10 Best Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

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Social media campaigns can be very tough even for the experts as it requires coming up with new and innovative ideas constantly. To add to that, marketers often face creative blocks that hamper content making. As a result, the content gets repetitive and lackluster. Followers are always hungry for modern content and if you fail to deliver then your business is sure to suffer.

That is enough of a reason to have multiple ideas stored in your pocket so that your business never runs out of new content. The list below will ensure that you are up and running with your social media campaign and reaching the maximum number of followers. Below are the top 10 social media post ideas for your business!

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10 Best Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

10. Host an AMA

Host an AMA - social media post ideas for your business

AMA (ask me anything) has become very popular on Reddit in recent times. Social media influencers have successfully implemented this strategy on all their platforms. So, this is a proven method that will help your business to gain traction.

AMA is a Q&A session that lets you engage with your audience. But you may ask, why even bother hosting AMA sessions? Well, consider the impact it will have on your business:

  • People will get to see the brain behind the business which creates a sense of community.
  • You can easily increase brand awareness without being too pushy about it.
  • You get an idea about your follower’s interests. This allows you to plan future strategies.

9. Share, Repost, Retweet

Share, Repost, Retweet - social media post ideas for your business


You have to let your followers dictate the motion sometimes. Promoting similar brands or even blogs and photos can be a healthy approach that shows you care for your industry. As we have seen in our social media campaign research, a ratio of 80/20 should be followed when it comes to online promotion. That means your feed should contain 80% entertaining and engaging content and 20% promotional content. This keeps your feed fresh doesn’t give your followers the feel of a sales pitch.

A repost or a retweet is easy to do and quite effective. Not all your social media posts have to be researched and complicated. It can be as simple as a retweet and highly impactful.

8. Mini Video Clips

Mini Video Clips - social media post ideas for your business

Even to this day, video content is still a major tool in a social media campaign. Brands need to consider incorporating promotional ideas into mini video clips because it is very easy to make and cost-effective. Such video clips are perfect for promotional campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Besides, they can be made within a very short space of time.

The key is keeping your followers entertained without wasting any time and mini video clips go a long way in doing exactly that.

7. Recycle Your Content

Recycle Your Content

For every content you post on social media, you should think about ideas of reusing and recycling those contents in advance. For instance, various Youtubers use snippets from their old videos and post it on other platforms. This gives the followers a sense of nostalgia. Plus, as a business, you will have a huge size of shareable backup content waiting to be recycled and repurposed.

Recycling your content provides freshness to your old posts which otherwise might have been thrown away.

6. Collab


A collaboration of brands provides access to different target markets that can generate huge traction. Whenever two companies team up it becomes the talk of the town. A few years back when Ford collaborated with Tinder it was thought of as an unlikely match. But both the brands profited from that campaign.

Social media is the perfect place to sync up your content with a brand that isn’t your rival.

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5. Use Meme & GIF

Use Meme & GIF

Millennials have a thing for Memes and GIFs. So, use that knowledge to your advantage. They are easy to make and can be very relatable. But whenever making such content, marketers need to be careful about not being cringe-worthy. Memes and GIFs have a shelf life. So, you shouldn’t ponder on the idea and rather be bold. Brands with a younger target audience can profit from such humorous content.

4. Live Sessions

Live Sessions - social media post ideas for your business

A very simple yet sophisticated idea! There’s just something about Facebook lives that attracts everyone’s attention. Research shows people spend more of their time on Facebook watching live videos than pre-recorded ones. This is a clear indication that this strategy is effective for certain types of businesses.

Whether you’re showcasing your product or conducting Q&A sessions, it’s always more engaging to do it in real-time.

3. Contest & Giveaway

Contest & Giveaway

The word “free” has a special pulling power to it. Conducting giveaway is one of the fundamental strategies of social media marketing. This lets you engage with your audience and increase your reach at the same time. Contests are an easy way to increase your followers exponentially without much hassle, even when launching a new product this policy can get you the required engagement.

2. Series of Content

Series of Content - social media post ideas for your business

To have continuity in your feed and posts you should consider having sequence-based content. You can easily come up with a trendy hashtag and schedule your posts accordingly so that your audience can interact with your brand comfortably. Communicating with your followers on Instagram and Twitter is effortless if you have the necessary tools.

Hosting Podcasts, conducting polls every month can be turned into a series so that the followers come back for more.

1. Social Media Takeover

Social Media Takeover

Sometimes to spice things up you need to let others take over your social media platforms.

This is a strategy that lets someone else control your social accounts for a day. Normally a celebrity or a social media influencer takes over and engages with the audience. Handing over your account to someone who has a huge fan following can open new doors for your business. If you have a diverse team then you can let someone from your team takeover and share some behind the scenes.

The aim of a social media takeover is to reach a new demographic that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. This also freshens up your content.

If you feel your social media content is getting dull, why don’t you give these ideas a try? Businesses should never be monotonous. As people evolve, so should the brands according to their audience. These social media post ideas for your business are sure to help you evolve and get the job done.

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kacnika mom
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