Top 10 E-Commerce Websites in the World

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Do you ever wonder how e-commerce has evolved over the years? Or how it became one of the biggest industries on earth? E-commerce has changed the way businesses are done and currently, it is adopted by everyone, starting from small enterprises to big giants, due to its widespread reach and profitability.

The first e-commerce website was published by Jeffrey Wilkins and Dr. John R. Goltz. In 1979, Michael Aldrich, the founder of e-commerce, invented e-shopping by connecting a transaction to the processing computer which was connected with a modified TV and a telephone connection. Boston Computer Exchange launched the first e-commerce platform in 1982. Then came Amazon and E-bay in the 90s. They took the industry by storm and people started to get more and more indulged in online shopping.

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The Future is Now with E-Commerce Websites!

Today, we have some of the world’s best online shopping sites available to us. These websites of different categories sell products such as electronic equipment, optics, clothes, shoes, and accessories, etc. Go online and you’ll see so many websites that cater to your various needs.

According to various statistics, there are about 110000 e-commerce websites on the internet. I know you are overwhelmed by that this fact but don’t worry we have prepared a top 10 e-commerce website list that will get rid of your confusion. So, you won’t have to think twice before shopping online anymore. So let’s begin!

10. Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre

Rank based on Similarweb: 83

Hits: Around 265.7 Million per month

Mercado Libre which stands for ‘free market’ in Spanish is the most popular e-commerce website in Latin America. The company has operations in various countries including Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

This site is well known for its electronics products and other similar accessories.

9. Tmall

Tmall - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 80

Hits: Around 183.54 Million per month

Tmall is one of the most popular online retail stores in China. It was started in 2008 by the Taobao group but now it is operated by the Alibaba Group. It has more than 200 million registered buyers. Most of the traffic generated by the site is organic.


ETSY - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 76

Hits: Around 327.81 Million per month

Etsy is a well-known website based in USA that focuses on selling handmade crafts. They sell a variety of products including bags, jewelry, clothing, home décor, furniture, and many more. With the recent emergence of DIY (do it yourself) products, this might be the website you are looking for.

7. Walmart


Rank based on Similarweb: 57

Hits: 438.36 Million per month

Being one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart is an American company that has different outlets throughout the world. Almost all the necessary daily life products are sold at Walmart stores and in their online shop. It has lost a bit of traction from last year. Yet, it remains one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry. You can go through their website to find out more.

6. Taobao

Taobao - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 56

Hits: Around 503.36 Million per month

Taobao was founded in 2003, and in China, it can be regarded as the largest marketplace. With around 800 million listed products and an estimated user number of 500 million, it is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce website based on product variety. Almost 98% of the traction it gets is organic.

It is currently owned by Alibaba Group and it is based in Hangzhou, China. It has a huge collection of clothes accessories, jewelry, footwear, furniture, gadgets, etc.

5. Craigslist


Rank based on Similarweb: 55

Hits: Around 375.5 Million per month

Based in San Francisco, USA, craigslist is a go-to marketplace if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Most of the traffic is generated in the U.S.

It is mainly known as an advertisement website with segments devoted to housing, jobs, items wanted, services, gigs etcetera. It is one of the oldest e-commerce businesses, founded in 1995.

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4. AliExpress

 - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 50

Hits: Around 446.03 Million per month

AliExpress is the online retail service of the revered Alibaba group. AliExpress is based in China, connecting Chinese suppliers all over the world. Jack Ma is the main man behind the Alibaba group. He is thought of as a visionary for turning AliExpress into a major player in the industry in such a short period. Most of the customers of AliExpress are situated in Asia but it has started to penetrate other markets as well, mainly because of its competitive pricing.

3. Rakuten


Rank based on Similarweb: 38

Hits: 564.3 Million per month

Rakuten is the go-to website for e-commerce in Japan. It was founded in 1997. The total number of employees comes around 10,000. Rakuten has made $365.6 million in profit first quarter of 2020 alone. Almost 98 percent of its customer base is in Japan.

2. eBay

 EBay - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 26

Hits: 914 Million per month

eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce companies found in late 1995. eBay is based in San Jose, California but it does have operations all over the world. It is thought of as a pioneer of the industry because they are the first one to introduce the marketplace concept to e-commerce shopping cart websites.

One of the oldest players in the game, eBay’s net worth as of June 17, 2020, is $33.81B.

1. Amazon

Amazon - E-Commerce Websites

Rank based on Similarweb: 12

Hits: 2.5 Billion per month

Amazon initially started its journey as an online bookstore that rapidly grew to be what it is today. Around 750,000 people work for Amazon worldwide. Almost every type of product is available on Amazon. They are operational in 13 countries in total including the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, India, etc.

All of the E-Commerce Websites mentioned above are credible and they are likely to deliver products right to your doorstep, no matter wherever you live on this planet. To add to that, they offer great prices and ample options that you’ll find helpful.

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