10 Online Courses Essential For a Small Business

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10 Online Courses Essential For a Small Business

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you probably want to enhance your skills and expertise to take your business to the next level. Of course, taking business courses that meet your needs would be the best way for you to hone those skills. But often, learning through traditional courses at a brick-and-mortar university is time-consuming and expensive. This is where online courses step in. With hundreds of courses to choose from, you get to decide your class schedule and venue and work them around your lifestyle. This article explores some of those courses, which will benefit you in growing your small business.

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10 Online Courses Essential For a Small Business

1. How to Start Your Own Business Specialization

How to Start Your Own Business Specialization - Coursera

If you own a small business or looking to open one, you need to know how to run it. This course gives you the perfect training that you need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. It helps you brainstorm ideas for your business and ensures that you are fit to plan and develop a business structure to launch your business. Created by Michigan State University, Coursera, online course is available for a small fee of only $49 per month.

Platform: Coursera.

Cost: $49 per month, which can be canceled anytime.

2. Fundamentals of Accounting

Fundamentals of Accounting Alison

To run a business, having bookkeeping knowledge is essential for all business owners. In this free course by Alison.com, entrepreneurs and small business owners are taught the basics of accounting and the various principles and jargon used in finance. Knowing fundamental accounting gives you a better idea of the business’s finances, and allows you to run the business more efficiently.

Platform: Alison.

Cost: Free.

3. Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing in a Digital World - Coursera

With over 150,000 learners, this is one of the most popular courses on Coursera and a crucial one for small business owners. In this era of technology and information, this course explores the possibilities of using the internet, smartphones and other revolutionary techs to market your idea or product to consumers.

Platform: Coursera.

Cost: Free.

4. Learn What Content Marketing is and How to Do It 

Learn What Content Marketing is and How to Do It - Hubspot Academy

Digital marketing is important but will be valueless without having exceptional content to support it. A free course Hubspot Academy, the course attempts to give you an overview of how content marketing works and how you can use it.

This course helps you in generating new content ideas that can attract customers to your business and teaches you how to distribute the content to your customers in an organized fashion. This course is a must-have for anyone who is looking to promote their business through content but does not how.

Platform: Hubspot Academy.

Cost: Free

5. Enhance your business writing skills 

Enhance your business writing skills - EdX

Business writing is a skill that is necessary for all businesses, big or small. Be it for sending out internal memos, or emails to clients, or social media content to promote your business. Business writing is essential to convey your ideas and practice effective communication. This course from the University of California Berkley educates you in writing effective memos, letters and reports, strengthens your grammar and punctuation and helps you in organizing your ideas effectively.

Platform: EdX.

Cost: Free

6. Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office Training - Microsoft offline online

The Microsoft Office Suite is a software suite that every business uses extensively – be it for writing reports or tracking finances or managing your emails. Microsoft’s online training site covers all versions of Microsoft Office starting from Office 2003 and provides you with the basic software skills that you may require to run a small business.

The training site also has downloadable presentations, workbooks and guides to help you through your course. The course covers a wide range of software including all the fundamental ones such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Platform: Microsoft Office Online.

Cost: Free.

7. Introduction to Human Resource Management – Udemy

Introduction to Human Resource Management - Udemy

Even if you are a small business only standing up your feet, you would still have employees that need to be managed and directed. Whilst it may be expensive and unnecessary for a small business to hire a full-fledged HR team. You can still learn the basics of human resource management to give you a better understanding of your employees. This course at Udemy.com gives you a basic overview of how human resource management works and what the job of HR usually is.

Platform: Udemy.

Cost: Free.

8. Project Management Principles & Practices – Coursera

Project Management Principles & Practices - Coursera

Even as a small business owner, you would be responsible for managing projects. And ensuring that your goals as a business are met in time and within budget. To carry out these tasks efficiently, you would need knowledge of the various methods that businesses use to manage a project.

This course created by UC Irvine comes with a fee. But also allows you to master the different aspects of handling projects including planning, budgeting, and scheduling.

Platform: Coursera.

Cost: $49 per month, which can be canceled anytime.

9. Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management - Alison.com

If you’re a small business looking to grow in size, learning how to optimize your production and scale them is essential. A collection of several courses, Alison.com takes the route of introducing the idea of supply chain management to you. Dives into assessing risks and managing them and also gives an overview of how the modern supply chain management came to be.

Platform: Alison.com.

Cost: Free.

10. SBA Online Small Business Training 

SBA Online Small Business Training - US Small Business Administration

The US Small Business Administration is a government agency responsible for boosting entrepreneurs, but it does so much more. The SBA has a series of online courses with audio and video support that covers a wide range of topics. That every small business owner must have a thorough knowledge of. The SBA offers courses on how to start, manage and finance a business as well as a course on contracting for working with government agencies.

Platform: US Small Business Administration.

Cost: Free.

If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your horizons in your spare time. There are hundreds of courses available for you and you can decide to take any of them. However, the above list works as a guideline for a starting point, so that you end up a little more knowledgeable than before.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can continue learning more on your own. Depending on what interests you and what your business needs.

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