Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps of 2020

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Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps of 2020

Robots are no longer a dream or imagination. As technology advances rapidly, new developments are found frequently. Recently, artificial intelligence apps and chatbots have become immensely popular. These AI chatbot apps are like virtual assistants and friends for a better life. They help to improve business or any other aspects of life with their unique features. There are now many such apps in the market to choose for the best one.

Top 10 AI Chatbot Apps of 2020

10. Replika

Replika - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: This app is like a best friend to share thoughts and keep secrets. The user may share ideas, thoughts or daily events to the app. In response, the chatbot replies just like a person in real life.

Key features:

  • A friend in need to share feelings
  • The chatbot can be customized according to desire
  • Fun partner to talk to when bored
  • Provides a platform to test personality.


  • The response might not be relatable
  • Not compatible with some devices.

9. Digit

Digit - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: The chatbot is a financial adviser. It helps to track the user’s money expenditure to manage savings. Also, it helps in transferring money from an account. It decides on spending and saving money using information and analysis and reports to the user.

Key features:

  • Transfers money to a savings account
  • Helps in saving the amount of money
  • Records personal financial information
  • Reminds of the financial conditions of the user
  • Order to this chatbot can be customized
  • Helps to make payments
  • Keeps all records secured.


  • It is not free
  • Makes delayed updates sometimes.

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8. Lark

Lark - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: The app coaches about health and fitness. It informs about healthy lifestyles and provides tips to maintain fitness. It can also track the user’s daily activities to make remarks about them.

Key features:

  • Uses sensors to check activities and habits
  • Provides feedback from the messages sent
  • Advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Can detect both audio and text messages.


  • Requires frequent restarting
  • Doesn’t give enough information sometimes.

7. Mona

Mona - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: This chatbot is the perfect shopping buddy. It will help in finding desired products and shop them for the user. It can also provide shopping advice.

Key features:

  • Searches websites to look for products
  • Provides information such as size, color, price of items
  • Gives preferences for any product
  • Has the unique feature ‘missions’ to look for products.


  • Doesn’t have easy access.

6. Melody

Melody - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: This chatbot communicates with doctors to help the user with medical care. It helps to get appointments easily and even provides medical advice.

Key features:

  • Talks to local doctors for appointments and advice
  • Helps in easy communication with healthcare experts
  • Checks symptoms and information of patients
  • Advises on medical care
  • Provides preferences about the patient’s required action.


Doesn’t have easy access for most users.

5. Luka

Luka - AI Chatbot Apps

Details: This is a next-level chatbot that allows communication between chatbots and people. It connects to other chatbots to provide various services. The messenger app makes life easy by providing a range of services and easy conversation.

Key features:

  • It provides easy conversation between different chatbots and people
  • Suggests hangout places, restaurants, and other services
  • Provides associated information of any place chosen
  • Gives place for conversation on various topics
  • Allows personal opinions of the user
  • Includes other apps.


  • The app isn’t easy to download for many people
  • Not compatible with many devices.

4. Amy (

Amy (

Details: The chatbot is like a personal assistant for business owners. It connects via emails to schedule perfect times for meetings. It helps in maintaining time in the business.

Key features:

  • It communicates through email
  • Looks at schedules and location for providing the best routine
  • It confirms its actions
  • Sends invites to the people to join the meeting
  • Helps to increase work productivity.


  • Doesn’t have any chat options for quick communication
  • Isn’t easily accessible to most users.

3. Penny


Details: The chatbot helps to manage finances by connecting the user’s account and credit cards. By looking at the financial condition, it informs about it and also advises on managing bank balance. It also reminds of upcoming bills.

Key features:

  • Checks the income and expenses of the user from accounts
  • Notifies of bills to be paid
  • Easy to use, lightweight and a fun app
  • Contains good management tools
  • Converses about the financial health of the user.


  • Can only respond to formal languages
  • Not available in many countries.

2. Hello Hipmunk

Hello Hipmunk

Details: This app is the perfect travel buddy. It helps to make travel plans, book flights, and hotels. It looks through the calendar to make a trip for the user. Only a message through email is all to make a great plan for enjoying the vacation.

Key features:

  • Available on different messaging apps
  • Incorporates with the user’s email and calendar to provide a plan
  • Extension app to Hipmunk
  • Saves time and money of the user by booking flights and hotels
  • Allows customization for fun use.


Still under process, so may have errors in functionality.

1. Mitsuki


Details: A very popular chatbot app for being very human-like. It is a friend to make useful conversations and enjoy the time. It can understand emotions and respond like a human.

Key features:

  • Can talk like a real human
  • Found as a flash game or in messenger apps
  • Uses only verified information and languages
  • Can be personalized.


  • Has limited functionality.

In this modern world, it is now impossible to strive in any field without technology. Lack of technological enrichment will make us fall behind. Chatbots are here to make life simpler. They are capable of working as a human and give feedback. Whether it is travel, business or any personal aid, they help to ease the problems.

However, since they are not real humans, there are limitations in their functions. Even then, the market of chatbots seems promising enough to take a chance and get one. The right chatbot or AI app will certainly make work life and regular lifestyle better.

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kacnika mom
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