Marketing Automation Tips for Small Business

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Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

A lot of people think of marketing automation as just an e-mail, but it’s more than that. The technology that automatically manages almost everything starting from marketing processes to tracking a multifunctional campaign is known as marketing automation.

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1. Get Back to Your Inbound Leads Immediately

Get back to your inbound leads immediately

Sometimes we miss out to reconnect our potential clients or forget to respond to their needs. But automation marketing has made that possible to reach out and recollect your potential leads without a hitch.

Reply Immediately to an Email

Whenever a client gets to your website and clicks the ‘Contact Us’ button, it should ask for his email address and a phone number. That’s how you get to know your visitors. But automation software can do more, by sending a pre-written confirmation email right away after filling up the form.

Reconnect your New Client

Sometimes we meet new people at the conference and take their business cards. Ultimately, we lose that card and fail to contact our lead. But, now we have various automation software that can scan those cards and add to your phone contacts. These automation software can also schedule an email to be sent later.

2. Setting up Good Initial Campaigns

Setting up good initial campaigns

Make sure you spend enough time setting up good initial campaigns, both on the channel side as well as the advertisement side. Multichannel is extremely important today. So, think about where your customers are; whether they are on Google, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. And then sketch upon what type of content they like to see! There’s a saying- “Content is king, but Marketing is queen”. So, you have to have great content at first and then it’s about where you are placing that content. That’s the key to success.

Automate the Ad Funnel

Once you are done setting up for the initial campaign, automate the ad funnel. So, if it’s a Google campaign and anyone searches on Google, they directly come to your website. Once they visit your website, they are automatically added to a retargeting campaign. And once they are into it, the ad funnel keeps on showing your website visitors a different type of ads for a consecutive period.

By using marketing automation software, you get to show your visitors various types of promotions. That’s how your marketing campaign gets maximum exposure through automation.

Automate the Event Registration Steps

While planning for an event, the collection of the attendees’ information gets tougher due to the signing up of a huge number of people. With the automation technology, you can focus on the most time-consuming part of event planning which can be ticket purchasing or sign-ups, confirmations, reminders, etc.

You can set up a simple web form that will collect all the required information of the attendees such as email address, phone number, etc. And right after the completion of that form, it will trigger a confirmation email that might include a ‘Thank You for Signing up’ to that participant. You can also add the event details such as the venue, date and time, link, summary, etc.

Promote Your Events on Social Media

Social networking such as Twitter, Snapchat, and so on is a great way to share an experience with your friends and followers. It will give your marketing campaign more exposure. But just sharing doesn’t mean they will come along, so continuous promotion is needed to fascinate your followers.

So, push massive traffic by sending automatic emails or messages from personal inbox. You may also add a brief overview of your event page and add a link by asking the visitor to “Find more” for the ease of promoting.

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3. Ease the Process of Hiring

Ease the Process of Hiring

Often being a small business owner, one might not have a separate department for collecting job applications and grab out the right candidates. Probably you can simply keep on collecting resumes through direct email but then again it gets a bit burden on you to review them. So, choose software for your company and let it handle the rest process of hiring. Try to add a link to your company website or attach web forms to the place where you have posted the hiring notice.

That’s how you can offer your candidates to know more about the requirements of your hiring. Right after they fill up the web form, it will automatically send a confirmation notice towards their email. If you want to keep more specifications, then you can add another link to that email for further inquiries about the candidate. That’s how you can filter out the right candidate through automation.

4. Follow and Work in Agile

Follow and Work in Agile

Never rush while starting something new. It’s always better to kick off with one or two procedures and then build more from that. There is innumerable automation software that works following the Agile methods. The marketing strategy that follows the agile method always gives the output based on the available data not on assumptions.

By implementing a few policies and tracking the uploaded data, automation software develops significant actionable insights that help in boosting marketing campaigns. It also drives the traffic of visitors for more engagement and conversations into your campaign. Due to this automation process, you also get to comprehend your mistakes and avoid them repeating in the upcoming events or marketing projects.

5. Don’t Forget to Wish Your Client

Don’t Forget to Wish Your Client

Remembering everyone’s birthday is a piece of cake with the rise of automation software now. On top of that, if you can get in touch with your clients by wishing them on their special day, then that would be a money-spinning game for your small business. But knowing the date is important. You can carry out the action of collecting the birth dates of your client by asking directly using automated email.

A link with a web form including the client’s name, email address, and birth date would also make it easier. To make it more lucrative, you can add beautiful templates with some personalization. Just simply try to keep in touch with the automated features for the growth of your business.

Automating the marketing strategies of a small business can be tricky.We hope that the above marketing automation tips can help you in enhancing your small business and solve tasks in a jiffy.

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