How To Start A Landscaping Business

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How To Start A Landscaping Business?

Lawn-mowing is now not only a part-time job for teenagers but it also is used for starting your own business. You can actually use your landscaping and gardening skills to your advantage and launch a lucrative business. The steps involved in doing so are as follows.

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 Start A Landscaping Business

Step 1: Understanding The Industry

Step 1: Understanding The Industry - Landscaping Business

Before starting on the initial plans, you have to figure out whether adopting this business is worth your time and money. You have to take your time and research the climate of the market in the city you live in because starting this business from scratch without knowledge is impossible.

Landscaping services are adopted by people who are selling their homes, developing new properties or don’t have the time, energy, and skill to mow their own lawns. After you’ve figured out your audience, you can find out what services are in demand. Services include lawn mowing, fertilizing, edging, gardening, and spring & fall cleanups. If you don’t have adequate experience, you can work in this kind of business for a while as part of the research.

Step 2: Securing Finances

Step 2: Securing Finances

After you’ve figured how you’ll start things off, you have to start thinking about your finances and business aspects. The factors you’ll have to look into to Determining:

  • The startup costs of a landscaping business: You have to project your expenses on purchasing equipment, advertisements, hiring employees, and licensing your business
  • Pricing for your services: The pricing is set by the square foot of land serviced or by the hour
  • Determining the expenses you need for maintaining and repairing the equipment
  • The budget for off-season
  • Determining the potential amount of taxes, insurance, and other expenses for a realistic view of the financial situation of your business

Step 3: Advertising

Step 3: Advertising - Landscaping Business

After you’ve done your industry research and taken care of finances, you need to lure your audiences through advertising and marketing. Hanging flyers and handing out brochures are probably the simplest ways of advertising a landscape business. But in the highly competitive 21st Century market, you have to figure out other ways of promotion. Some are as follows.

  • Setting up a robust online presence in social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to interact with potential clients, and for demonstration of legitimacy and ease of contact
  • Building healthy relationships with the clients to keep them satisfied and continue adopting your venture
  • Word-of-mouth also plays a key role in generating new customers. You can ask clients for referrals in exchange for some incentive or special deal as part of your policy
  • Offering special pricing and promotions from time to time and during the slow season can lure more audiences

Step 4: Hiring Employees 

Step 4: Hiring Employees - Landscaping Business

At some point, it might be hard for you to operate your business completely on your own and serve clients. So, you’ll need to find and hire the right employees for your business. Some factors you need to look up to here are:

  • The classic way of luring quality employees is by offering a generous wage.
  • Incentivizing long-term employees: The longer good employees keep their job, the less blood and sweat you’ll need to gain more employees
  • Considering the costs of finding, screening, and training the employees
  • Making sure that the venture is in compliance to avoid fines and other penalties as authorities might ask for compensation insurance after the first employee is hired

Step 5: Protecting The Business

Step 5: Protecting The Business

Running a landscaping business involves a lot of risks as you’ll spend your days out in the sunshine. You can end up breaking your expensive equipment, damage a client’s property, or even cause unintentional injuries to your clients or employees. Insurance is there for you to protect you from risks. With adequate insurance policies, you can avoid spending your hard-earned money on expenses related to the risks mentioned.

Step 6: Joining Trade Associations

Step 6: Joining Trade Associations

Operating a landscaping business well will involve a lot of effort and help. Joining trade associations will provide some expert input on training, safety issues, marketing and PR, human resource help, legal advice and many more. You can also network with other business owners and use the knowledge gained from experienced professionals to good use.

To conclude, you now have an outline of how you can start your own landscape business. Put your gardening skills to very good use!

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