Pinterest for Business

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest has rapidly gained traction among businesses due to its unique proposition as a visual search engine for inspiration, which contravenes pushy sales tactics. Its high popularity had started with a female dominant audience. But now the proportion of male users is on the rise. Pinners are more engaged with pins related to new products compared to other social media platforms where entertainment takes the lead. Check out the article about Create A Facebook Business Page

Thus, utilizing Pinterest for Business offers an opportunity for a brand to add direct value to the consumer by boosting brand exposure and inspiring purchase decisions through providing concise, meaningful information. So open an account today and start directly bringing forward your products or services along with the precise message you want to deliver your niche audience.

Pinterest for Business

Creating a Pinterest Business Account

Creating a Pinterest Business Account

A Pinterest Business account can be created by adding a business profile to your personal account, converting your personal account to the Pinterest Business account, or creating a new business account. For all three cases, you need to follow the same steps:

  • Go to; if you have a personal account, you’ll need to log out first.
  • Enter your email with a new password, and click “Create Account”.
  • Choose your language and country/region, and then click “Next”.
  • Type in your business name on the form that appears and choose the type that represents what your business does before clicking “Next”.
  • Add your website link, followed by your Instagram, Etsy and/or YouTube accounts. Although these are optional, adding them ensures pins linked to these sites are attributed to your business and you can track related analytics.
  • You’ll then get to select whether you will be interested to run ads and provide your contact details for a rep to reach out if you choose to do so.
  • On the final step, you can download the Pinterest Save Button before you move on to edit your profile. Installing it helps to fill up your boards easily with content from various sources.
  • To get into profile editing from the dashboard titled “Business hub”. You have to click the pencil icon next to your profile name, which is pulled from the email you use. You can change the display name, upload a profile photo (165 x 165 pixels ideally) to represent your brand. Fill in the about section for which you should a few keywords, and provide your contact and location details.
  • To claim your website, click “Claim” in the left-hand panel. Which will enable you to track the website analytics and display your profile picture and the follow button on pins that backlink to your claimed site. This boosts your visibility, attracting more followers.
  • Now that your Pinterest Business account is ready for action, and it’s time to become a pinner.

Creating Your Pinterest Board and First Pin

Strategies to Grow Your Following and Conversions on Pinterest Business

To begin your pinning:

  • Click the plus sign inside a red circle at the top-right corner of your dashboard. And select the option to create a pin. You will see a series of tips from Pinterest and then asked to add your title and description for the pin. Include keywords and hashtags for driving better traffic.
  • Give your destination link corresponding to the pin after checking that it works. This is where people will land when they click on your pin.
  • Upload your image or video using a high-quality version. You can use the Pin editor to trim, crop and add text and logos.
  • Click “Publish” and select the board where you want to add the pin, or alternatively, you can create a new one.
  • To upload a cover photo on your profile, you can click on your profile name that will take you to your account’s home page, which displays creative from your pins or your boards. Choose your image from either a board or a pin.
  • Adding the Pinterest Tag to your website is a good idea if you are interested in Pinterest advertising. As it allows you to monitor activity on your site after people see your pins and track conversions.

This concludes the complete set up on your account, and thus your job now is to build your audience.

Strategies to Grow Your Following and Conversions on Pinterest Business

Strategies to Grow Your Following and Conversions on Pinterest Business

First and foremost is boosting engagement with appealing content that adds value to the customer. Make your pins neat and deliver concise messages without cluttering with too much text. Use good quality content adopted for user-friendly viewing. Analyze your market to create search-friendly captions that are relevant to your products and bring forward your USP to reach the right people most likely to convert.

The Pinterest Save button on your website, mentioned earlier, makes discovering your business on Pinterest amazingly easy! When your website visitor sees an image that interests them, they can add the pin in their own account or boards. Which exposes your business to more people and increasing potential followers and customers.

You can use Rich Pins to directly drive traffic to your app (for iOS), article, product or recipe. So that users can install the app, find information or recipe and shop without even leaving Pinterest. This improves user experience and boosts your ranking as well as your business.

You can easily promote your content from the Pinterest Ad Manager and quickly attract customers on the platform. This helps to create your brand awareness, an effective engagement that influences your customer’s purchase decisions and can become a great source of revenue.

Promoting Pins drives the right audience to your business. So choose wisely the content that best illustrates your key product or brand value. Otherwise helps your customer relate to your brand in a meaningful way.

There are a lot of other ways to amplify your presence and following on the platform. Use your growing audience to boost your business and customer loyalty.

In conclusion, Pinterest’s staggering rise in popularity makes it a great platform for your business to take advantage of users’ preferences in visual content that inspires action. Why not make their customer journey more enriched with some “Pinspiration”?

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