Software for Small Businesses in 2020

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software for small business

The scary part of owning a small business is actually starting it. It is not about the risks and challenges that come with it. This can happen with anybody because it is difficult to know what the business needs at the start. In fact, you may feel unsure about using any particular software for small business.

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Software for Small Businesses in 2020

There will be obvious questions floating around and popping up in your mind. Questions like, “do I really need that software for my business?” are relevant. If you want to start a business, then you need to get these questions answered. So, this article is going to provide some of the best software for small business:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

When it comes to choosing office suite software for small business, Microsoft 365 is an obvious first choice. With Microsoft 365, you will get a cloud version to use on the go.

There are more than a few things that experienced users will notice. For instance, it is familiar and should put everyone at ease. As for the second part, Microsoft 365 provides several advantages.

In the case of Microsoft 365, you can access its features from a smartphone. This allows you to be mobile. In addition, each of your files will be kept safe in the OneDrive. As a result, you do not need to care about losing these files ever.

Of course, Microsoft 365 is not free of cost. There are different pricing plans for Microsoft 365. If you want to start with an affordable pricing plan then you need to go for Microsoft 365 Personal. You get this plan for just $6.99 and is on a monthly basis.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

Wave accounting is widely considered as one of the best financial software for small businesses. They have over 250 employees dedicating their time and effort to small businesses in different parts of the world.

The activities of Wave Accounting include allowing small businesses to keep track of income and expenses. On top of that, it allows the businesses to scan receipts and trace sales taxes,

As a user, you will be able to connect a number of bank accounts and credit cards with Wave Accounting. In addition, it sets up the profiles for several businesses that make it easy to track income and expenses. There is a dashboard that you can use to send professional invoices. After that, the invoicing software can set up recurring invoices.

This software also sets up credit card payments. However, that is applicable for repeat customers only. This is followed up by syncing the invoice and payment information with the accounting software. In addition, there is a mobile app from Wave that offers other functions.

If you have the mobile app then it becomes easy to scan your receipts anywhere. After that, it will take a short amount of time to sync it with your Wave account. This provides an effective way of keeping a track of business expenses.

You do not have to pay anything to use Wave Accounting and enjoy its services. With that said, Wave does offer paid services that include accepting credit cards accompanied by bank payments. Other than that, Wave sets up payroll for employees as well as contractors.

Wave Accounting:

  • Free scanning of receipts
  • Free accounting
  • Free invoicing

Wave Payments:

  • Every Wave Accounting feature
  • 2.9% + 30¢ for every transaction for Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • 3.4% + 30¢ for every transaction for American Express
  • 1% for every ACH transaction ($1 min fee)

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It was back in 2001 when Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius created MailChimp. The goal back then was to create an email marketing service that small businesses could afford. Since then, MailChimp has become a full-fledged marketing platform. It offers websites, postcards, landing pages, and much more.

MailChimp’s email software for small business is free of cost. Over the years, it has introduced email marketing to many small business owners. You will get a number of premade email templates from the platform. On top of that, the platform provides opt-in popups as well as signup forms to its users.

There is a mobile app for you to use as well. This app makes it easier for you to observe campaign performance. You will also like how fast it is to send emails with the mobile app.

As for the templates, there is a drag-and-drop feature that you may use to create professional emails. In addition, you will get an in-built analytics tool for keeping a track of open rates as well as clicks. Now, MailChimp has quite a few plans that you can use:

Free Plan:

  • Search up to 10,000 messages
  • 5GB storage for every workspace
  • One-to-one voice and video calling
  • Completely Free

There is a basic plan as well:

Standard Plan:

  • $8 for each user per month
  • Restriction-free message search
  • One-to-one voice and video calling
  • Screen sharing
  • 10GB storage for each user
  • Limitless third-party app integrations
  • Guest accounts

Plus Plan:

  • $15 for each user per month
  • User management
  • 20GB storage for every user
  • Every feature from the Standard plan
  • 24/7 customer support



Do you feel as if some software for small business doesn’t let you send enough invoices? Well, this is the first issue that FreshBooks tackles by providing unlimited invoices with estimates for all the plans. These plans contain time tracking. It is done to make client billing easier and has more precision so that your budget stays balanced.

While it looks great so far, there is a tiny problem that you may have to face with FreshBooks. The problem is that FreshBooks is not great when it comes to collaborations. In order to add extra people to any plan, you need to pay an additional $10 each month for every user. However, there is a 60% discount for new users for the initial six months due to the pandemic.

There are much software for small business that you may want to consider. However, not all of them may suitable for your cause. With that said, these software options above can be of use to different small businesses.


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