Top Business Apps to Streamline Operations

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Business Apps to Streamline Operations

When you are working as a business operations manager, every single minute is valuable to you. You cannot think of wasting your time. But with loads of work and a limited amount of time on your hand, how can you make sure everything gets done and right on time? Hover on this article to know more about some powerful applications to make your work more efficient.

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Business Apps to Streamline Operations


Velocify - Business Apps to Streamline Operations

Various software or applications are taking up the places of human interaction in most of the work sectors. One of such application is Velocify which was previously known as Lead360. This is now one of the highly-rated lead management software which accelerates the sales operation by streamlining and optimizing the sales process from one end to the other.

Velocify creates such a platform for the sales team prospects, where they can accurately work on the sales of their product. It also helps to create and contrivance effective workflows which are better than the traditional Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool.

Velocify rules over top-selling practices with its in-built intelligence that permits it to automatically respond to new leads without any human intervention. And that happens with its integrated cloud dialing feature as well as computerized messaging to the leads for business growth. Few notable points are;

  • Ease of use due to its clean interface
  • Availability of Customer Service
  • Helps to organize the leads
  • Best for midmarket and enterprise business.


Dropbox - Business Apps to Streamline Operations

Dropbox is a pretty powerful cloud storage platform that centralizes all your business contents under one roof.

It unifies the experiences for documents to tasks and also works almost like a hub for your business team. It lets you bring all your files and cloud content together let it be from Google Docs or Trello boards and whatever tools you need.

Dropbox Plus is a premium version that costs $11.99/month. But that’s good to go because it doubles the storage amount and makes it more effective for sharing a large number of files among your employees.

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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

A simple, elegant, and powerful software tool that serves every purpose from tax accounting to payroll, inventory management, and profit analysis. QuickBooks Online software application is mainly a mobile accounting app through which you can create innumerable invoices; track your expenses and many more. It allows a user to create customized and professional invoices and receipts that you can send within minutes.

However, it is capable of engendering various accounting reports to visualize your business performance by combining them on a dashboard. It also automatically backs up all your data so that your balance sheet of sales stays up-to-date. This app is undoubtedly a game-changer for any small business. In short;

  • It schedules recurring payments to save time
  • It can record expenses and save receipts even with a photograph
  • Free unlimited support from online customer service
  • Allows connecting other sales channels and apps like Shopify, PayPal, Square, etc.



Have you ever had an instance where you purchased something and thought to keep a digital record of it? Then Expensify can pave the way. It’s a software service available for both web and mobile applications for the management of online expenses. Expensify provides fully automated service from importing your online expense’s receipts to creating reports based on that.

Whenever you upload an invoice or receipt, it manually scans the entire thing and auto-populates the details creating a report on that. Then you can send it off to any email or phone number for the reimbursements over online. Expensify works with many accounting software like FreshBooks, QuickBooks, etc. to submit expense reports online without lifting a finger.

  • Free for all
  • Charges $5/month for per employee
  • No charge will be applied for the particular month with no expense report being processed.
  • Compatible both with iPhone and Android
  • Web application available.



Sometimes we face a lot of hindrances in our business work due to lack of communication within the team. Because when you have thousands of business operations or projects to handle, it’s where the team decision matters. Slack is the solution to it. This is an instant messaging platform where you get to collaborate with your team members by creating threads on a specific topic.

Slack is known as the collaboration hub. So, when you are working on a project, Slack can help you have all your business conversations over that topic in one place. Slack also integrates with various other common applications and services like HelloFresh, Trivago, Lyft, etc. that you use in your day-to-day life.

Search optimization available- You get to search anything including files, messages and conversations all in one place

It lets you create a channel for every conversation- That’s how you don’t get to lose the right information or the right people for your business operations.

Reduce your Work with ‘Upward’

Doing small business with thousands of burdens and have got no Human Resource manager in your company then take a glance at Upward app. It will help you take a huge load off from your chest from the painstaking task which is hiring. Often much small business owner gets their hand stuffed with other operational things to do. Meanwhile hiring a perfect candidate becomes the most challenging task for them.

No doubt, this application will get you through these vigorous steps of selecting the right candidate even if your hiring needs are constant or spasmodic. It helps in posting job listings as quickly as possible in one go and also sorts out the applicants by choosing the high-quality resumes for you.

In conclusion, whether you are planning to kick off a new business or you have been operating business tasks for the past couple of years, then I hope the above apps might ease your workload to some extent.

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kacnika mom kacnika mom
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kacnika mom kacnika mom
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kacnika mom kacnika mom
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