Top Business Developers in The World

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Top Business Developer in The World

The importance of business developers has been evolving more and more since the last couple of decades. Business developers are the people who primarily work for the development of business. They are equipped with necessary theoretical knowledge on the business developmental topics, contextual skills, and hands-on experiences to take any business to a new height. They know the trends, patterns, and ways a business usually follows.

Knowing ins and outs of the business it helps by providing insights, planning strategies, implementing new approaches and building networks. They get pro with time and experience. Once they reach a certain level of mastery, they are offered a position or hired by many businesses. Here n this article, we would be talking about some of the top business developers in the world. On a side note, the list has been compiled neither based on their popularity nor in alphabetic order.

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Top Business Developer in The World

1. Paul van den Brande

Paul van den Brande - business developers in the world

When it comes to the list of the top business developer in the world, a name most frequently tops the chart- Paul van den Brande. He is the founder of the world’s largest community of business development -LinkedIn. His group got a member list of over 3.2 lacs. It is, for many business developers’ the home and platform to disseminate their business knowledge in the respective fields.

He got a huge influence on so many business-minded people around the globe and that is continuously growing. He wrote books and regularly post in that platform around business and psychology.

2. David Grams

David Grams -business developers in the world

David, the founder of Lego and a co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels, grams is one of the most reliable business advisers in contemporary time. Through his company, Diplomatic Rebels, he has been advising many of today’s business giants. He is one of the most renowned innovation leaders as well with a lot of heads-on experience in the field.

Over the last years of his work-experiences, he gathers huge knowledge and insights on how business can afloat amid a crowded and competitive marketplace. He can help any organization to lead the innovation by being adaptable to the required degree.

3. Whitney Kippes

Whitney Kippes

The third place in our list we have given to one of the most insightful business developers- Whitney Kippes. She is a business graduate of Colombia University and founder of BidBoss– through which she has been consulting many businesses, especially in the proposal management, and planning. She is one of the top business developers in the world.

4. Gennaro Cuofano

Gennaro Cuofano - business developers in the world

Gennaro Cuofano, the founder and the main contributor to the Four Week MBA, is one of the top business developers in the world according to our survey results. The Four Week MBA is fundamentally a blog dedicating to disseminate information on different business tools and strategies. With his tools, he dissects any company he is hired to understand what current situation it is experiencing and what can be done to get to the state where it would perform the best.

5. Martina di Pasquale

Martina di Pasquale

According to the survey that our expert team has conducted, Martina di Pasquale has coming up as a top business developer in the world. She has got a long line of expertise and experiences to work in business development. Martina di Pasquale has been consulting for long especially in strategic and operational sectors. She has got a very powerful presence on social media, Instagram in particular where she hosts business girls’ clubs.

6. Jody Osman

Jody Osman -business developers in the world

Putting at the seventh place in this list does not necessarily mean that the other six business developers mentioned above are better than him. In the list of the top business developer in the world, the name of Jody Osmanis surfaced for long. The BD 100, which ranks the top business developers in the UK, Jody is the founder of that.

7. Hans EibeSørensen

Hans EibeSørensen

Hans EibeSørensen, according to our analysis of the top business developer in the world, is one of the most influential figures. He is more popularly known as an academician and entrepreneur as well. He has been contributing to academia with the University of Southern Denmark. Hans EibeSørensen is more into the theoretical aspects of a business. Apart from this, he has long been helping businesses develop in a way that is more profitable and sustainable.

8. Lucia Piseddu

Lucia Piseddu

Last but not the least, we are introducing Lucia Piseddu as one of the top business developers in the world. He also has a considerable impact and influence on startups and young businesses that have huge potentials to grow. With experience and expertise, he has reached a level where he is unique and almost unbeatable. With his expertise, he has been contributing to so many businesses especially in making them strategically strong and fit for the market.

To sum up, a good business developer can have considerable impacts on the rapid growth of a business. They not only accelerate growth but also ensure two more important aspects that almost every business nowadays thrive to have. The List of the top business developer in the world that we have provided here would help you understand who are the people influence today’s business.

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