Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

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Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

People connecting with people- that’s how a personal brand builds you. You use your name or your profession to showcase your abilities, personality, and how you act through a personal brand. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a full-time job holder, having a personal brand speaks out before you can and creates opportunities you may have never imagined. When you hear the term “brand”, you consider a business communicating to its customers. Same goes for a personal brand. It gives its customers a clear idea about you- your personality your potential, and how you handle your work.

I’m not saying that having this brand attached to your name is easy. But on the bright side, if you’re an entrepreneur struggling with your business, having your brand’s name as you among your network will deliver a clearer message. For a person looking for a job, yours is the name that’s going to shine in a pile of resumes, and if you and employees are looking for something more, a personal brand will distinguish you from your co-workers building your ladder for you. As for freelancers, with the freelance arena growing 3x faster than the total employment, you are the bidder your buyer must notice.

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Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

Here are some tips  you need for creating and growing your personal brand:

1. Finding Your Brand

Finding Your Brand

The first step to building a personal brand is to understand what you excel at, the strengths that make you unique. It should mirror your skills, beliefs and passions. Take the skills from your present profession that you do flawlessly and work on those. If you’re going all higgledy-piggledy about where to start, ask others. What projects have you been distinguished for, what beliefs and ideas had your kinsfolk complimented you on, etc?

Once you know what work you don’t seem to mind even after taking hours to complete, it’s time to polish those and own them. Explore and learn broader concepts of your roles refine your strengths and redefine your weaknesses.

When you see supermodels building their name, apart from their awesome modeling techniques, you’ll see another side they carry on without any figurative blemishes. And that is their characteristics; how they work with others. That is the added value of a personal brand. You need to showcase your emotional features. Are you humble or wild or a psycho-control-freak?

2. Who Wants a Piece of Your Chocolate?

Before putting your personal brand out there, define your audience. Who is it that you are trying to reach? Are they managers and recruiters? Agencies? General customers? What is the age, education, gender, income, profession, and location of these customers? Only after you know who you’re selling your chocolate to will you be able to visualize the perfect story to them. They need to relate to you and realize that you understand what they need and what they’re struggling with. How this piece of chocolate will end all of their problems providing them the comfort they need.

3. Research the Top-Dogs

Research the Top-Dogs - Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

Don’t think you can build yourself by yourself. Follow the footsteps of the ones before you. Search who they were, read their blogs, understand the paths they followed, and be inspired to follow them. Then make a better path. You have the technology by your side this time.

Make a list of your future clients, companies you want to work with, the previous professionals who have excelled, who are empowering themselves even better now, and even those whose fame haven’t lasted that long. Don’t stop there. Request informational interviews, learn how they made the transition, how they evolved during tough times and whom they reached out to. Reach out for partnerships and ventures to companies you can get benefits from. You’ll be surprised at how authentic and understanding people are and how their stories will inspire you.

4. Your Online Presence

Your Online Presence - Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

You will need to put yourself out there if you want to sell your work. Stay up-to-date with the digital world and build your marketplace online. You can start by creating a platform online. Exhibit your credibility by adding your accomplishments, your education and any papers published.

Create a website with your name or a riff of your name. Follow existing personalities like PewDiePie or Elon Musk and create a style of your own. Creating social media accounts help engage with your clientele.

Build groups and communities on social media to involve your clients in you. Share free necessary information on your websites and discounted webinars for special members to hook them up. Try not to copy how your competitors are sharing their knowledge and add a little spice to your chocolate so that your customers dig you.

Produce a capturing story about you to grab everyone’s attention and once you find your client, reach out to them. Since it’s a personal brand, stay conscious of your privacy online, adjust your profile, and make use of the tools your platform provides you. Make the best use of LinkedIn. Unlike every other “best leader believing in results”, show and not tell. And for goodness sake, use a professional picture with a friendly face!

5. A Little Networking Won’t Hurt!

A Little Networking Won't Hurt! - Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand

As your personal brand grows, it’s necessary to keep in touch with those who you’ve worked with and those who you want to work with in the future. Try to create a network among you, the leaders and the customers.

Connect with your peers and industry leaders by attending all formal and informal events and joining clubs. Invite them to grade your chocolates and recommend you to their networks. If you want to be well acquainted with anyone you meet at an event, further things by inviting them to an informational interview or maybe coffee or even golf! You can also spark up a conversation on social media with them. Be friendly but don’t hit on anyone.

Remember that it’s not necessary to be friendly with everyone you know. You don’t need people to like you. You need them to admire the idea of you.

Building a personal brand makes you powerful. After reading the article you can improve on creating and growing your personal brand. Grab onto that power and toughen it up with your work once you lure your target in. Be a wolf, not a sheep!

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kacnika mom
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