What is Brand Strategy Consulting?

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Brand Strategy Consulting

Your brand is at the core of your company’s growth. It needs ongoing attention to ensure it remains relevant with an intact value proposition. Winning brands are ones that have a concrete strategic purpose that evolves with the dynamic needs of the market. Brand Strategy Consulting helps you to inspect the current status of your brand, evaluate where you would like to ascertain it against where you currently are, and gain recommendations on measures you should take to mitigate the difference.

Results-driven business owners often resort to brand strategy consulting to express their brand verbally and visually in a way that creates lasting connections with their target audience. Brand strategy consulting helps you to maintain a relevant purpose in your brand identity design and provide value to your customers in communications that are outcome-oriented.

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How Brand Strategy Consulting Helps Startups and SMBs

Brand strategy consulting enables you to take a strategic approach to help build and maintain your brand. Often while in the process of running our business, we forget to look at our brand from a worldview perspective in the context of socio-cultural expectations. Brand strategy consulting gives you an objective bird’s eye view of consumer behavior, opportunities and threats in your industry, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and stakeholders’ values, with the goal of developing a thorough understanding of your business environment and strategy. This is accomplished by conducting data analyses, audience research, stakeholder interviews, and brainstorming sessions to generate informed calculated plans. Competitive analysis is performed to discover gaps and opportunities in the marketplace. The ultimate business aim is to stay on top of emerging behaviors, socio-cultural trends, and technologies that are shaping how businesses operate and adopt.

Another important way brand strategy consulting helps is by recognizing probable problems and planning ways to amend them. Consultants liaise with senior staff members or brand managers to acquire criticism for refined strategic planning. The diverse services provided by brand strategy consultants include determining the ideal brand platform, positioning, brand identity development with branding elements and guidelines, brand repositioning to divert or recover from a reputation crisis, rebranding to cope with market disruptions, developing brand architecture and attributes for strengthening your market presence, constructing a brand voice that enhances brand recall among your audience, doing a brand audit for established businesses, and so on.

Good brand consultant figures

A good brand consultant figures out a way to take the picture of a brand as it appears to the outside world and deliver it to a brand owner’s mind. The strategy itself must be taken care of by the brand owner. Who else can do it better?

Whether you are looking to launch a product or a service, streamline your brand architecture, diversify your business, create a fresh and authentic tone for your company or revive the lost enthusiasm about your brand, set up a sound pricing strategy, create a successful advertising campaign, improve the quality of customer servicing, or revamp your distribution channels, etc. The ideal brand strategy consultant’s priority is ensuring adequate resource allocation in the field, understanding the market complexities for your niche and obtaining in-depth insights into the behavior patterns of your potential audience, and combine the knowledge to draw up the blueprint for your brand.

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Overview of an External Brand Consultant’s Functions

External Brand ConsultantA brand consultant acts as an extra team member and sits with your brand to help decide when formulating your marketing and communications strategy, or when being pitched by agencies. In the case of big companies or established brands, this role is based on an existing relationship between the consultant and internal senior-level staff, typically the CMO, head of marketing, or head of brand. A consultant then becomes your crew member in important meetings and decisions about your brand. They are usually engaged on a retainer basis, with a fixed monthly or quarterly payment.

A consultant helps your brand to develop specific marketing deliverables by working with the brand’s marketing team to devise a marketing strategy. Specialized consultants may have expertise in a group of consumers (e.g. youth), or a market (e.g. Asia), or a particular technology (e.g. social media). These specialists are the “go-to guys” for queries regarding that particular market. They share their insights. They offer interesting insights or research that would help the business crack the psychographics of the niche audience and design processes and approaches for effective branding and promotions.

Limitations of Brand Strategy Consulting

Many ingenious strategies recommended by brand consultants end up in failure at the implementation stage because of the brand consultant’s lack of adept execution, initiative, and systematic accountability. Brand strategies compare to theoretical recommendations; their beauty lies in planned implementation with methodical execution. The execution begins with the production of different communication components that seamlessly integrate with customers, as well as platforms for marketing communications.

Effective roadmaps by consultants derive from insights on consumer behavior. The deliverable of a strategic consultant is to drive the brand perception aspired to during the designing stage of the brand identity. Furthermore, the triggering factors between value proposition and fears or uncertainties of the audience need to be mitigated to achieve tangible results of the brand strategy consultancy. In this era of digitally enabled brand experiences, every content or conceptual product has to be driven analytically with actionable metrics to track performance.

To conclude, as a business owner, it’s important to keep in mind that brand strategy consulting neither works miracles, not accomplishes results overnight. If an independent consultant or a company approaches you with recommendations on your brand strategy based on their personal experiences or glories from the past, but cannot back these recommendations with any solid research or data, they would probably be among the ones who won’t survive in the business for long. Brand strategy consulting is a meticulous balance of advisory and leadership roles, where analytical mindset and creativity go hand in hand. However, it comes with a considerable price tag. However, to decide whether you really should opt for it, I’ll leave you with a quote from Red Adair: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do your job, wait until you hire an amateur”.

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