Microsoft Office Business

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Microsoft Office Business

Microsoft Office has been serving its purpose as a product line for thirty years now. The earliest editions had been responsible for combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a bundle with discounts. Nowadays, it is available with yearly subscriptions instead of a permanent license. Microsoft Office Business is a relatively new concept that is being tried out.

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Microsoft Office Business

Onedrive For Business

Onedrive For Business:

All the Office 365 subscribers receive 1TB of personal storage on the OneDrive. It provides sync clients for all the desktop platforms. There is a Files on Demand feature which gives users a chance to observe and manage cloud-based storage. In order to do that, they need to use File Explorer.

There is an Administrators of Enterprise plan which can enhance the user’s status to unlimited storage. This plan is provided for business purposes in case a terabyte is insufficient.

Here are some more services from Microsoft Office Business:

Skype For Business And Microsoft Teams:

Skype For Business And Microsoft Teams:

As you can see, this is a collaboration between two platforms that cover similar ground. In this case, they are providing merged communication. With this new merger, you can attend HD video conferences and enjoy instantaneous messaging. Of course, you will need to be a subscriber of Office 365 to enjoy those amenities.

If you want improved features then Microsoft Teams is right for you. It comes with a contemporary set of features that attracts the big organizations.

Added Services:

Office 365 has no shortage of plans. Microsoft Office Business is here to target a specific audience with these services. For instance, Office 365 Business Premium plans consist of a variety of services. These services are perfect for small and medium-sized business owners. The small business owners are benefitted by the invoicing and customer relationship management tool.

Every Enterprise plan includes Yammer social networking services. Additionally, the organizations can get their hands on the Power BI Pro, a modern business analytics tool.

Which Version Best Fits The Business?

Which Version Best Fits The Business?

Small business owners benefit greatly from three Office 365 plans. These plans can sustain as many as 300 users. Each of the prices provided below have been applicable as of October 2018. The plans assume a yearly commitment. Here are the plans:

  • Office 365 Business Essentials: For every user, the organization has to pay $5 on a monthly basis. This plan comprises of online services only such as, Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business. Microsoft Office Business does not provide access to the Office Desktop apps for this plan. Any organization that aims to keep a managed email and cloud storage will benefit greatly by using this plan.
  • Office 365 Business: For just $8.25 per user on a monthly basis, organizations can avail nearly every online service. This plan offers just the Office desktop apps alongside OneDrive for Business. It is a great plan from Microsoft Office Business for small business organizations. The organizations will have entry to Office apps and cloud storage.
  • Office 365 Business Premium: For $12.50 on a monthly basis per user, organizations can avail every online service alongside the desktop apps.

These plans are appropriate in the case of small and medium-sized business enterprises. Microsoft provides even bigger plans for large organizations. There are four Office 365 Enterprise plans for the big players that can support an unlimited number of users.

  • Office 365 ProPlus: Business Enterprises have to pay $12 per user on a monthly basis for this plan. The plan consists of just the desktop apps alongside the OneDrive for Business cloud file storing services. However, Microsoft Office Business excludes Exchange Online email for this plan.
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1: Next up, business enterprises need to pay $8 per user on a monthly basis to use this plan. The plan contains online services and the online version of the Office apps. However, it excludes desktop apps. It is a great plan for organizations looking to commit to certain Office versions.

Additionally, the organizations can move emails and cloud storage to the servers provided by Microsoft.

Office 365 Enterprise E3:

Office 365 Enterprise E3

Business Enterprises spend $20 every month to use this plan. It is a combination of the complete array of online services and desktop apps. This plan is highly popular among the big organizations. The organizations also get the modern email hold and discovery features.

These features come in handy when the organizations deal with litigation problems.

Office 365 Enterprise E5:

Office 365 Enterprise E5

Business Enterprises need to spend $35/user on a monthly basis to use some modern eDiscovery features. This plan has a more expensive price tag but makes up for it with top quality security features. For instance, when you subscribe to the Office 365 Enterprise E5, you get the services of Office 365 Threat Intelligence. It is a great initiative as part of the Microsoft Office Business setup.

Microsoft offers even more services barring the preconfigured plans above. For instance, there are solo Office 365 services that the organizations can use on the la carte basis. In addition, there are plans which suit non-profit organizations as well as government agencies.

Management Of Office 365 Within The Organizations

Management Of Office 365 Within The Organizations

The duties of administrators in an organization are lessened by Office 365’s management dashboard. With Office 365, they can easily handle licensing, subscriptions, features as well as security. This console may overwhelm many but there are other features that the administrators can manage via PowerShell commands.

When all is said and done, it is still difficult for even small organizations to manage Office 365. In order to manage Office 365 services, organizations need to employ a skillful administrator. This individual needs to know how to manage users and all the configurations of the security options with precision. The small organizations need to have a highly trained in-house staff to take care of these duties.

So, if such an individual does not exist within the organization, outsourcing becomes a viable option. This is a management task that best suits an experienced service provider. The services for Office 365 under Microsoft Office Business have an intricate design. So, the services are automatically secured.

However, it is entirely possible for the administrators to make a number of changes to the default settings. With this move, they can properly balance security with convenience.

To conclude, Microsoft Office Business is a bright prospect for organizations of all sizes. It is only a matter of time before Microsoft adds even more features for business purposes.

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