relevance as well as search volume.

This makes it more valuable. Lastly, you also have to determine how many other websites will be writing about the same thing, which affects your chances of

Best Practice 2: Title Tags!

Best Practice 2: Title Tags!

While you should definitely make sure to include keywords in the content you are creating, you must not focus on them so much that you are sacrificing the quality of the information that is being presented to potential consumers.

It is important for search engines to find you. But it is even more important that website visitors leave one of your web pages feeling satisfied with the content they have just absorbed. Your content must be naturally compelling. The aim should not be to manipulate visitors by using a lot of keywords.

Remember that there are many other techniques you can use to make SEO friendly content for your website. Instead of creating content that is just 50% generic keywords, a more subtle and impactful way to use keywords is to simply incorporate it in your title tag. The title tag is what you can see at the very top of your browser.

Best Practice 3: Meta Descriptions!

Best Practice 3: Meta Descriptions! - Everything You Need to Know about SEO

The last (but not least) technique is the Meta Description. Which is essentially a short, competing description of your page that is likely to get clicks from searchers. It acts as your website’s ad copy. This greatly increases traffic. The optimal length of a Meta Description is 50 to 160 characters. The optimal format is a compelling description that intelligently uses keywords.

To conclude, the actual content of your page should be unique, engaging and shareable. You should also include alt attributes, have a logical URL structure, use schema and use other upcoming techniques to stay on top of the SEO game. We hope this article has helped you develop a greater understanding of what search engine optimization is and how you should definitely be caring about it if you have a website.

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