Rental Management

As the owner of a property, you have the option of renting your property rather than residing there yourself. The property you wish to rent will need overlooking by yourself or someone else. The process through which this managing of properties for rent is conducted is called rental management. The ones who own the houses or properties are the owners and the ones to whom they rent it to are the tenants. You can either choose to look over your property on your own, or you can hire a third party to take care of the rental management on your behalf. These third parties are called (rental/property) managers.

Rental management can also be considered as property management since it’s the properties that need care-taking. People often find it more relieving to hire managers to overlook their properties as the job is very demanding and stressful.

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Rental Management

How It Works

In many cases, the broker from whom you bought your property might act as the manager for said property. The broker already has information on your property so it will be easier for the broker to find a tenant. The tenants will get their preferred places to rent without much trouble.

To proceed with the job of rental management, one needs licensing. The companies associated with a property or rental management must get a license from the real estate board. After that, the managers are ready to assist the owners by taking over the duty of overlooking the property.

The owners construct an agreement for the tenants to sign before handing over their house temporarily. The property managers act as the middleman here to witness the agreement. Sometimes, even the rental management companies have written agreements for the owners to specify the rental terms and better cooperation.


Before you decide to put your property up for rent, take some time and assess everything. Find the strengths and weaknesses of the house. If there are weaknesses, look for ways to fight them as they will be the cause of your headache later.

If you’re planning on renting out your property for a long time, you have to set aside a fund for servicing alone. For that, try calculating how much your property will help you earn on a monthly or annual basis.

Be patient before selecting a company or property manager to work for you. Pick one that is likely to have a big network and a good reputation in the real estate business. Communication is also very important, both for you and your tenant.

So make sure that your property manager is transparent when it comes to communicating. Also, discuss with the manager if you want before setting up a price. Research the current market and set a reasonable price. If your pricing is too high, there’s a high chance of you finding tenants in time which can lead to you facing loss and your property to lose value.

Keep your pricing flexible depending on the demand and supply in the market. The real estate market is very dynamic. So you might need to adjust your price according to the current market situation.

Search for Tenants

In rental management, the most important aspect is the tenant and the process of finding a tenant is the most crucial one. Owners are bound to be skeptical about the person whom they will choose to take over their properties. It is easier for rental management companies to search for verified tenants because of their connections. Companies can do the required background check on the enlisted tenants to check for criminal records and financial stability.

Proper marketing is also very important for you to find good tenants. You have to broaden your reach so that the list of applicants is high and you have more options to choose from.

Use your rental managing company or a property manager for the marketing but it is very competitive out there. You need to optimize your entry and update your information accordingly for better responses. After finding a tenant, all you need to do is present your constructed agreement, discuss the living terms and hand over the keys.


The real job of a property starts after a tenant is assigned. As the guardian of the rented property, the property manager has several responsibilities to tend to. Such as:

As you can see, it’s too much work for a single person. If you think you can spare the time to do all of this, then save some annual fee and do everything yourself. But if you think you’d rather someone else do the hard work, reach out to rental management companies to get a manager for your property.

Lastly, if you want to earn money with your real estate investment, you need to learn everything you can about managing a property. It’s not just about learning how to mend broken stuff or setting a rent to acquire. Your decision will ultimately depend on what you can assess from your study of the whole system.

How you decide to handle the choices you’ll face will either prove beneficial or detrimental to you. Rental management is a gamble of sorts where playing your cards right means finding the key to proper management.

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